Booty LYFT: Core, Legs & Butt Home Gym Training Equipment?


Booty Lyft is a workout accessory that helps consumers to build up the muscles that shape their buttocks for better curves and lift. The set is available through and the official website.

What Is Booty Lyft?

Working out is not just a matter of losing weight effectively. Sometimes, consumers want to focus on a particular area of the body to bulk up and create a more appealing shape. There are plenty of exercises that help create better muscle tone in the arms, legs, and even the abdomen. However, when it comes to shaping the participant’s buttocks, there are very few movements that consumers can use. The inclusion of Booty Lyft may help.

Booty Lyft is lightweight and easy to bring wherever someone wants to do a workout. While it focuses on the shaping of the user’s backside, this total gym helps to improve the condition of the arms, core, and legs as well.

There are many exercises that consumers can perform to keep their workout fresh, even if they are doing movements they have done before like push-ups or squats. With this setup, consumers can reduce the time they need to spend in their workout, regardless of their skill level.

When consumers make this purchase, it includes six different resistance bands to keep up the progression.

Using Booty Lyft

To learn to use the Booty Lyft set in every way possible, the best resource is the official website, because it has an array of exercise videos at with registration.

To gain access, consumers will have to pay for the set before they have to opportunity to register. Some consumers can find unofficial workout videos on YouTube or other user-submission video websites.

Pricing For Booty Lyft

Consumers can buy this ensure system for $159.99 from with free shipping, or from the official website for $150.00 with shipping calculated at checkout. If the user finds that this product does not suit their needs, they will have 30 days to return the item to the official brand to get a full refund.

Contacting The Creators of Booty Lyft

Even if consumers visit the official website for Booty Lyft, there may be other concerns that consumers need to learn about. The customer service team is available by phone call or email.

Booty LYFT Conclusion

Booty Lyft is for consumers that want to improve their body. There is no specific regimen that consumers will need to follow, and the success of the workout depends on the individual. There are plenty of different ways to work out the body, and this setup makes it easy to get a good workout in wherever the user goes.

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