Bödysöf-WASH: Smart Shower System Eliminates Harmful Pathogens?


Nothing beats the feeling of taking a long, warm shower after a tiresome day. The feeling of water hitting sore muscles and relieving them is something that brings a sense of calmness to most people. At the end of the day, feeling thoroughly clean is the goal of every shower.

However, with the state of today’s economical and social issues, this is not always an easy task to accomplish. Most people need to worry about saving water, energy or getting rid of the dangerous pathogens that can come out of shower mist and biofilm. This is where the bödysöf-WASH comes into play.

The bödysöf-WASH claims to be an innovative device that was made to revolutionize one’s showering experience. This review will further explain the bödysöf-WASH in terms of its purpose, how it works, possible health benefits, and what it includes.

What Is The bödysöf-WASH?

The bödysöf-WASH is proclaimed as a shower gadget with a supposed intent to shorten shower time, while attacking and removing deadly shower head pathogens. This gadget claims to mix body wash with shower water in attempt to provide bubble bath-like skin care, aid in soaping awkward areas, and a cut down in water and energy.

How Does The bödysöf WASH Work?

The bödysöf-WASH claims to come with a quick and easy installment, taking as little as 3 minutes. Once installed, consumers need to push the wall mounted handle. Doing so will compress a spring and a measured amount of body wash will dispense into the piston from the atmospheric tank. When the handle is released, the body wash is pushed via a small tube into the pipe-mounted mixer. The mixer then is to evenly mix the body wash into the flowing water.

This blended mixture is said to then enter the shower head. Furthermore, the tank claims to hold up to 30 applications of body wash at 3 fl or 10 cc each. This is impressive, as consumers no longer need to soap or shampoo themselves by hand!

What Are The bödysöf-WASH’s Health Benefits?

The bödysöf-WASH claims to attack biofilm and pathogens. It has been shown that most infections occur due to the water that comes out of one’s shower head. This is so because deadly build up occurs in it.

A competitive advantage the bödysöf-WASH has, besides being innovative, is its ability to inject the body wash into the shower-head, which is claimed to greatly reduce this type and amount of build up. Ultimately, consumers will not only experience cleanliness, but are also said to contribute towards improved skin health with its uses.

What Is Included With Every Purchase Of The bödysöf-WASH?

The bödysöf-WASH is currently active on Kickstarter, meaning it is in the funding stage of development. This product will continue to be in this stage until May 19, 2018. Once released, consumers can expect the following with every purchase: a mixer, wall controller, 3M tape and suction cup, a connecting clear mini-hose, and an installation manual. Once out of the funding period, consumers can expect to have the device delivered around September.

bödysöf WASH Conclusion

Overall, the bödysöf-WASH appears to be a good investment, considering its supposed easy-to-use and install instructions, along with its proclaimed health benefits. It is said to mix body wash into the shower head, which is claimed to get rid of harmful pathogen build up, leaving one feeling cleaner. For more information, go to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/491062426/shower-faster-and-safer-with-better-skincare-with

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