BodyHealth PerfectAmino – Essential Amino Acid Protein Powder?


BodyHealth PerfectAmino is a daily supplement that is carefully formulated with eight amino acids that work together to support the user’s protein levels. Effective protein synthesis is crucial to overall health and wellness.

Please read below to learn more about the PerfectAmino supplement by BodyHealth.

What is BodyHealth PerfectAmino?

BodyHealth PerfectAmino is carefully formulated to help ensure people of any age get the protein support they need for health and wellness. Perfect Amino promotes a well-functioning muscular system, a strong skeletal system, overall healthy enzymatic levels, and hormonal balance.

Perfect Amino is carefully formulated to ensure the body can absorb it quickly and fully, and offers a 99% absorption rate.

How Does BodyHealth PerfectAmino Work?

Carefully formulated for rapid absorption, Perfect Amino is balanced to ensure the body absorbs 99% of the supplement. It helps ensure users get the protein their body requires for health.

Additionally, this supplement is safe for all ages. A comprehensive product listing is available on the Body Health website at

BodyHealth PerfectAmino Ingredients

PerfectAmino is a proprietary blend of eight essential amino acids that are carefully formulated to absorb easily and support the body fully.

  • L–Leucine: Works within the body to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and supports the body’s anabolic muscle building state.
  • L–Valine: An amino acid that is crucial for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and maintaining nitrogen levels within the body.
  • L–Isoleucine: Regulates blood sugar levels within the body. Additionally, this ingredient supports muscle development and muscle repair.
  • L–Lysine Hydrochloride: Helps support the body’s B vitamin levels.
  • L–Phenylalanine: Another amino acid, which helps stimulate the production of both adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones which support the body’s nervous system.
  • L–Threonine: This ingredient is crucial for immune system health.
  • L–Methionine: Necessary for proper metabolism levels within the body.
  • L–Tryptophan: Encourages the release of serotonin and melatonin.

This supplement does not contain any fat, sodium, sugar, yeast, gluten, soy, corn, rice, dairy products, animal products, or preservatives. Additionally, Perfect Amino does not contain binders, fillers, stearates, or dyes. This supplement is both vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Users should take five to ten tablets daily. As an exercise aid users can take an additional five to ten tablets roughly thirty minutes prior starting exercise.

Full dosage details are listed on the Body Health website at This supplement can be used safely by both adults and children.

Who Makes PerfectAmino?

PerfectAmino is a daily supplement manufactured by BodyHealth. Body Health is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida.

Manufactured in a GMP certified facility, Body Health is proud to offer supplements that are carefully formulated to improve absorption levels by the body. Additionally, all Body Health supplements are allergen free and are vegan friendly.

BodyHealth PerfectAmino Pricing

This supplement is available for purchase through the Body Health website at

Each 150 capsule bottle of Perfect Amino is available for $37.95.

Body health offers an auto ship program. When customers choose to auto subscribe they will save five percent of all bottles. Auto ship gives consumers the option to receive their order every two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, ten weeks, or twelve weeks.

Free shipping is offered on all purchases over $149.00. Additionally, Body Health offers a ninety day money back guarantee.

Should You Use BodyHealth PerfectAmino?

Consumers who are looking for an all-natural, vegan friendly supplement that will help improve their body’s protein levels may want to consider Perfect Amino. This product is of high quality and offers a 99% absorption rate which is uniquely efficient.

BodyHealth provides a comprehensive description of this supplement on their website at

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