BioPQQ – Can PQQ Improve Brain Health?


BioPQQ Review – Is It Right For You?

BioPQQ is a company that primarily focuses on helping men and women age gracefully, as they begin the next chapter of their lives. This is our review.

What is BioPQQ?

BioPQQ is a manufacturer of PQQ, which is a coenzyme concerning redox cycling, which was identified in 1979. The substance is a Water-soluble compound, which appears as a reddish brown powder. Normally, this compound is found in the daily foods and beverages you consume, along with human tissues, human organs, and human milk.

PQQ is a safe ingredient, having been tried in multiple clinical studies in varying amounts. There is no toxicity to this ingredient.

Unfortunately, you will not receive much information from the company’s main website. To find specific information about this supplement and the compound, you will need to review the particular ingredient information on each brand’s application of the product.

By using PQQ in your daily supplements, you are able to promote neuroprotective activity, anti-oxidative activity, and mitochondrial biogenesis, which will be discussed in the next part of this review.

What Does BioPQQ Do?

BioPQQ focuses on helping consumers see improvements in their short-term brain health, while protecting the brain’s health for the future as well. The company states there are three ways that BioPQQ has “revolutionized” brain health.


In 1986, the Nerve Growth Factor was discovered, which earned a Novel Prize at the time. Before this factor was discovered, many physicians and scientists believed that the nerves did not have the capacity to regrow or renew themselves, once they had sustained damages. With the introduction of BioPQQ into your system, NGF is able to promote cell healing.


In this area of the website, the company focuses on BioPQQ’s ability to increase the mitochondria in the brain. They explain that the mitochondria are responsible for creating over 90 percent of the energy your body needs for essential, daily functions, which covers the involuntary and voluntary functions. The brain is a large consumer of energy, so BioPQQ helps to provide additional mitochondria to get the energy needed for these tasks.

By adding additional mitochondria, you have the potential to use more energy, giving you the ability to do more mental tasks without getting tired. The highest concentration of mitochondria in your body is located in the brain and heart, which both require additional energy for those long and busy days.


During the day, you are exposed to a variety of chemicals and pollutants that cause “oxidative damage,” which the potential to damage and harm the cells in the body. This especially affects the brain, since it is susceptible to oxidation. BioPQQ has proven to be a superior antioxidant, when compared to similar products, since it can survive for a longer time in the system.

Using BioPQQ

With all of the options for brands that carry PQQ, you should only have to take one 20mg dose a day to receive the desired effects.

Purchasing BioPQQ

BioPQQ is a supplement, which is advertised with multiple companies. Even on BioPQQ’s website, the company directs you to a list of their verified supplements that are available through multiple brand names. Some variations of the product include:

  • Best PQQ by Doctor's BEST
    • 30 capsules
    • $18.99 on Amazon
  • PQQ Energy by NOW foods
    • 30 capsules
    • $22.68 on Amazon
  • PQQ Caps with BioPQQ by Life Extension
    • 30 capsules
    • $28.69 on Amazon
  • PQQ by Jarrow Formulas
    • 60 soft gels
    • $34.14 on Amazon
  • BioPQQ Microtabs by TwinLab
    • 30 capsules
    • $22.75 on
  • Mito-PQQ™ by designs for health
    • 60 vegetarian capsules
    • $55.00 on
  • UltraBio-PQQ™ by Pure Prescriptions
    • 30 capsules
    • $34.95 on Pure Prescriptions website
  • Ultra Accel by Dr. Sear's Primal Force
    • 30 soft gels
    • $69.95 for a one-month supply, but will receive discount if you purchase a subscription plan on
  • PQQ Mind™ by Source Naturals
    • 60 tablets
    • $34.94 on the Source Naturals website
  • BioPQQ by Natural Factors
    • 30 vegetarian capsules
    • $27.97 from
  • PQQ Plus by Douglas Laboratories
    • 30 vegetarian capsules
    • $62.80 from
  • Cell Fuzion by Global Healing Center
    • 120 vegetarian capsules
    • $129.95 from Global Healing Center’s website
  • Cogni-Q by AOR
    • 60 vegicaps
    • $27.96 from
  • VitaPQQ® by QOL
    • 30 capsules
    • $21.95 at Supplement Central’s website

While there are many brand variations of this product, you get the same performance with all of the different options available.

Contacting BioPQQ

In spite of the limited information about BioPQQ specifically, the company has an electronic form you can fill out for additional inquiries. At this time, there is no way to contact the company by phone, email, or mailing address.


This supplement seems to be a legit substance, considering that the NDI (New Dietary ingredients) review was accepted by FDA. However, the website is very limited in user-friendly information, and you are not able to purchase the product through their website.

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