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Beyond Organic is a network marketing company which sells a range of different nutritional supplements, skin care products, beverages, and health foods. It’s part of the Youngevity family of health and wellness products.

Interested in starting a Beyond Organic business? Thinking of purchasing Beyond Organic products? Find out everything you need to know about Beyond Organic today in our Beyond Organic review.

Beyond Organic

What is Beyond Organic?

Beyond Organic is a network marketing company which sells various health foods and nutritional supplements. It’s a member of the Youngevity family of health and wellness products.

Beyond Organic was founded in 2009 by a guy named Jordan Rubin. Rubin had a dream of creating a vertically integrated health food company which controlled everything from the farm to the retail sales.

Flagship Beyond Organic products include organic “green fed” beef, organic raw cheese, and organic cultured dairy beverages. The company also sells a variety of anti-aging supplements and hygienic products – like shower gels and shampoos.

Who is Jordan Rubin?

You may recognize Rubin’s name from another company called Garden of Life. Jordan founded Garden of Life after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 19. At one point, Jordan weighed 104 pounds and was bound to a wheelchair. He was not expected to live.

Then, Jordan used natural, healthy foods to turn his life around. Jordan and his wife were so impressed with Jordan’s recovery that they founded Garden of Life in an effort to share his health wisdom with the world.

Garden of Life was named one of America’s fastest growing private companies in 2004 and was ranked at #14 on the Inc. 500 list.

Garden of Life still exists today and Jordan is still the CEO. The company sells similar health food products to Beyond Organic. However, it focuses more on direct retail sales to health food stores as opposed to selling network marketing packages.

In that sense, Beyond Organic was founded to be the network marketing branch of Garden of Life.

Beyond Organic currently owns and operates 7,000 acres of organic farmland in southern Missouri. The company is also led by vice president of operations Ken Duke, a childhood friend of Jordan’s who has launched and led several companies over the years, including Garden of Life, The Maker’s Diet, The Great Physician’s Prescription, and Perfect Weight America.

Beyond Organic Products

When you view Beyond Organic products at the official Beyond Organic website, you’re simply redirected to Youngevity’s online store, where you can view Beyond Organic products.

Beyond Organic currently sells 77 different products at the Youngevity online store. Here’s a brief overview of all of the products and categories:

Nutritional Supplements

Beyond Organic nutritional supplements include AdaptGen, which claims to boost energy, enhance cellular health, and improve hormonal health. It sells for a price of $50 for a single bottle. Beyond Organic claims that AdaptGen contains “5 critical ingredients” but it doesn’t list exactly what those ingredients are.

Other nutritional supplements include Terra Firma, which promises to detoxify the body using “6 powerful earth cleansing elements.” Once again, Beyond Organic doesn’t explain what those elements are or how they work.

Healthy Skin

Beyond Organic sells a range of different moisturizers, toners, skin creams, and shower gels. The products have a lot in common in terms of ingredients.

The ingredient chart reveals an astonishing range of different natural products. The Beyond Body Care Botanical Hand Wash, for example, includes over 30 different ingredients. Key ingredients include green tea leaf extract, jasmine flower extract, and hickory bark extract.

The toners and moisturizing solutions contain natural moisturizing compounds like aloe leaf juice, orange extract, and essential oils.

Healthy Beverages

Beyond Organic sells a range of different healthy beverages under the brand names AMASAI, SueroViv, and SueroGold.

The AMASAI beverages are made from GreenFed cultured dairy and come in packs of 6 x 16 ounce bottles for $30 each, or $5 per bottle.

The SueroViv beverages come in flavors like cinnamon and orange and are designed to support a healthy cleanse. SueroGold is a protein-based supplement which contains probiotic cultured whey.

GreenFed Dairy

Beyond Organic heavily advertises its “GreenFed” dairy products. Those products include cheddar cheese, Havarti cheese, ground beef, and various milk beverages.

Here’s how Beyond Organic describes its cheese: “GreenFed Raw Cheddar is delicious artisanal raw cheese featuring a unique profile of true whole milk nutrients created through ancient dairy breeding, organic green grazing and olde world cheese-making methods. GreenFed cheese uses only unpasteurized and untreated, true whole milk, is made on the same farm as the cows are milked and contains a natural source of Omega 3s and CLA, protein, calcium, probiotics, and enzymes.”

You can purchase a two pack of cheese for $40, or a 6 pack of cheese for $96.

There’s also GreenFed ground beef, sausages, hot dogs, and other meat products, although the meat is seasonal and won’t always be available to order from the Beyond Organic store.

What’s the difference between GreenFed cattle and normally-raised cattle? Well, GreenFed is a trademarked term and you shouldn’t confuse it with “grain fed” beef.

According to Beyond Organic, GreenFed means that the cows, goats, and sheep are raised in pastures free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. The livestock consume grass, legumes, and herbs. The meat and dairy products are also “biblically slaughtered with kosher standards” and the animals are treated with kindness throughout their life.

Here’s how GreenFed Ground Beef compares to traditional ground beef:

— 4 ounces of regular ground beef (70% lean meat, 30% fat) contains 32 grams of total fat, while GreenFed ground beef contains 16.8 grams of total fat.

— Both types of ground beef contain the same levels of cholesterol (84mg in a four ounce serving) and sodium (78mg in a four ounce serving)

— GreenFed ground beef contains slightly more protein than regular ground beef (21 grams compared to 16 grams in a four ounce serving)

— Both types of beef contain about the same amounts of iron and calcium

Are these differences worth paying $10 per pound? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Books and “Further Education”

Tap into Jordan Rubin’s nutritional wisdom by buying a book called The Maker’s Diet Revolution. That book describes Jordan’s “10 Day Diet”. You can buy one copy of the book for $15, or 30 copies of the book for $90.

The Maker’s Diet Revolution is heavily influenced by the Bible, and much of the dietary wisdom is derived from The Bible. Here’s how Jordan himself describes the book:

“More than just a diet, The Maker's Diet Revolution will help you power your mind, supercharge your spirit and walk in a lifetime of favor and blessings.”

If you’re a reseller, the books are priced in a way you can give them away for free to your potential future customers. In fact, a lot of the Beyond Organic business packages include multiple copies of The Maker’s Diet Revolution book.

The Beyond Organic Opportunity

There are two ways to sign up for Beyond Organic:

First, you can choose to be an Independent Marketing Director, which means you can access wholesale pricing (30% off retail prices) plus earn commissions when people buy Beyond Organic through you.

Or, you can choose to sign up as a Preferred Customer, in which case you’ll receive a 30% discount on all Beyond Organic and Youngevity products.

So if you thought the Beyond Organic products seemed expensive ($30 for a 6 pack of milk bottles), then you can instantly knock 30% off all of those prices simply by signing up for a free membership. That drops the price down to $21 from $30 for that six pack of milk, which should be a little easier for your wallet to handle.

If you become an Independent Marketing Director, then you’ll need to pay to start your business. You can buy various Beyond Organic starter packages. Those packages include:

Business Builder Kit – $199.95

— Buy products at a 20% discount

— Receive the Mission Marketer Kit, which includes a website and access to rewards/bonus offers

— Receive 10 copies of Live Beyond Organic (Jordan’s book) and 10 Beyond Organic Living magazines

— One year access to Beyond Organic University for 2 people, which includes online training materials

— Requires annual renewal fee of $19.95

Fast Start Pack – $499

— Includes everything in the Business Builder Kit

Also receive one of each of the following products: SueroViv Bronze Cleanse (9 of each flavor for a total of 18 bottles), Anti-Aging Botanical Cleanser, Anti-Aging Neroli Toner, Anti-Aging Radiant Serum, Beyond Body Care Sweet Orange Shampoo, Beyond Body Care Botanical Hand Wash, Beyond Body Care Clean Citrus Shower Gel, Beyond Body Care Hand & Body Lotion, NuVino Variety 6 Pack, and an EA Live Sampler Pack.

Inside Out Makeover Fast Start Pack – $499

— Includes everything in the Business Builder Kit

— One package of SueroViv Bronze Cleanse (9 of each flavor for a total of 18 bottles)

— One package of Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care System, which includes 8 different anti-aging skin care products like toners, moisturizers, and cleansers.

Anti-Aging Fast Start Pack – $749

— Includes everything in the Business Builder Kit

— Two packages of Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care System, which includes 8 different anti-aging skin care products like toners, moisturizers, and cleansers (2 of each).

— One SueroViv Citrus case of 12 bottles

— One case of 12 bars of Beyond Organic Chocolate

— 2 EA Live Sampler Packs

Ultimate Fast Start Pack – $999

— Includes everything in the Business Builder Kid

— SueroViv Bronze Cleanse (18 total bottles, 9 of each flavor)

— 1 package of the Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care System, which includes 8 different anti-aging skin care products like toners, moisturizers, and cleaners.

— 1 package of the Beyond Body Care System, which includes shampoos, conditioners, gels, hand washes, body lotions, and lip balms

— 1 Amasai Variety Pack which includes 6 different flavors (2 plain, 1 raspberry, 1 milk & honey, 1 blueberry acai, and 1 mango peach)

— 1 GreenFed Raw Cheddar and Raw Havarti pack (1 pound of each)

— 1 GreenFed Raw Cheddar Bites (1 pound)

— 1 Biltong Air Dried Cured Steak (5 ounces)

— 1 GreenFed Ground Beef (1 pound)

— 1 GreenFed Beef & Cheddar Hot Dogs (12 ounces)

— 1 GreenFed Beef & Cheddar Sausage (1 pound)

— 1 GreenFed Beef Summer Sausage (1 pound)

— 1 GreenFinished Ranch Roast (1.5 pounds)

— 1 Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water (24 pack)

— 1 Beyond Organic Chocolate (case of 12 bars)

— 1 NuVino Variety 6 Pack

— 1 EA Live Sampler Pack

Should You Buy Beyond Organic?

Beyond Organic is a Christian-friendly network marketing company which owns and operates vast acres of organic farm land in Missouri. According to Beyond Organic, all the livestock are raised and slaughtered according to biblical and kosher guidelines.

If you’re joining Beyond Organic as a business owner, your job will be selling customers on the fact that they’re buying organic foods and beverages. As an owner, you’ll also enjoy the “preferred” price on all Beyond Organic products.

If you’re buying Beyond Organic products for your own use, then you can use those products to follow the “10 Day Diet” outlined in The Maker’s Diet Revolution.

Even if you don’t start a business with Beyond Organic, I recommend signing up for the free “Preferred Customer Membership”, which gives you an instant 30% discount on all products. There’s no cost to signing up.

It’s troubling that Beyond Organic doesn’t fully explain all of its products or its ingredients. You would think a company committed to organic foods would be more open about what exactly “GreenFed” means and how it’s different from grain-fed livestock.

Nevertheless, Beyond Organic offers a wide range of organic food products you can use to improve your health in various ways – just make sure you sign up for the free preferred customer membership so you can avoid the high prices.

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