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Bedroom Guardian Review

Bedroom Guardian is a new device that promises to keep bed bugs out of your house using a mysterious natural formula. Here’s our Bedroom Guardian review.

What is Bedroom Guardian?

Bedroom Guardian is a bed bug killing device that promises to prevent bed bugs from climbing up onto your bed at night.

The company behind Bedroom Guardian claims that it’s an odorless product that is completely safe to use with no long-term negative health effects. It goes to work within 24 hours.

The device is available for $9.95, although that purchase requires you to subscribe to receive monthly orders of Bedroom Guardian at a premium price of $19.90.

The Bedroom Guardian itself is a disc-shaped device that is designed to discretely slip between your mattresses or under your bed. Somehow, the device emits ingredients that keep out bed bugs.

How Does Bedroom Guardian Work?

Naturally, your first question with Bedroom Guardian should be this: how does it work?

Oddly enough, the manufacturer hasn’t told anyone how it works. It expects us to simply trust that it’s a “all natural” and “safe” treatment for bed bugs.

In fact, on the “How it Works” page for the product, the company simply throws out marketing terms like

“99.70% effective, child and pet friendly, works instantly, protects your family, repels and destroys bed bugs.”

We have no information about how Bedroom Guardian actually works.

What we do know about Bedroom Guardian is that the manufacturer wants you to place the device between your mattresses or on the floor. The small disc-shaped device “acts as a preventative measure to make sure infestation never occurs.”

It’s important to note that Bedroom Guardian doesn’t claim to treat your existing bed bug problem. it just claims to be a preventative measure to prevent bed bugs from creeping into your house in the future.

Scientific Evidence for Bedroom Guardian

Fortunately, Bedroom Guardian publishes a “Proof” page. At that page, you would expect to see verified scientific evidence or clinical trials showing that Bedroom Guardian works exactly as advertised.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The “Proof” page is filled with fake customer testimonials and stock images of smiling families. The page features reviews like this:

“After reading about the epidemic in the news, I decided to do some research and found Bedroom Guardian. I bought one for every bed in my families household”.

If you’re looking for a bed bug product with genuine scientific evidence and clinical proof, then Bedroom Guardian doesn’t have that yet. You’re better off using something like Diatomaceous Earth or Silica, which is one of the few scientifically-verified ways to eliminate bed bugs and other pests in your home. Some people have even gone as far as using a product called SilaLive for themselves as well as bugs.

Bedroom Guardian Pricing

Bedroom Guardian has one of the oddest pricing policies we’ve ever seen.

The company prominently advertises a price of $9.95 for one device.

However, if you read the fine print of your order, then you’ll learn that you’ll be automatically shipped new orders of Bedroom Guardian every 30 days at a price of $19.90.

Making things even more expensive, the autoship subscription increases if you bought more than two devices initially. If you buy two units today at $9.95, then you’ll automatically be charged $39.80 every 30 days thereafter until you cancel.

So even though you didn’t explicitly order new shipments of Bedroom Guardian, the company forces you to subscribe to this program.

The company hides all of this information in the fine print at the bottom of the ordering form. So many customers will pay their $9.95 fee today and think that’s all they need to buy. In reality, Bedroom Guardian can leave you with hundreds of dollars in credit card debt in just a few short weeks.

Who Makes Bedroom Guardian?

Bedroom Guardian’s About Us page claims that the product was initially created in 2012 “after the bed bug outbreak plagued the hotel industry.”

After enjoying a successful initial launch, the company decided to become a leading supplier of bed bug protection devices used around the nation.

In 2016, the company launched Bedroom Guardian online as part of a large marketing promotion. The company claims that the world headquarters for Bedroom Guardian LLC can be found at the following address:

Bedroom Guardian LLC
1712 Pioneer Ave. #201
Cheyenne, WY, 82001

What does the world headquarters of a bed bug repellant company look like? It’s a tiny office building in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.

In fact, the address you see above is a notorious address for online corporations. The address is so notorious that Reuters investigated the issue back in 2011, calling the address “a little house of secrets on the Great Plains.” Their investigation revealed that more than 2,000 companies were registered to that business address – which is a tiny building.

Ultimately, Reuters discovered this:

“A Reuters investigation has found the house at 2710 Thomes Avenue serves as a little Cayman Island on the Great Plains. It is the headquarters for Wyoming Corporate Services, a business-incorporation specialist that establishes firms which can be used as “shell” companies, paper entities able to hide assets.”

The address is also notorious on consumer protection websites like Ripoff Report.

You can contact the company at [email protected]. The company’s return department is also listed as a different address from the one above. The return address is this:

155 Fleet Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Should You Use Bedroom Guardian to Solve your Bed Bug Problem?

Bedroom Guardian calls itself a preventative device for bed bug infestations. It doesn’t treat an existing bed bug infestation: it just helps you prevent a future outbreak from occurring.

There are two big problems with Bedroom Guardian.

First, the company has a scam-like pricing policy. It advertises a price of $9.95, but hides an autoship program in the fine print. That autoship program sends you additional orders of Bedroom Guardian at a higher price of $19.90 every month for the rest of your life until you cancel.

The other problem is that the company never provides any evidence that Bedroom Guardian actually works. It doesn’t explain which ingredients are used in the formula, nor does it provide any scientific evidence or clinical trials showing that it works as advertised.

For all of these reasons, it’s tough to recommend Bedroom Guardian as a smart solution for your bed bug infestation problems.

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