BellaPlex Gold – Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Wrinkle Cream?


Bella Plex Gold is a line of anti-aging products that helps you create an entire routine within one company, minimizing the potential for breakouts and irritation. Each formula must be purchased separately.

What is Bella Plex Gold?

Your aging skin goes through many changes as you get older. Your body does not produce the same level of hormones in your older years, which means that your collagen and elastin levels start to diminish.

Without these natural chemicals, you start to see your suppleness fade as wrinkles and fine lines become more prominent.

Rather than making an expensive trip to a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, try one of the treatments offered by Bella Plex Gold.

Bella Plex Gold comes highly recommended by Dr. Oz, and it features six different remedies that help you alleviate the appearance of aging from your eyes.

The skin around your eyes is fairly thin, which makes the lack of natural chemicals even more noticeable. Your eyes can look tired or even sunken in, even after a full night of rest.

However, with one of these treatments, you can renew your complexion for a more youthful glow.

There are many consumers that think that the only way to give you that radiance is to spend money on a plastic surgery treatment or possibly get a facelift.

However, while surgical treatments may give the illusion of nourishment and youth, it actually does more damage to the layers of skin underneath, and often needs to be repeated.

By using one of these remedies, you can focus on giving your skin nourishment, rather than damage.

Products from Bella Plex Gold

At this time, there are six different products from Bella Plex Gold that can make the difference between looking old and looking radiant.

All of the products are designed to treat the skin around your eyes in different ways, but you will need to start with preparing your skin for this application.

Most dermatologists will recommend that you wash your face and remove any excess makeup before you use any of the serums or creams. This crucial step makes your skin more receptive to the treatments you pursue.

Read on below to find out more about each of the six options offered to you.

  • Instant FIRMx Eye

Instant FIRMx Eye is a cream for the area around your eyes, helping to eliminate puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet.

It uses the active elements of cucumber, rosemary, and ginseng to help relax and soothe inflammation in this area. If you want to use the cream on a regular basis, your total cost will be $38.00.

  • NutriPerfect Eye Serum

The NutriPerfect serum features a rollerball applicator, making it easy to evenly apply to the bags underneath your eyes.

Rather than using your fingertips that can stretch out this delicate skin, this applicator helps to distribute caffeine and a variety of botanicals to soothe discoloration.

You can use the treatment under your makeup or over it. Due to its sensitive nature, it can be used on any skin tone. To make it a part of your routine, your cost will be $76.00.

  • Active 7 Gel

The Active 7 Gel is a creamy serum that helps to provide your skin with intense hydration, which your skin may be thirsty for as you age.

The gel has a cooling effect, and helps to awaken the tired look of your eyes in the morning. It contains rosewater, Bambara groundnut extract, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber extract giving you the soothing texture you desire.

This is actually the least costly treatment, due to the fact that it is offered as a trial-size bottle for $2.98.

  • Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

The Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum works a little bit differently than your average treatment for the skin around your eyes.

While it helps to lift and soothe this thin skin, it also helps to tighten the skin enough to alleviate the disturbing appearance of droopy eyelids.

It is specifically formulated to be applied to the upper hooding of your eyes, and can also be used to prime this skin for makeup application. If you want to use it on a regular basis, a full bottle will cost you $48.00.

  • Divine Skin Tone Correcting Oil

The Correcting Oil is actually not an oil at all; instead, it is a lotion that is applied to the skin around your eye to provide moisture and firmness.

It also helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, which can be cause by poor sleep or your age.

The formula is mild, which makes it safe for any type of skin. You can make this formula a part of your routine for $80.00.

  • Youth Activating Eye Concentrate

This Bella Plex Gold cream is meant to help treat the aging skin around your eyes, since this texture is much thinner than the rest of your face.

It features Peptide P-199 to help you even out discoloration and smooth wrinkles. You can purchase this product for $67.00.

  • Contacting the Creator of the Bella Plex Gold Collection

With all of these helpful remedies, there’s a chance you will have additional questions for the company.

While there isn’t a phone number that you can call, you are able to email the company with your inquiry, if you send the message to [email protected]

Bella Plex Gold Review Summary

The products available with Bella Plex Gold are constantly evolving, and the company plans to add more treatments to their collection in the next few years.

With such potent formulas available now, it’s easy to determine what you can expect from their future.

If you want to start making a difference in your exhausted, aged appearance, then Bella Plex Gold has what you need to achieve those goals.

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