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BeActive Brace Review

The BeActive Brace is a small wrap placed under your knee to relieve back pain and other problems throughout the body. Find out everything you need to know about the BeActive Brace today in our review!

What is the BeActive Brace?

BeActive Brace

You may have seen the BeActive Brace on TV. It’s one of those As Seen On TV products. In the commercials, BeActive claims that the brace can be used to reduce back pain caused by sciatica and other serious problems.

The brace itself is a small wrap that fits beneath your knee. It claims to utilize under-knee acupressure techniques to instantly relieve sciatica and other back-related pain.

The Brace costs $19.99 plus $7.95 processing and handling. You can order it online or over the phone from their website. Or we recently just found it on Amazon for $14.41 shipped with Amazon Prime.

According to customer reviews (as seen on the official BeActive Brace website), customers “feel the comfort” right away. One reviewer said “The relief after applying the brace is almost instantaneous and falling asleep is so much easier.”

The BeActive Brace is made by a company called BeActive. That company lists a mailing address of Box 2020 in North Wales, Pennsylvania.

How Does the BeActive Brace Work?

The BeActive Brace claims to rely on a “revolutionary discovery”: by manipulating certain pressure points in your legs, you can reduce pain throughout the body.

This amazing discovery led to the development of a patented pressure pad. That pressure pad is installed in the brace and targets specific pressure points throughout the leg.

These pressure points may correspond to pain “hotspots” in your back. So by targeting pressure points in the leg, you can reduce short-term and chronic back pain.

The brace is easy to apply. Just wrap it around your calf just below the knee. It’s discreet and can easily be hidden beneath clothing. The manufacturer also claims that the wrap stays secure while you’re working or exercising – so it can be worn at all times of the day or night.

The BeActive Brace is designed to fit calves between 12.5” and 18” in circumference.

All the talk about pressure points and “acu-pressure” sounds good. However, there is currently no clinical or scientific evidence showing that applying acupressure on your calf can have any noticeable effect on sciatica-related pain.

That being said, the placebo effect is a powerful thing. Just because there’s no clinical evidence doesn’t definitively mean that it won’t work for you.

However, keep in mind that for all the reviewers who praise the BeActive Brace for relieving their back pain, there are other reviewers who claim that the brace didn’t work at all – or it actually made the pain worse.

How to Buy the BeActive Brace

The BeActive Brace comes with a limited time buy one, get one free offer. You do, however, have to pay processing and handling on the second free brace.

The BeActive Brace costs $19.99. You’ll need to pay an extra $7.95 P&H. If you’re buying the buy one, get one free deal, you’ll need to pay a total of $15.90 P&H for a total price of $35.89.

There’s also a “premium upgrade offer” available on the sales page. That box isn’t check by default. You can, however check it to add $10 per brace to your order and upgrade to the Premium BeActive Brace, which is “made with more breathable and durable fabric”.

All BeActive Brace purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like your brace for any reason, you can return it within those 30 days for a full refund, although you will need to pay your own shipping, processing, and handling costs.

One serious pricing problem is worth mentioning: according to some customers online, the BeActive Brace ends up costing about twice as much as the stated price. Shipping and processing ends up being more when you’re ordering outside the contiguous US, for example. Some customers also accidentally order two buy one, get one free offers (4 total braces) and must pay shipping and processing on each brace.

Customers have also complained that the BeActive Brace takes as long as 6 weeks – or more – to arrive at their house after ordering it.

Both of the above problems are typical of As Seen On TV products.

If you want to save money on the BeActive Brace, you can also purchase it at Target for $14.99 or on for slightly cheaper.

Who Should Use the BeActive Brace?

The BeActive Brace is an interesting product, to say the least. It’s not backed by any clinical or scientific evidence. In spite of that fact, it has many positive reviews online (even if some of those reviews are clearly fake).

If you’re going to buy the BeActive Brace, it’s best to buy it from Target, where it’s priced at a flat rate of $14.99. When buying from the official BeActive website, the complex pricing policies and myriad of added fees can cause you to spend much more than you expected.

It won’t work for everyone, and it may make some conditions worse. But if you’re willing to try anything to relieve sciatica and back pain, then the BeActive Brace may be worth a try.

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