Bristle Badger – Powerful Universal Vacuum Cleaner Attachment?


Dirt is everywhere. Naturally settling on surfaces, dirt is often found on delicate objects or in areas that are difficult, if not impossible, to clean. The Bristle Badger is a unique universal vacuum cleaner attachment that is designed to extract dust from hard-to-reach areas, small areas, and delicate objects.

Unlike other leading vacuum accessories, the Bristle Badger features natural bristles that clean faster and more precisely than any other brush.

A universal vacuum attachment that combines the power of a vacuum with the detail of a duster, the Bristle Badger used advanced technology to incorporate materials that lessen dust and pollution.

Ideal for every household, the Bristle Badger is compact, convenient, and great to use for the car or on the go. Fitting all vacuum brands, the Bristle Badger is the perfect product for all environments.

About Bristle Badger

Using an innovative design that uses patented suction bristles, the Bristle Badger reaches corners, small grooves, and nooks and crannies that are hard to clean. When dusting, dirt and grime usually just pushes around and settles in hard-to-reach areas.

After settling into small grooves and small places, it is almost impossible to get to the dirt and clean it completely. Because a duster, rag, or vacuum brush are not adequately able to pick up dust, the Bristle Badger single-handedly makes the task of vacuuming less tedious.

Designed to mold into cracks and crevices to reach the dirt that other products are unable to, the Bristle Badger is ideal for chairs, shelves, kitchen drawers, blinds, jewelry boxes, and more.

Wanting to solve the problem of dusting hard-to-reach areas, the Bristle Badger is a solution to one of the most frustrating household problems. Constructing a universal vacuum attachment is not a revolutionary idea, but unlike the traditional vacuum attachments, the Bristle Badger was created with this philosophy in mind – many is better than one.

Based on the principle of a brush, the Bristle Badger combines the uneven design of bristles and has transformed them into individual tubes. With the tubes representing the brush bristles, the Bristle Badger is made up of forty-four independent tubes. Fitting onto all uneven surfaces, the Bristle Badger can be used anywhere.

How Bristle Badger Works

Combining traditional designs with an innovative approach, the Bristle Brush uses the airflow from the standard vacuum cleaner and creates a double-suction with the attachment. Essentially creating two separate vacuums, the Bristle Brush uses the forty-four flexible angled head and forty-four independent points of suction to remove dirt and dust without grabbing any small objects that are in the surrounding area.

What makes the Bristle Badger different than other universal vacuum attachments is the importance of the exact number of tubes. Forty-four tubes is the perfect number of tubes for optimal function. The number was specifically chosen because they can attach themselves to every uneven service and can contour to every shape and surface.

Great for everything from silk plants to computers, the Bristle Badger is an essential vacuum accessory that takes the mess out of cleaning. Instead of having to drag an awkward vacuum brush around the house, the Bristle Badger makes chores enjoyable.

Thorough and effective, the Bristle Badger helps maintain home hygiene. With a few quick uses, the vacuum can get rid of dust and harmful allergens before they build up in the home and wreak havoc. Regular upkeep will keep the carpets and furniture looking newer for longer periods of time.

Purchasing Bristle Badger

The Bristle Badger is available for purchase on the company website ( Currently only available online, the company is offering a buy one get one half off offer for only $19.99. Paying just $9.99 fee for the second Bristle Badger, the company offers free shipping and handling.


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