Barner Blue Light Sleep Enhancing Eyewear – Protect Vision Lenses?


Barner Blue Light Sleep Enhancing Eyewear is a pair of glasses that uses a special type of filtering in the lens to help consumers resist the strain of UV rays. The product is a part of the Kickstarter website right now, with a campaign that helps consumers add to the company’s funding for exclusive early-bird pricing.

What Is Barner Blue Light Sleep Enhancing Eyewear?

Everyone spends time in front of a screen during a day, whether the reason is for work or personal engagement. However, studies show that the constant exposure to a screen that can be hard on the eyesight, which can eventually cause long-term damage.

These studies suggest that that the consumers takes a small break from their computer or cell phone screen each hour, but very few people make the time to do so. With the use of the Barner Blue Light Sleep Enhancing Eyewear, consumers will not need a break.

According to the details online, the Barner glasses help consumers to protect their eyes from the blue light that comes from a screen. With consistent use, the glasses are supposed to help with the user’s sleeping routine, since the digital influence from outside sources will not damage the brain any longer. These lenses are available as a prescription or non-prescription, making them perfect for anyone.

Right now, consumers have their choice of three different styles, which are based on the ambiance of New York, London, and Berlin. Those colors include Light Havana, Havana, and Black.

How It Works

With the Blue Light protection, consumers will not have to worry about the glare that comes from looking at a screen all day. The lens features a filter that keeps out the full digital display from wreaking havoc on the eyes.

Typically, when someone is exposed to the rays, the worst exposure is rated at 450nm. However, these glasses give a filter for a level of up to 455nm, which means that consumers will not have to risk their eyesight to be able to perform their job and browse online. With greater balance in the body, consumers will be able to sleep more soundly, since there is no damage that comes to the eyes.

To create this effect, the glasses actually feature three layers for the hard lenses. The first lens is an antistatic layer, which keeps water and dirt from damaging the view. The hydrophobic layer is resistant to oil and water, making it easy to clean. The anti-scratch layer helps prevent different surfaces from causing damage to the Barner glasses.

Using The Barner Blue Light Sleep Enhancing Eyewear

The only thing that consumers need to do to get the desired protection is to wear the glasses. There are no buttons to press or methods that need activation.

The film over the lens is meant for consumers that primarily spend their time indoors, since the eyes can only handle so much of the reflection from digital sources.

Pricing For Barner

Right now, the Barner glasses cannot be bought directly from their official website. Instead, the company is still gaining more funding through a campaign on Kickstarter. During this campaign, consumers are given the option to make pledges to get early bird pricing before the product is available for direct purchase. Choose from:

  • €89, for the total Barner package, which includes the eyewear, a microfiber cloth, a glasses case, a glasses box, a Barner sticker, and an eyewear cord
  • €179, for the “Love Pack,” which offers two complete packages
  • €490, for the “Family & Friends Pack,” which offers five complete packages
  • €990, for the “Start-up Pack,” which has 10 complete packages
  • €2,225, for the “University Pack,” which has 25 complete packages
  • €3,950, for the “Company Plan,” which has 50 complete packages

Once the Barner glasses are officially available, the total cost per package will be €149 for an entire package, which will be available in February 2018. Comparable products are about €250.

Contacting The Creators Of Barner

Even though the Kickstarter campaign offers plenty of details about the Barner glasses, consumers may still want to learn more details about them first. The customer service team can be reached by commenting on the campaign’s page, and the reply will be posted for other commenters that want to know the same information.

Barner Blue Light Sleep Enhancing Eyewear Review Summary

Barner Blue Light Sleep Enhancing Eyewear are a helpful way for anyone to keep their eye health and prevent blue lights from causing residual damage. While it is still important to periodically take a break from the computer screen, using these lenses helps consumers to defend themselves.

Even though it will still take a little time before these products are available to the public, the right balance in someone’s routine with Barner is worth the wait.

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