Brain Force Plus – Infowars Natural Nootropic Supplement?


Supplements have become a way of modern life. Due to the decrease in nutrients available in foods, people have turned to supplements to give their bodies the support they need, whether vitamins, amino acids, or minerals.

However, with so much focus on how beneficial supplements are for the body, supplements for the brain are often overlooked.

Because the body and mind are so closely connected, those who truly want to be healthy need to take care of their cognitive functions just as much as their physical functions.

Brain Force Plus is a supplement for the mind, combining the highest quality natural ingredients to support and boost cognitive functions.

What is Brain Force Plus?

Brain Force Plus uses powerful ingredients to boost and protect the brain, enhancing the natural functions that exist in the mind.

The inspiration behind Brain Force Plus came when the creators realized that there are toxins in almost everything that is consumed today.

The water people drink and the foods they eat all contain contaminants that slow down the functions of the brain. As a result, people are losing their cognitive functions, even if they don’t realize it.

The goal of Brain Force Plus was to offer a solution to the problems caused by the toxins to which people expose their brains.

Brain Force Plus contains powerful ingredients which cause neural activation so users can reach their full potential.

With Brain Force Plus, people get the boost they need to focus on the most intense projects and power through the hardest projects.

Benefits of Brain Force Plus

Most people aren’t aware that the toxins and chemicals to which they are exposed on a daily basis can seriously hinder their cognitive functions.

This is why Brain Force Plus is so beneficial. Using natural ingredients, Brain Force Plus is able to combat the damage done to cognitive function, no matter how slight, so users can fully access their brain.

Taking Brain Force Plus clears away the fog, so people can power through their work and get their tasks done more efficiently.

Another big benefit of Brain Force Plus is that it is able to provide the clarity and support users need using only natural, safe ingredients.

Because the whole purpose of Brain Force Plus is to protect the brain from further contamination, it was formulated after extensive research, using only the highest quality ingredients to offer real results.

Ingredients in Brain Force Plus

The reason Brain Force Plus has become such a popular nootropic in recent years is because of its superior ingredients.

By keeping the formulation as natural as possible and using a powerful black pepper extract, Brain Force Plus is able to provide a huge boost of brain power for those who are struggling to make it through their days.

A list of the ingredients used in Brain Force Plus, as well as the benefits for each ingredient, can be found below.

Bacopa Herb Extract: A neurological tonic which enhances cognitive functions. Popularly used in Ayurveda medicines.

Alpha-GPC: A naturally occurring compound that provides choline to the brain. Choline is an essential nutrient that is water-soluble.

Yerba Mate Leaf Powder: A natural source of caffeine, yerba mate is filled with nutrients like manganese and potassium, making it an important support for healthy brain function.

Phosphatidylserine: Provides the body with the support it needs to maintain cell structure, specifically in the brain.

L-Theanine: An amino acid that improves the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain.

Vitamin B12: A powerful natural energy booster that supports the formation of red blood cells and supports the functions of the adrenal glands.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract: A botanical ingredient that boosts the bioavailability of the ingredients in Brain Force Plus, making them more effective.

While each of the ingredients used in Brain Force Plus provide benefits on their own, when combined and boosted with black pepper fruit extract, they are able to provide users with the cognitive support they need to truly thrive.

Purchasing Brain Force Plus

One of the best things about Brain Force Plus is that it offers amazing discounts for those who want to purchase more than one bottle of the cognitive booster. The varying prices are listed below.

  • 1 Bottle – $29.95
  • 2-4 Bottles – $27.45
  • 5+ Bottles – $24.99

The prices above reflect the current discount available for Brain Force Plus, which is subject to change.

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