Leading Life Sciences

Leading the advancement of the life sciences in Nova Scotia, Canada is Bionova. They are committed to leading and supporting their members to build successful and self-sustaining lives.

They are working to build relationships in and out of the Province and create networking and educational opportunities. These opportunities are designed to help accelerate commercial successes in Nova Scotia, specifically in the area of life sciences businesses as well as organizations.

Details About Bionova Programs

Bionova offers a wide range of programs that are available under their umbrella. These include their featured program called Technical Assistance Program (TAP). This program allows small businesses in the life sciences industry to apply for small project funding within their existing companies. This program offers technical experts to help allow the company to achieve commercialization while working through barriers that may have prevented them thus far.

Through the TAP program they will receive financial assistance to help with product development that is especially important to commercializing their company. Areas of expertise through the TAP program are;

  • Science and/or engineering challenges
  • Design through experiments
  • Prototype development advice
  • Assistance in any other areas that cannot be solved with their in-house experts

Please note that this program will not address business or marketing challenges. In addition, you must be a member of Bionova to take advantage of the TAP program. There is a specific eligibility criteria and to find out more, you should contact Bionova for more information.

Bioport is another program offered by Bionova. It is the premier annual life sciences industry event and has been in operation since 2002. The concept is to inspire others in the life sciences community while working to develop their ideas and move them into a stage where commercialization is the long-term goal. This event helps attendees to connect with others in the region and around the world sharing similar visions and goals.

The Bio innovation Challenge is the third program offered through Bionova. This challenge, also known as BIC, was created to help facilitate an easier process from research labs to market. This program is for specific support to companies to become established and enter the market with confidence. Since 2011, Bionova through this program has introduced thirty-eight companies from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick into this space.

Networking Events are also another key attribute to the services offered by Bionova to their members. They help facilitate face to face connections and collaborations that ultimately help strengthen the industry as a whole. These networking events are quarterly and include a holiday reception as well as the Annual General Meeting. These events not only facilitate the connections, but work together to collaboratively discuss challenges and find solutions.

Bionova Boost is a workshop series that was designed to accelerate innovation. The focus of this program is on Atlantic Canada while boosting the bioeconomy. There are a variety of topics included in these workshops that range from intellectual property and system changes. In addition, marketing concepts and communication to the marketplace. These workshops help connect the Bionova members from across the Province of Nova Scotia.

The International Biopartnering Program is for local companies to help establish rapport with International reach. The goal is to help facilitate international relationships and help move them into the next level of business. This program may also assist with recruitment through their collaborative processes.

BAP, the Biobusiness Accelerator Program is best suited for individuals who have a clear idea of their needs within the local life science environment. Described as an over achiever program to help move local business into the commercialization pathway faster. This will support receiving technologies faster and getting their products into the market sooner too.

Lastly, the Mission Conference Assistance. This is something that Bionova selects a small group of external conferences that are deemed critical in the local industry. Through these partnerships, this might include discounted registrations for attendance, speaking engagements, travel and more.

More About Bionova

The Bionova website has extensive literature in areas of importance to the life sciences space. The current articles featured on their website include; pharmaceuticals and vaccines – specifically the researchers and vaccines related to cancers.

In addition, medical technologies – highlighting diagnosis and treatment of certain conditions that range from neuro-imaging and methods used to treat urinary incontinence. This article is especially dense in addressing some of the greatest challenges experienced in this space.

Another topic that is found to be heavier on their website is digital health. This topic speaks to information technology that is used within health care providers and allowing for continuance of care through technology along the miles. The products in this area range from computer generated simulations, gathering of critical information and the transmission of such, as well as bridging the gaps between paramedics and hospitals.

Bionova has an active Twitter account where they share regular updates and news that is important and relevant to the life sciences industry. So, whether you are curious about the life sciences world, its challenges, advancements and new technology – or you are a small business enterprise looking to break into the commercialization space – Bionova may be a great company to connect with.

They express repeatedly their love of collaboration and overall support of others who share similar visions and goals through community building and networking. So whether it be an event or workshop – consider inquiring about membership eligibility with Bionova.


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