Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner – 24 Hour Weight Loss?


For many men weight becomes an issue as they age due to a slowing metabolism and health changes. Adding a daily fat burner to their supplement routine may make a huge difference in helping people maintain a healthy body weight.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner makes it easier to get control over excess body weight all in the ease of a once daily pill. Men who are looking for a way to lose weight faster will want to consider trying Blade and can learn more by reading below.

What Is Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner?

Men who are looking for a powerful supplement to enhance their fat burning efforts will want to consider trying Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner.

Taken as a once daily pill, users will be able to not only enhance their body’s metabolism rates but also accelerate their weight loss.

Additionally Blade works as an appetite suppressant helping people consume fewer calories helping them reach their weight loss goals faster.

How Does Blade Fat Burner Work?

Blade is formulated to increase the body’s levels of norepinephrine which enhances the amount of fat cells released into the bloodstream. Once the fat cells are in the bloodstream Blade gets these cells to the mitochondria of muscle cells to ensure they get burned away with exercise.

Increasing lipolysis can help men to be rest assured that their body will be able to burn fat more easily. Blade utilizes XD Delivery Technology which slows down the rate at which this supplement moves through the intestinal tract. By slowing down its movement more of the ingredients can absorb into the body increasing effectiveness.

Unlike many fat burner supplements users only have to take one dose per day instead of multiple doses spaced with meals which can be inconvenient.

Ingredients in Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner

Many fat burners rely on unknown proprietary blends, Blade utilizes only pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are proven to deliver results.

Yohimbine HCI:

Blade contains one of the highest levels of this ingredient available on the market. Each 8 milligram serving works to boost the body’s production of norepinephrine leading to faster fat burn while preventing fat storage.

p-Synephrine HCl:

A jitter free ingredient that stimulates the body’s fat release receptors. Many consumers will be familiar with this product for its longtime use in weight loss supplements and workout pills.

CH-19 Sweet Pepper:

Added to prevent fat cells from being stored within the body and helping keep them within the bloodstream for faster release.

Green Tea Extract:

A natural way to preserve muscle mass while improving fat burn through a boosted metabolism rate.

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Commonly added to weight loss supplements to help boost metabolism levels without sacrificing energy or focus.

Who Makes Blade Fat Burner?

Blue Star Neutraceuticals has been offering consumers high quality supplements for over a decade. Each product they produce is backed by thousands of hours of research to ensure that it is not only safe but also effective.

Whether people are looking for a supplement to enhance their anabolic muscle growth or a way to burn fat quicker like Blade, Blue Star is a company worth considering. All of the Blue Star products are backed by a sixty day money back guarantee.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner Pricing

Currently this product is only available for purchase through the manufacturer’s website. Blue Star Neutraceuticals charges $69.99 for each bottle. All purchases come with a risk free money back guarantee.

It appears that both and Same Day Supplements use to carry Blade but on both sites the product is listed as currently unavailable.

Should You Use Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner?

Adult men who are struggling to help reduce their body’s excess fat can find great benefit by adding a fat burning supplement to accelerate results.

The once daily dose makes it easier to remember and ensure that users are getting the best weight loss support compared to pills that require multi-day frequency.

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