BPS StimRush – Pre-Workout For Endurance, Focus & Energy?


When people spend vast amounts of time building and strengthening their bodies, the last thing they want to do is fill these bodies with questionable ingredients. Unfortunately, many pre-workout supplements do, in fact, contain toxins and contaminants that cause more harm than good to the body.

This is why it’s more important than ever for those who care for the health of their bodies to find supplements that don’t just contain clinically supported ingredients, but also clearly marked dose amounts.

BPS StimRush is a pre-workout supplement that is made with superior, research-based ingredients, all expertly measured to offer the best results for those who want to continue supporting and refining their bodies.

What is BPS StimRush?

Using research, clinical tests, and science-backed doses and ingredients, BPS StimRush is one of the safest and most effective pre-workout supplements on the market. Designed specifically to help users power through the most intense workouts, Stimrush protects the health by using superior ingredients in very specific doses.

And the ingredients in Stimrush offer dual support, providing focus and energy to reach new gains and also burning away unwanted fat.

For those who have reached plateaus or are tired of low-quality pre-workout supplements, Stimrush is the perfect alternative. With its roots firmly based in science and research, Stimrush is able to give results without compromising overall health.

Benefits of BPS StimRush

The biggest benefit of Stimrush is found in its ingredients. So often, supplements focus on the latest trends when it comes to ingredients, throwing them together with questionable fillers in an effort to sell as much as possible.

With Stimrush, however, everything is based in science. The goal of the supplement was to find ingredients that were scientifically proven to improve workouts, both mentally and physically. As a result, there is no wasted space in Stimrush, because every ingredient serves a specific purpose.

Just as important as the ingredients used in Stimrush are the doses of each ingredient. Many supplements say they contain an ingredient, but the amount of that ingredient is so minute that it is unable to offer its promised benefits.

BPS StimRush determined the doses of its ingredients based on peer reviewed scientific literature. By focusing on the exact amounts of every ingredient used in Stimrush, it is able to offer better benefits with fewer doses.

In addition to the points described above, BPS StimRush offers several other benefits. These benefits include:

For those who are tired of using subpar formulations for their pre-workout formulas, Stimrush offers the perfect alternative.

Ingredients in BPS StimRush

As mentioned above, the foundation of Stimrush is in its superior ingredients. These ingredients can be found below, with their benefits.

  • Beta Alanine – Improves lean muscle mass gains and overall fat loss.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Boosts energy levels and improves power during workouts.
  • Choline Bitartrate Increases focus and determination, increasing strength performance.
  • Hordenine – Improves blood flow and fat loss in the body.
  • Ampiberry – A patented formulation that enhances the other ingredients in Stimrush.
  • Higenamine HCI – Enables a more powerful response to the adrenaline in the body.
  • Theobromine – Improves moods as well as focus and drive.

While the definitions above are quite simplistic, those who want to learn more about the ingredients in Stimrush can find detailed descriptions, as well as scientific research, on the BPS Nutrition website.

Purchasing BPS StimRush

Stimrush is currently available for purchase on the BPS Nutrition website (www.BPSNutrition.net). Every canister of Stimrush has about 30 servings and costs $29.95. With each purchase of Stimrush, customers will also get free 60 servings of Creatine.

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