7 Things You Should Know About Blackcurrant Extract


Blackcurrant Extract Review

You may not have heard of blackcurrant extract, but you should know about it.  The health benefits are too great to ignore, and the side effects are nil.  That's because it's natural of course, and it's a berry to boot.  The more research the scientific community conducts on berries and health, the more it holds true that berries are the true superfood.

Blackcurrant SuperFood

Here are 7 things you should know about Blackcurrant Extract, the most popular and convenient supplement form.  It can be taken as a capsule, consumed as a juice, or blended into healthy, delicious drinks anyone can enjoy.

Intense Levels of Flavonoids

Blackcurrant extract contains intense levels of flavonoids.

It contains high concentrations of flavonoids, which have been associated with all kinds of health benefits.  Most significant, however, is that flavonoids may protect against heart disease.  They do this by improving blood flow to the heart.

There's a call out now for participants who want to participate in a US government study on flavonoids in blackcurrant extract.  We'll be anticipating results eagerly.  It will be on participants aged 55 to 75 years old who are in general good health.  If you live in the Maryland area and you're interested, follow the link above.

But we already know blackcurrant extract has flavonoids and we know these molecules do wonderful things for health.  Compare to the benefits of superfoods like blueberries, also noted and prized for their flavonoids.

Contains Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) For Immune Health

It also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which supports immune health.

Anything that boosts our immune system is going to very valuable to health.  blackcurrant not only contains GLA but it also lowers production of harmful prostaglandin E (2) (PGE2).  These are like hormones in the body and are released when there's an injury.  However, too much of them causes inflammation and harms the immune system.

Treats Inflammatory Disease

It's used to treat inflammatory disease.

A summary of data on the anti-inflammatory effects of blackcurrant extract powder reveal some pretty interesting things.  First, it looks as if it helps in reducing airway inflammation.  Secondly, if appears that blackcurrant extract powder suppresses exercise-induced oxidative stress.  In other words it prevents an inflammatory response.

Helps Keep Cholesterol At Healthy Levels

Blackcurrant seed oil might even help keep cholesterol at healthy levels.

There's a 2010 study published in Phytotherapy Research supporting this benefit.  In subjects who consumed the oil from blackcurrant seeds.  More than 2,100 people with bad cholesterol were studied for six weeks and it turned out that overall total cholesterol was improved.

Another study suggests that in cultures where there's a deficiency of fish oils, black currant seed oil is a viable alternative as a source for alph-linolenic and gamma-linolenic acids.  That means lower LLDL cholesterol, perhaps even lower than subjects who consumed fish oil, suggests the study.

Substituted For Conventional Glaucoma Medicine

The National Institutes for Health published a study in 2012 on people with glaucoma.  It was a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-masked trial carried out on 38 patients who were being treated for glaucoma.  The conventional medicine is antiglaucoma drops.

Positive Effect On Gut Health

Blackcurrant extracts also have a positive effect on gut health:

Research that came out in 2011 shows great things happening in the gut when people consume blackcurrant extract.  It does this by reducing the activity of “bad” bacteria that take up residence in your intestines.  These types of bad bacteria are what can lead to colon cancer, by the way.

The traditional method of maintaining gut health is to consume enough “good” bacteria so they fight the bad bacteria.  An imbalance can be caused by medication and poor diet.  The scientists who conducted this research are now continuing their work.  Their current coal is to find out whether blackcurrant products and actually treat colon cancer as well as breast cancer.

Relieve PMS And Menopause Symptoms

In Europe, women drink it in tea to relieve PMS and menopause symptoms.

But they don't stop there.  Europeans love blackcurrant tea for flu, fevers, and colds too.  The tea is made from the leaves, which can be fresh or dried.

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