Black Lion Research Nootrol – Real Nootropic Cognitive Enhancement?


Studies have shown that starting to take the right supplements now, that support brain health and brain function, can help prevent against different forms of mental decline in the future. Brain enhancement supplements are suitable for just about anyone, from health and fitness enthusiasts or students, to entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.

There are virtually hundreds of different options available in this realm and choosing the right one should really come down to what are you using it for? You might be looking to increase your focus and concentration and perhaps you are looking to prevent future memory loss related to age.

Brain enhancement formulas can also work to improve mood or signs and symptoms related to depression or anxiety.

Some of the key highlights in this product, Nootrol are increases in traits such as:

  • Memory
  • Reaction times
  • IQ
  • Mood
  • Concentration and Focus

It is likely that if you are looking at a supplement such as this one, that the benefits listed above are among the things you are looking to improve.

Let’s first look at what the terminology related to these supplements even mean. Like nootropic for example.

Nootropic is a term used to describe an improvement in cognitive function, particularly when it comes to executive functions like the ones mentioned above. Now, there is some debate regarding the effectiveness and safety when taken as a supplement versus that of a medication being medically supervised. Therefore, it is especially important to be thorough in your research when it comes to consuming one of these supplements.

It would appear, that Black Lion Research has done their due diligence. There is some reference to other nootropic supplements simply increasing something called acetylcholine (ACH). Solely increasing this can often come with more unfavorable side effects than good ones. In fact, higher levels of this ingredient have been linked to brain diseases such as Parkinson’s. Probably not the type of results you are looking for in a brain enhancer, to say the least.

What Happens When You Increase ACH?

With an increase in ACH, there may also be an increase in Dopamine and Serotonin, this however is temporary and ultimately can result in lower levels long term.

Black Lion Research Nootrol recognizes this deficiency and added additional ingredients to their product to balance out high ACH levels and protect those of Dopamine and Serotonin.

Brain Function, in Simple Terms

Overall, cognitive function, in relation to your brain involve many different neurotransmitters systems working in different parts of the brain. Historically, the focus has been cholinergic systems that has provided the neural basis. What has become more transparent in this is that for a nootropic formula to function properly and beneficially, is side effects related to this must be address and in turn, balanced.

Because most nootropic formulas are a one ingredient formula, this simply isn’t possible.

Nootrol however, has been conscious in their formulation, adding the necessary additional ingredients to balance out both deficiency potential, and imbalance, providing the consumer with all necessary benefits to improve cognitive function.

How Does Black Lion Research Nootrol Work?

Nootrol works in a variety of ways, but more specifically by increasing acetylcholine, increasing cerebral circulation and antioxidant activity. Black Lion Research Nootrol’s two (2) neurotrophic factors it focuses in on; BDNF and NGF.

BDNF stands for, Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. It is a protein that is key in long term memory, helps support neurons, neuroplasticity and the regeneration of neurons while encouraging new growth.

What’s also interesting is BDNF can also work to increase metabolism because of using fat and converting it to fuel. It can also help with sleep and work to improve mood, as well as decreasing those who struggle with insulin resistance.

The second neurotrophic factor is NGF, which stands for Nerve Growth Factor. This is part of a group of small proteins that are responsible for new neurons and restoring the health of older ones. In studies (animal) it has shown that NGF can work to access impaired memories and rescue degenerating nerves and help restore their function.

NGF can also work to help increase Serotonin levels and help relieve feelings of depression and anxiety. Overall, there are a plethora of additional ingredients and studies behind this Nootrol product by Black Lion Research and their information is found to be quite transparent, including their non-invasive studies conducted on animals along with including their findings.

Directions for Using Black Lion Research Nootrol

Suggested serving is one (1) capsule, twice a day.

It is also important to note that there is a disclaimer available that although they are of a higher quality product, with significant research and studies, this product is solely meant to work as an aid to cognitive function and not to cure, treat or prevent disease. If you have any questions related to this product, you are encouraged to speak with your health care professional.

How to Order Black Lion Research Nootrol

Nootropic is available for purchase online for $35.99 and comes in a 0.35 LBS container.

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