BiPro Protein Water – Healthy Protein Infused Water Drinks?


When it comes to losing weight, both hydration and protein consumption are extremely important. The average person requires roughly 0.36 grams of daily dietary protein for every pound of body weight, which works out to about 56 grams for an inactive man, and 46 grams for an inactive woman. These numbers increase when an individual is performing regular physical exercise, with an active individual requiring up to 90 grams of protein every day to remain fit.

The body uses protein to build new muscle mass, hair, and nails, as well as repair tissues. Protein also plays a critical role in building hormones, blood, skin, and enzymes that are critical to bodily function. Not getting enough protein can lead to a wide range of health disorders, as well as make it very difficult to lose weight or remain healthy.

Ensuring you’re getting the right amount of protein every day, however, can be difficult and required quite a lot of eating. Chicken breast, one of the most protein-dense foods, contains just 40 grams of protein per cup, meaning it’s necessary to eat quite a lot in order to hit your daily recommended intake. Vegetarians and vegans have an even more difficult time, with foods like tofu containing only 20 grams per cup.

Protein supplements are able to provide an increase in protein intake, but when following vegan or gluten free dietary restrictions it can be impossible to find a supplement that is rich in protein while free from contaminants. BiPro, a widely popular international supplement and health food company, has recently released a new product that provides a solution to the issue of protein intake that is compatible and convenient for all dietary practices.

Following in the same style as Smart Water and Vitamin Water, BiPro’s Protein Water is a new beverage supplement that incorporates a massive dose of protein into a tasty prepackaged beverage. In this article, we’ll take a look at the advantages and composition of Protein Water to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

What is BiPro Protein Water?

Protein Water is a new health supplement beverage by BiPro, an international health food and supplement provider. Unlike whey protein supplements and other powdered protein solutions, Protein Water is packaged pre-mixed and ready to drink, and meets many dietary requirements. Protein Water is a sugar-free, naturally-flavored sports drink that delivers a massive 20 grams of protein per bottle.

Completely indiscernible from normal water- apart from the delicious natural flavor- Protein Water is completely gluten free and lactose free, which is pretty impressive considering that the protein source used in the drink is whey isolate. Suitable for individuals with celiac disease, vegetarians, or those with either a lactose allergy or lactose intolerance, Protein Water is one of the most versatile protein supplement solutions available and contains no caffeine whatsoever, making it jitter-free.

The Protein Water range is available in several flavors, including Lemon Lift, Berry Burst, and Peach Power, all of which are sweetened with stevia extract. Stevia is one of the sweetest sugar alternatives available, at roughly 200 times the sweetness of sugar, and is totally calorie free and completely natural, unlike many of the less healthy artificial sweeteners used in other products.

The calorie vs protein tradeoff in Protein Water is astounding. In order to gain 20 grams of protein from healthy lean chicken breast it would be necessary to consume 167 calories worth of chicken, or about 70 grams. One bottle of Protein Water contains 20 grams of protein in just 90 calories, all of them derived from the protein itself.

Popular with some of the most elite athletes in the world, BiPro Protein Water is tested and certified by the NSF, who have labeled it as safe to use for all competitive event. Protein water even contains 18 of the 27 different amino acids required by the body, including arginine, isoleucine, and aspartic acid, all of which are able to naturally increase energy levels.

Who Are BiPro?

BiPro is a US-based manufacturer of a wide range of protein health supplements and sports nutrition products. Endorsed by the Whey Protein Institute and part of the Positive Coaching Alliance, BiPro offer a range of cookbooks, protein powders, health advice information and protein supplements.

Does BiPro Protein Water Help You Lose Weight?

The high protein content and low caloric content of Protein Water makes it a powerful weight loss tool. Protein delivers a high thermic effect when consumed- meaning the body must exert energy to digest it. The thermic effect of protein is roughly 20% to 25%, meaning that around 20 of the 90 calories protein water contains is burned by the act of drinking it.

High protein diets have also been demonstrated to cause higher levels of weight loss than other dietary practices. There is a large body of clinical evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of protein-rich diets in promoting faster fat loss. Completely cutting out carbohydrates and replacing them with protein energy is a valid and effective form of weight loss that is commonly referred to as the ketogenic diet, which turbo-charges the metabolism of the body and causes it to convert fat directly into ketones to replace carbohydrate energy.

If used with a low carbohydrate, high-protein, caloric restricted diet, Protein Water can be an exceptionally powerful weight loss tool. Spreading the protein intake of the body throughout the day with a supplement like Protein Water has also been clinically demonstrated to increase the fat oxidation rate of the body and promote more efficient protein uptake, boosting metabolic function.

The BiPro Protein Water Verdict

BiPro Protein Water is a novel, innovative and highly effective protein supplement that offers one of the best calorie to protein ratios available on the market. Protein Water is also compatible with virtually any dietary requirement and can provide a protein boost to celiac and lactose intolerant individuals, which is rare in a market focused mainly on providing milk-sourced protein powders.

If you’re looking for a low-calorie, fat loss boosting, gluten free protein supplement solution in a convenient and tasty package, BiPro Protein Water is one of the best options available.

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