Biocybernaut Alpha One – Tony Robbins’ Brain Training Secrets?


Tony Robbins is without a doubt one of the foremost leaders in the professional and self development world. Robbins has educated more than 50 million people from over 100 countries globally through a variety of powerful audio and video training programs, as well as innumerable live seminars that have been attended by more than four million individuals intent on self-improvement.

Named by Harvard Business Press as one of the top 200 business gurus in the world, Robbins is the author of six internationally acclaimed New York Times best-selling books, including his most recent release, Unshakeable.

As the creator of the most popular self-development program of all time, Robbins has been named by Fortune Magazine as the “CEO whisperer” and is one of the top six business leaders in the world according to American Express.

Over his long and storied career, Robbins has promoted the use of an extremely diverse range of self-development techniques that assist entrepreneurially minded individuals in optimizing their entire lives and achieving unparalleled success.

Recently, however, Robbins has participated in a mysterious new training method referred to as “Biocybernaut Alpha One” under the supervision of internationally renowned biohacking and neurofeedback pioneer Dr. James Hardt.

Robbins has referred to the revolutionary training method as one of the most valuable things he’s done in his entire life, and has explicitly stated that the Biocybernaut program dramatically enhanced his ability to operate as a creative professional. Explaining further, Robbins detailed that as a direct result of the Biocybernaut program he now has the ability to visualize two separate tasks simultaneously.

The core axiom of Robbins’ self-development techniques involve releasing the mind from constraints, and unleashing personal power by removing subconscious restrictions. The Biocybernaut system purportedly achieves the same effect through advanced neurofeedback techniques that, according to Dr. Hardt, are able to transform the neurological patterns of participants and give them the power to take control over their own brain waves.

What is Biocybernaut Alpha Training, though, and how does it work? In this article, we’ll take a look at the Biocybernaut program and assess the science behind it to help you determine whether it can help you boost your IQ, increase your productivity, and dramatically enhance your creative power.

What is Biocybernaut Alpha One?

The Biocybernaut Alpha Training neurofeedback program is the brainchild of Dr. James Hardt, one of the foremost neuroscientists in the world. Over more than four decades of intensive research, Dr Hardt has developed a comprehensive neurological model that demonstrates a clear link between emotional trauma and cognitive function.

According to Dr. Hardt, underlying emotional trauma can inhibit the ability of the brain to generate alpha brain waves. The electrical activity of the brain can be measured in electromagnetic waveforms, which include delta, theta, gamma, beta, and alpha waves. Of these waveforms, alpha waves are associated with the minimization of negative mental frames and the stimulation of creative activity.

The Biocybernaut Alpha Training system incorporates advanced neurofeedback techniques that involve measuring the electromagnetic activity of the brain with electrical brain wave sensors, and then using the data gathered to manipulate video games, sounds, or other media. This process, states Dr. Hardt, is able to deliver to participants the ability to modulate their brain waves at will.

Over thousands of different clinical investigations, Dr. Hardt and his team have gathered concrete evidence that the Biocybernaut Alpha Training program delivers a wide range of benefits. Participants of the Biocybernaut program experience a dramatic and measurable increase in intelligence, with research demonstrating that all participants gain an average of 11.7 points of IQ improvement.

The program is also able to deliver a massive 50% increase in total creativity, as well as many other benefits such as improved mood balance, minimized distractibility, improved interpersonal relationships, and a higher ability to focus and correlate disparate sources of information.

One of the biggest advantages the Biocybernaut program offers, however, is the significant improvement it fosters in emotional intelligence. Separate from IQ, emotional intelligence is closely linked to financial income. The Biocybernaut program has been proven to deliver a 10 point increase in emotional intelligence, which directly translates into increased financial success.

Biocybernaut Alpha One Review Summary

The Biocybernaut program is extremely exclusive, and is currently only being run in three locations worldwide- Sedona, USA, Bavaria, Germany, and Victoria, Canada.

While the entry price point for the program is somewhat steep, at a minimum of around $11,000 USD, it’s clear that the dramatic emotional and intelligence gains it offers are able to deliver a significant return on investment.

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