Big Ox O2: Oxygen Level Booster Reduces Muscle Recovery Time?


Big Ox O2 is a supplement that consumers can use to give themselves more energy without any coffee or caffeine. The treatment is available through multiple major retailers, including Walmart and

What is Big Ox O2?

There are some days when there does not seem to be enough hours in the day to get things done, and not enough hours in the night to rest. The body needs rest to function each day, but the oxygen that the body takes in during the low and slow breathing cycles while sleeping is crucial. In the morning, tired individuals often opt for coffee, but what if they just needed more oxygen in their blood stream. Big Ox O2 may be able to help.

While using Big Ox O2, the product is meant to help consumer deliver the oxygen to the brain in a more potent way than deep breathing techniques alone can do. By giving the body more oxygen, the treatment may:

Big Ox O2 offers no side effects, though the same cannot be said of the alternative options for energy, like coffee and energy drinks. Many components in these options can leave consumers with digestive issues, jitters, and a major crash. Since the body already needs oxygen, consumers will only be left feeling more refreshed than before.

How It Works

Consumers that use Big Ox O2 get almost completely pure oxygen. This substance contains 95% purity, which is 4.5 times the amount that consumers get within the atmosphere of the earth. Unfortunately, the one way that the website does not give consumers information is exactly how to use the device.

The setup of the mouthpiece is somewhat similar to a snorkel or an inhaler, but consumers are not told if they release the oxygen with a button or how long they need to use the treatment to get the desired benefits. Hopefully, this information will be included with the package or released in a promotional video later on.

Pricing for Big Ox O2

The total cost of Big Ox O2 may vary by the place that the user buys it. The product cannot be ordered from the official website, but the company authorizes several third-party sellers, including DealBar, eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

Consumers have the option of buying the product individually or as part of a multi-pack. The options include:

  • Single pack: $10.95-$11.28
  • Two-pack: $19.00-$20.04
  • Three-pack: $28.49-$30.02
  • Six-pack: $56.96
  • Eight-pack: $75.94
  • Ten-pack: $94.93
  • Twelve-pack: $113.89

There is no return or refund policy in place for the Big Ox O2 website.

Contacting the Creators of Big Ox O2

Even if there are still questions about this product, consumers can contact Big Ox O2 to learn more information and become more comfortable with their decision. The customer service team can be reached by filling out the form at for electronic correspondence.

Big Ox O2 Conclusion

Big Ox O2 is marketed towards anyone that wants more focused energy, specifically noting the needs of athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, students, truck drivers, and employees in fast-paced jobs. There seems to be plenty of hype on the website about how useful the treatment is, which should be accurate. However, the main concern that the advertisement ignores is the proper way to use the bottle. Luckily, consumers should be able to figure this part of the process out by getting the directions from the package or the customer service team.

Even though this product can supply oxygen to the user, it is only meant for recreational and mildly therapeutic use. It cannot replace a medical device or emergency care.

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