BiPro USA Whey Protein Isolate Powder – Clean Supplement?


Whey protein powder supplements have become all the rage among athletes and normal consumers alike. Promising increased muscle mass and strength to enhance a normal fitness regimen, these products are taking the market by storm. Consumers are trying new products every day and are constantly on the hunt for a more effective protein supplement to boost their current routine.

While some products and companies are losing customers due to bad taste or overall poor product effectiveness, there are some that are beginning to stand out in a good way, gaining a larger customer base and increased popularity amongst their peers.

BiPro is currently on the market as a key player in the protein supplement industry. Advertised as offering only the most pure, effective protein supplements, this company is giving other brands a serious run for their money.

What is French Vanilla BiPro?

French Vanilla BiPro is a clean protein supplement offered by the company BiPro, a company providing whey protein powder supplements for both athletes and normal consumers in the US. BiPro is a US-based company that produces and distributes whey protein supplement products. Advertising that their products contain the highest quality protein available, all supplement powders provide 2.5 grams of leucine.

All of their products contain a whey protein isolate that is a natural dairy protein powder made up of at least 90% protein. The company is currently endorsed by the Whey Protein Institute, causing them to gain new attention and a larger, loyal customer base for their product offering.

How Is BiPro Whey Protein Made?

With all the hype surrounding BiPro, it is important to understand exactly how their unique, pure protein supplements are made and what techniques are used to ensure the highest possible quality protein powder. BiPro is very translucent in explaining their manufacturing process and makes a point to describe the procedure to potential customers on their website.

All BiPro supplements are manufactured in the US from fresh sweet dairy whey liquid obtained from a special cheese-making process. Cheese manufacturing enzymes, called “rennet” are used to form cheese curds from milk. In the process used by BiPro, these enzymes are obtained from microbiological sources. Animal sourced rennet is not used in their supplements.

The whey is then drained and pressed from the curd. After that, the protein is separated from the other components in whey using an exclusive ion-exchange process and dried. The process is meant to be very gentle and produces a complete protein of the highest purity.

Where To Buy The Products

All BiPro products, including the French Vanilla Whey Protein, are available for purchase either on the official website or from a variety of trusted retailers. The products are also available for purchase on Amazon. Shipping on the official site costs just $9.95 for up to five products; a reasonable offer considering other, more expensive options online. The website also provides detailed contact information for customer support, including a phone number, address, and email address.

Major Benefits And What Sets Them Apart

The most advertised benefit of using BiPro supplements is the pure nature of the products. Many other protein products on the market contain protein blends, and often include lesser quality proteins such as gelatin. BiPro products do not contain any of these subpar ingredients. In addition, BiPro Whey Protein lacks unnecessary fillers and bulking agents, leaving the consumer with a very high quality, pure protein supplement.

In addition, BiPro Whey Protein naturally contains branched chain amino acids. These are necessary for the repair and rebuilding of muscles and additional body tissues. Highly purified BiPro Whey Protein is absorbed rapidly and efficiently, in order to maximize the benefits for the body and improve recovery and growth. BiPro Whey Protein also provides an abundance of health benefits, and can help with weight management, cardiovascular health and bone health.

Moreover, the French Vanilla Whey Protein is gluten-free, lactose-free, fat-free, providing consumers with a premier choice for their protein supplement needs. Online reviewers also note that the product tastes excellent in smoothies and oatmeal, and does not have a strange after taste. The website also provides customers with recipes for beverages, snacks, and desserts that can be made using their supplements.

Side Effects And Negative Aspects Of BiPro

BiPro French Vanilla, as well as the other protein supplements offered by BiPro are a little more pricey than similar products on the market. At $49.99 per 2lb jar, the protein powder is definitely on the higher-priced end of the spectrum. Especially for people who already have a go-to protein product, it may be difficult to persuade potential customers to pay more than average for a product they’ve never used before. Still the products have excellent reviews on both the official website, and on Amazon, so it may be worth a try for new customers.

While there are some clinical studies available that support the hypothesis that whey protein isolate is effective in building and repairing muscle, there is no real evidence that it contributes to weight loss. For this reason, BiPro may not be the best option for someone looking to lose weight. Rather, the products should be used by people looking to gain new muscle mass.

French Vanilla BiPro Review Summary

Although the products may be pricier than similar ones currently on the market, BiPro seems to be an excellent option for consumers looking to try a new protein supplement. The reviews for almost all BiPro supplements are outstanding, with most stating that the products are not only tasty, but very effective. Others state that BiPro products are the first protein supplements that have ever given them such noticeable results.

Furthermore, it is a great sign that BiPro chooses to explain their entire manufacturing process to customers on their website. This openness and willingness to share their technique allows customers to be more at ease and provides a much-needed sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

In addition, the added benefit of having special recipes for drinks and meals on the website gives customers an extra “bang for their buck” and acts as a nice addition to the overall appeal of the company.

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