Bed Bug Bully – Effective Infestation Removal Within 30 Days?


Bed Bug infestations are a highly frustrating, stubborn and hard to remove issue that can cause serious health complications if left untreated.

Caused by the Cimex lectularius insect, bed bugs have evolved alongside humanity over hundreds of thousands of years and feed almost exclusively on human blood.

At one point in the 1940’s, bed bugs had been largely eradicated, but increased resistance to pesticides and an increase in international travel have led to a resurgence of this unwanted and tenacious household pest.

Removing a bed bug infestation typically involves the destruction of many personal items and the fumigation of an entire house, but a new groundbreaking solution promises to be a game changer in bed bug extermination.

Bed Bug Bully is revolutionary new bed bug extermination method that doesn’t rely on potentially dangerous pesticides or poisons, is used by professional exterminators worldwide, both kills bed bugs and prevents further infestations, and meets and exceeds federal safety guidelines.

Guaranteed to permanently remove all forms of bed bug infestation, Bed Bug Bully is an economical, 100% safe and completely natural solution to the problem of bed bug infestations.

What is Bed Bug Bully?

Most of the typical bed bug extermination techniques used by exterminators today can be extremely hazardous to the health of family and loved ones.

Relying on toxic and dangerous chemicals, bed bug extermination first involves the complete destruction of a huge amount of personal items, such as clothing, bedding, furniture and more.

After the destruction of personal effects, the infested household must be evacuated while a professional extermination company completely fumigates the entire house, leaving families homeless for four to five weeks while the toxic chemicals disperse.

This process is not only inconvenient, but can also cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

The Bed Bug Bully Difference

Bed Bug Bully is a brand new naturally formulated preparation that is completely exempt from classification as a pesticide by EPA under FIFRA 25(b).

Fast, safe and easy to use, Bed Bug Bully consists of a simple aim and spray treatment that settles upon carpet, walls, bedding, and linen. Bed Bug Bully is designed to be sprayed around windows and doorways to prevent bed bug entrance and escape, preventing further infestations after the original extermination.

Bed Bug Bully is also certified by the American Academy of Entomological Sciences, the definitive authority on insect control and extermination.

Used by pest control organizations, hotels, and health facilities all over the world, the Bed Bug Bully formula is composed from naturally occurring ingredients native to Lima, Peru.

The proprietary trade secret that composes the Bed Bug Bully formula is completely non toxic and has been awarded ecological awards from AQMD, Growing Our Future, GreenGov, the Greening Government and more, composed from FDA approved GRAS ingredients.

Derived from 100% food stocks, Bed Bug Bully has no secondary kill concerns and is completely pet safe, as well as non toxic to wildlife, livestock, poultry and humans.

As one of the top products in hundreds of retailers including Amazon, Bed Bug Bully is used as a cost effective and environmentally conscious alternative to toxic pesticides by some of the largest pest control organizations in the world.

Surprisingly, the ingredients of Bed Bug Bully are simple. Consisting of a combination of soybean oil and cinnamon, the active ingredients of Bed Bug Bully are suspended in a blend of sodium benzoate preservative, calcium silicate powder, aluminium sodium silicate, iron oxide and magnesium silicate.

None of these ingredients are allergenic, toxic or synthetic, functioning only to support the natural active ingredients and facilitate their dispersal.

With no harsh odors or evacuation required, Bed Bug Bully leaves your home and belongings intact.

Using Bed Bug Bully is simple and effective. The affected house is first cleaned and vacuumed, with spot treatment for baseboards, floorboards, headboards and walls.

Areas that may harbor bed bugs are spot treated with larger amounts of Bed Bug Bully, such as mattresses, concentrating on the tufts, folds and seams.

Bed Bug Bully effectively removes all bed bug infestations within 30 days of initial application, with a recommended second treatment occurring two days after the initial application.

Once the bed bug infestation is exterminate, Bed Bug Bully recommends applications of Bed Bug Bully once monthly until the householder is confident that the bedbugs are entirely gone.

Bed Bug Bully Pricing & Availability

Bed Bug Bully has various pricing levels dependent on the amount of floor space required for treatment.

The creators of Bed Bug Bully are so confident in the extreme efficacy of their product, however, that a free trial of this revolutionary product can be ordered from the Bed Bug Bully website absolutely free, with only a once off fee of $9.95 USD postage and handling to pay.

The small complimentary Travel Sample of Bed Bug Bully is sufficient only for the treatment of a single mattress, but provides an incredibly cost effective and risk free method of seeing the dramatic effect of Bed Bug Bully firsthand.

All Bed Bug Bully products are covered by a comprehensive 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for 30 days from the purchase of the product.

A two room infestation package consisting of a one gallon drum of Bed Bug Bully is priced at $63 USD, with a free complimentary trial bottle.

A bedroom infestation sized package of Bed Bug Bully offers a 32oz spray bottle of Bed Bug Bully and a free trial bottle for just $27 USD.

Bed Bug Bully Review Summary

The Bed Bug Bully solution offers a definitive, reliable and completely guaranteed solution that delivers permanent extermination of bed bug infestations of any size.

Each Bed Bug Bully package contains a copy of the Bed Bug Bully Blueprint, a comprehensive guide to identifying, inspecting and dealing with a bed bug infestation according to professional exterminator advice.

If you’re looking for a risk free and completely effective natural solution to pesky bed bug infestations with a price point thousands of dollars cheaper than even a budget professional exterminator company, Bed Bug Bully is the best product available.


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