Bravo Boon Slender: Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Aid?


The marvel that is the human body is one of the few oasis where both science and theology draw consensus. It is awe inspiring and wondrous. Yogis in the frigid Himalayas and the PhDs in sterile laboratories have been unravelling its mysteries. Everyday men and women might have questions that might seem mundane but are still important in a valid existence; Weight loss.

Many a times and often, people have tried and failed to get the body to obey their mind. For those who are not in the extreme edges of yogic practice or scientific access, there is a more accessible solution. Using a combination of knowledge from ancient texts and modern research. This is where Premium Natural Weight Loss Supplement by Bravo Boon comes in.

What Is Premium Natural Weight Loss Supplement?

The Premium Natural Weight Loss Supplement by Bravo Boon is a 100% pure green coffee bean extract which contains absolutely no artificial colours or flavours.

Green coffee bean extract is a popular weight loss supplement. It has been promoted by the likes of Dr Oz as it contains chlorogenic acid, an agent that helps the body handle blood sugar and metabolism. This product is:

Pure And Natural

This supplement is made with pure ingredients that are grown naturally so that the body will to it react in a normal way and is able to ingest the supplements without any complications.

Vegetarian Capsule

This capsule is made with utmost care and contain neither gluten nor any animal by-products. IT has been made so that it can be safely consumed by vegans and vegetarians

Non Synthetic

This pill boasts of having no Magnesium Stearate, that is a staple in other such products. Furthermore, there are absolutely no fillers or binders used.

Testing Site

With consumer safety and confidence in mind, this product is made in the UK. It has been 3rd party tested and only manufactured in cGMP & FDA regulated facilities.

How does It work?

The Premium Natural Weight Loss capsule uses only the purest form of the green coffee bean, a natural fat burner. The pill works due to the quality of ingredients and the scientifically devised formula. It contains:

Chlorogenic Acid (GCA)

When the body ingests excess glucose it gets converted to fat. These fat cells are stored primarily in the gut, hips and thighs . GCA is an active fat burning ingredient, present in coffee extract that is not roasted .It helps to regulate the glucose level, increases metabolism and thus aids in weight loss.

Scientific Research

It is based on several studies conducted in the Universities across the UK and Brazil that have concluded that green coffee bean extract, over a period of time, results in weight loss; with minimal disruption to a person's daily routines.

Who Is The Manufacturer?

Founded in 2004 ParkAcre is one of UK’s largest fully integrated contract manufacturers of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements. They are market leaders in the field of full service nutraceutical supply. They have in-depth knowledge about complex and regulatory market place. ParkAcre assist individual businesses in planning, formulation, production, labelling, packaging, and distribution. Now the company has stepped into the field of custom formulation service

Natural Weight Loss Supplement Review Conclusion

Losing weight is not an easy endeavour and one needs all the help and support possible. Premium Natural Weight Loss Supplement is perfect in that regard. Each bottle has 60 capsules and is priced at a more than reasonable $31.82. For more information about the product or to order now, or visit their Amazon page.


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