Bio Force Challeng Home Gym

Those looking for a convenient home gym set should take a look at this functional equipment system.

Ideal for increasing muscle mass and burning body fat through resistance training, the Bio Force Challenge Home Gym allows for a wide range of effective exercises for every body part.

Please continue reading for more on this effective and convenient home gym.

What Is The Bio Force Challenge Home Gym?

Home gyms are increasingly popular for people with busy schedules, who do not have the time to get to a gym every day, or those who simply prefer working out at home.

Resistance training is an essential component of any fitness regimen by increasing muscle mass and strength while burning calories and using up fat stores.

This customizable set of equipment allows for movements focusing on every part of the body to insure a complete and effective workout.

How Does The Bio Force Challenge Home Gym Work?

As this equipment is capable of more than one hundred exercises, users can adapt the machinery to suit whatever movement they want to focus on. Cables can be adjusted to different angles, attachment points, and weights, while the padded seat can also be changed to different angles.

Each order comes with an exercise guide and instructional DVD, which provide directions for how to use the equipment properly. Additional information on how to properly execute each movement and how to set up a fitness program is available online through fitness websites and forums.

Because this equipment set is comprehensive in its range of movement, it can replace a commercial gym membership for those who would prefer to workout from the comfort of their own home.

Bio Force Challenge Home Gym Features

As an improvement on the Bio Force Extreme model, this set includes an additional arm curl bench and EZ bar to focus on more body parts and function as a comprehensive exercise system. The other component is a compact combination of adjustable cables, a lat pulldown bar, and leg extension system around a comfortable, padded seat.

With over one hundred exercises possible, and up to 275.59 pounds of resistance, this gym set is customizable to suit any user’s specific needs and body size. It should be noted that the maximum user weight is 300 pounds.

Non-slip footing and anti-slip handles add stability and safety to all movements.

This home gym also comes with an owner’s manual and instructional DVD, as well as customized men’s and women’s wall charts, nutrition guide, and exercise guide.

Bio Force Challenge Home Gym Pricing

This home gym set is available for $1,699.00 through Amazon with free shipping.

Should You Use the Bio Force Challenge Home Gym?

Though there do not appear to be any customer reviews on Amazon, the range of movements offered by this home gym might be a good option for those looking to start an exercise routine or those who want the convenience of exercising at home.

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