BrainMD NeuroVite Plus: Daily Multivitamin For A Healthy Mind?


We often hear people say that as long as their mind is right, then everything else comes second. And, this is incredibly powerful given the relationship between your brain and the rest of your body. There are many reasons that people take multivitamins and the primary ones are for better health, right? So, what about brain health? That, is what the folks at BrainMD thought too.

You see, multivitamins over an array of benefits but most leave out the minerals and vitamins pertinent to brain health. The multivitamin created by BrainMD, the focus was on just that. It was created through clinical experience of brain health by an accredited MD.

About BrainMD Neurovite Plus

Well, as mentioned above, many multivitamins, and chances are ones that you have been taking are focused on overall health. And, although this isn’t’ a horrible thing it does however leave out the necessary vitamins to support the brain.

Whereas BrainMD contains more than fifty nutrients and various plant extracts that are designed to give you the whole body and mind nutrition experience (and benefits).

There Are Three (3) Proprietary High-Nutrient Blends;

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Blend
  2. Digestive Enzyme Blend
  3. Brain Boosting Blend

In addition to these three (3) proprietary blends, BrainMD, Neurovite Plus gives your health and wellness benefits in five (5) different ways by;

  • Nourishing the body’s cells, tissues and organs
  • Promotes optimal brain function
  • Supports the overall health of your body’s major organs
  • Protects you from free radical damage
  • Easily absorbed and tolerated by the body

In summary, complete wellness of both the mind and body. If you would like to view the complete list of ingredients included in these blends, you can do so by visiting the BrainMD Neurovite Plus website. Each ingredient in broken down into the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for overall, and more importantly optimal, brain health.

Directions For Use

Teenagers and adults recommended dosage is four (4) capsules every day or as otherwise suggested by a health care practitioner. It is recommended to consume with eals in two (2) separate doses.

One, with your first morning meal, and the second with your lunch hour meal.

The BrainMD Neurovite Plus was designed for teenagers and adults to take but is also safe for children. It is best recommended however, that children consume the children’s version of this product which comes in a delicious chewable orange flavor.

Why Is Brain Health Important?

There are several clinical studies that suggest we in fact, take our brain health for granted, where doctors and other mental health practitioners suggest, brain health should be equally as important as physical health.

Having the ability to improve and maintain a healthy brain is pivotal in both longevity and cognitive functioning. This relates as well to things like memory, retention of information, ability to recall information clearly, and helps you maintain a healthy level of happiness.

When your brain is functioning properly, it helps you identify (and others) if there start to become noticeable gaps in its function. Whether this be mental health such as depression or anxiety, it also includes things like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is believed, that through vitamins such as this one – BrainMD Neurovite Plus – can help early detection in these sorts of conditions and as a result allow for early intervention.

We should consider living in a world of prevention versus reaction. Because, when it comes to our brain function, it can unfortunately become too late in certain stages. Knowing this, wouldn’t you do everything you could to ensure brain function in the above average range?

Of course, you would!

How To Order BrainMD Neurovite Plus

BrainMD Neurovite Plus, can be ordered online through their website for only $42.46. This is a subscription and savings program when you commit to automatic delivery. It only makes sense than risk being without.

Alternatively, for a one time purchase, the cost is $49.95. There are 120 capsules per container of this dietary supplement.

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