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BirchBox Review – Should You Try It?

If you are like most women, the only way to determine if all the hype surrounding a beauty product is true is to try the product after you have splurged on it. This can not only make a dent in your wallet, but it can be even more disappointing if you dislike a particular product that you have bought.

The developers of the Birchbox bypass this issue by providing women with an alternative solution. Rather than spend the money on products you do not like, you can receive samples of the latest beauty products on a monthly basis and for a small fee. With this system, you essentially get to try out products before you decide to buy the standard size item.

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What is Birchbox?

Developed by two women who were frustrated with the inefficient and confusing process of buying cosmetics, the Birchbox has become almost a household staple for thousands of other women. The Birchbox is essentially an easier and more efficient way to shop. Instead of going to the store and purchasing products that you will never return, you simply subscribe to the Birchbox service.

Upon subscribing, you receive a tailored shipment of beauty products that suit your style and makeup needs. The products are matched to the specifications you state upon registering. Another perk is that most of the products that you receive are ones that recently came out on the market. Therefore, you get to try products that you are seeing in magazines and elsewhere. For most women, Birchbox is an easy way to try out a range of different cosmetics, without having to break the bank.

Also, if you are concerned about the issue of low-end versus high-end products, then there is nothing to worry about. As many loyal Birchbox members have confirmed, you get the good stuff with Birchbox.

Types of Cosmetics

With Birchbox, you get a range of different cosmetics – from perfume scents, nail polish, and your everyday run of the mill eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and the like. If you want to use Birchbox in the smartest manner possible so that you receive products you really like, then the best thing to do every month is to take advantage of Birchbox’s sample review.

The sample review system allows you to review your samples every month before they ship out. In addition, you receive 10 points per review. Once you attain a total of 50 points, you can redeem it for $5 off the price of a full-sized product.

An Application to Rely On

Another great feature of Birchbox is that it also has an application that you can use for a number of purposes. Right off the bat, those who download the application receive 20% off on their next Birchbox order.

The application integrates all of the best features of the Birchbox system. With the application, you can customize your Birchbox and your personal preferences for the types of product you are looking for. The application also provides you with a timeframe for when your next box will ship, what the box contains, and the history of all of the boxes you have ever sent.

In addition to the capabilities above, the application also provides you with some useful beauty advice and the products that that can resolve your issues. For example, one feature article was “The 3-Step Trick that Prevents Your Concealer from Creasing.” With this type of information and more, you can determine which products work for you and even how to apply your favorite beauty products more effectively. This makes Birchbox and essential item that every woman who loves cosmetics must have in her repertoire.

Packaging and Customer Service Quality

When receiving your Birchbox, the outer shipping container is a pink outer box that protects that actual Birchbox. After opening the other box, you can take out the Birchbox inside, which is about the size of a book. For most people, the size seems quite small – but you should remember that you are receiving samples, not regular sized items. As a whole, the packaging is minimal, every object is wrapped in pink paper, and Birchbox really makes your experience a treat.

In terms of customer service, the fact of the matter is, issues do sometimes arise. However, fortunately there is a solid level of customer service that you can rely on to help you out. If you are facing any shipping problems, you can also contact the department. The initial outreach to customer service is usually an email, followed by a real person two days later. This may seem slow, but considering Birchbox’s system and the few issues that do occur, there is not much need for a customer service team that is on call 24-7.

How much does Birchbox Cost?

The cost associated with Birchbox, considering what you receive every month, is quite minimal. A customized box of all of your favorite beauty supplies costs $10 a month and shipping is also free. You also receive points when you use the Birchbox system, which allow you to purchase the full-sized items at the Birchbox shop. For a yearly subscription, you receive one month free so essentially, you pay $110.

In terms of price, considering the low cost, the points program, and the free shipping, for most women it really is a good deal. This is even truer if you are tired purchasing products you do not like from the store.

Issues and Summary

Overall, Birchbox is either a product that people love or hate. If you enjoy sample products that you can try out before you buy them and you are alright with receiving a variation of products month-to-month, then Birchbox is for you. Many people do complain that over time, the ability of the company to send you products that you ultimately diminishes.

Therefore, while Birchbox does have its advantages, it is also a product that does come with some risk. The risk here is that you may end up not liking the monthly products you receive. In this case, you can cancel your service and move on.

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