Bala Bangles – Yoga Weight Helps Build More Strength & Balance?


Bala Bangles are a new, modern take on wrist and ankle weights designed specifically for yoga, presented in a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s our Bala Bangles review.

What Are Bala Bangles?

Bala Bangles are a pair of elastic bands, suitable for fitting around either the wrists or the ankles. There are several weights attached to each band totaling 1 pound per band.

Bala Bangles Features: How Do They Work?

Bala Bangles are meant specifically to be an alternative to using dumbbells during yoga classes. The practice of yoga requires the full use of your hands in order to achieve many different poses, but many yoga practitioners enjoy the extra resistance of added weights in order to provide more physical challenge during sessions.

Bala Bangles were developed in response to the desire to increase the challenge of yoga practice by providing extra resistance through additional weight and the need to keep the hands free and unencumbered.

Who Makes Bala Bangles?

The Bala Bangles Kickstarter campaign was founded by Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz, a pair of marketing and advertising executives and the original designers of the prototype Bala Bangle.

According to their LinkedIn profiles, Kislevitz is currently brand manager for Battery, a Los Angeles-based ad agency. Holloway is an account supervisor for Jane Smith Agency, a full service brand development agency also headquartered in LA.

Bala Bangles Materials

Bala Bangles are made from athletic-grade elastic binding. Attached to this binding are eight small rectangular custom-molded cast iron bars encased in medical-grade silicone, which provides resistance to sweat and also makes the product dishwasher safe.

Thanks to their construction methods, Bala Bangles are comfortable to wear and are flexible enough to be used as either wrist weights or ankle weights.

Bala Bangles Pricing

As the Bala Bangles Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing, the only way to “purchase” a pair is to pledge a certain amount to the campaign. Bala Bangles is asking for a total of $40,000 to cover costs of an initial production run. At time of this writing – 2 days into the crowdfunding campaign – Bala Bangles has already achieved more than 10% of this goal in pledges.

To earn a pair of Bala Bangles, the minimum pledge amount is $40. Additional sets are available in multiples of $40, up to $160 for four sets. Each set comes with a complimentary Bala sticker as well.

For those interested in buying more than 4 sets – such as yoga studios that want to have several sets on hand for their practitioners – there are pledge levels of 10 sets for $400 and 20 sets for $800. The Bala Bangles Kickstarter campaign estimates October 2017 for delivery.

Bala Bangles Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

As of day 2 of the 60-day crowdfunding campaign, Bala Bangles has received $4,367 towards their $40,000 goal from 41 backers. That’s an average of over $100 per backer. Around half of these backers have pledged enough to earn one set of Bala Bangles with the rest pledging significantly higher amounts for anywhere from two sets to 20 sets.


  • Excellent for Yoga Practitioners – Anyone who is serious about yoga and their health will likely appreciate the design of these weights, as they do indeed leave your hands free for important yoga poses but still provide extra resistance to maximize your yoga workouts.
  • Non-Traditional Funding – Pledging funds to Bala Bangles through Kickstarter isn’t just going to provide you with a set or two of exercise weights; it’s going to help Bala Bangles as a company get off the ground.
  • Non-traditional funding methods like crowdsourcing investment capital is a popular new way to found businesses that might never have seen the light of day otherwise.


  • Long Wait – Pledging in a Kickstarter campaign is not the same as ordering a product off of Amazon.
  • Production timelines mean that fulfillment of your pledge can often take several months; in this case, Bala Bangles are estimated to be ready for delivery in October of 2017.
  • All-or-Nothing Funding – Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns make use of “all-or-nothing” funding, which means that if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal then it receives none of the money that’s been pledged to it.
  • This means that even if you pledge money to this project, it might never see the light of day if its campaign fails.
  • The only upside to this is that you will not be obligated to actually spend the money you pledged in this situation.

Should You Invest In Bala Bangles?

Backing a Kickstarter product isn’t for the faint of heart. Pledging money to Bala Bangles is different than just buying an already-created product that’s in stock online or at a brick-and-mortar storefront.

There are a lot of things to factor in – whether the campaign succeeds, whether the company manages its new funds properly, whether it gets your pledge rewards to you in a timely manner, etc. – and sometimes things go wrong.

There are plenty of Kickstarter horror stories out there where backers never get their pledged reward, or get a substandard product when they do finally get their reward. At the same time, there have been wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns that have left highly satisfied backers in their wake.

Be aware that these risks are always present whenever you invest in a crowdfunded product, and that this is a long-term reward. If you feel passionate about yoga and you’re willing to wait, feel free to invest in Bala Bangles.

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