There are many health conditions that make it difficult for people to go about their daily lives.

However, one of the most common issue is pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints. Often going unseen by most people, the pain caused by inflamed joints and tendons can cause extreme pain in sufferers, making it harder for them to go about their everyday tasks.

Whether due to a sports injury or aging, when joints seize up, many have to put their lives on hold.

There are many treatment options for those who suffer from joint pain and inflammation. Most of these options are powerful medications or steroids that may decrease the pain, but don’t necessarily treat the source of the problem, inflammation.

And not only are these medicinal options expensive, but users can begin to build a tolerance to them, meaning they’ll need more to treat their pain.

Avidaco is a company that is taking a holistic approach to treating joint and muscle pains. Using potent and safe ingredients, the formulations sold by Avidaco support the responses in the body, giving it the strength fight off inflammation naturally.

Because Avidaco works to build the health of the body, it is able to provide long-term solutions to those who suffer from pains in their joints, bones, or muscles.

About Avidaco

Avidaco was created out of a need for its founders to find a better way to deal with the problems threatening their mobility.

The company was created by a group of people who used to be athletes, both collegiately and professionally.

Due to injuries, as they grew older, inflammation and problems in the joints started making it more difficult for them to move.

After detailed discussions with healthcare professionals, the founders of Avidaco decided to create their own line of joint health supplements, with a focus on better ingredients for better results.

Using the latest in joint health research, Avidaco and a group of medical professionals created the two products found in the company’s line, Active IM and Active+ Pro.

These formulations contain ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the body, giving users faster relief from their symptoms.

More importantly, Avidaco products were created to boost the body’s natural response to inflammation, the main cause of joint, muscle, and bone pain.

By prompting this natural process, Avidaco is able to better support the long-term health of users, giving them what they need to be mobile and physically active.

Over the years, Avidaco has grown to support multiple sports teams and customers across the world.

Despite this growth, the company has stayed dedicated to the science, research, and high quality products that made it so popular in the first place.

For those looking for a solution to pain caused by inflammation, Active IM and Active+ Pro by Avidaco are the perfect options.

What Makes Avidaco Different

Because Avidaco makes two distinct products, it’s important to look at both of them individually to see the clear differences in the relief they bring to users.

A brief explanation of these two products and why they differ from so many other joint pain options on the market can be found below.

Active+ Pro

A proprietary blend of scientifically supported ingredients, Active+ Pro is a dietary supplement that focuses on joint health.

The first difference between this product and others on the market is that Active+ Pro uses a blend of ingredients that can only be found with Acidaco.

The blend includes MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin, three vital ingredients for naturally supporting the health of the joints.

Not only do these ingredients come in just the right doses to give users the total support they need for their joints, they do so without using any shell-fish, the typical source for glucosamine and chondroitin.

Active+ Pro also includes vitamin D, calcium, and manganese, nutrients that have been found to decrease the risk of osteoporosis.

In addition to the ingredients described above, Active+ Pro proves itself superior by including a blend of proteolytic enzymes.

Several scientific and medical studies have found that proteolytic enzymes, specifically L-glutamine, support the absorption of nutrients in the body.

More importantly, these enzymes work to breakdown and assimilate protein, which in turn promotes better muscle health. The more protein available to muscles, the better they recover from exertion and damage.

As mentioned above, Acidaco works with many sports teams across the country. The reason it is such a trusted brand is because Active+ Pro is part of the NSF Certified for Sport program.

In order to be part of this elite group of supplements, every batch of Active+ Pro is screened for a wide variety of substances.

In order to keep its certification, Active+ Pro is proud to use only the cleanest and purest ingredients.

Active IM

The second product made by Avidaco is Active IM, a supplement that improves the body’s anti-inflammation response.

The biggest difference between Active IM and other inflammation options on the market is that the supplement uses specific ingredients to improve the body’s natural response to inflammation.

Instead of just being a proverbial Band-Aid to inflammation, the supplement actually works to boost the health of users, so their bodies can better fight off the problem on their own.

As a result, Active IM is a long-term solution to inflammation and the varying pains it causes in the bones, joints, and muscles.

Active IM is able to work so well in the body because it uses only the highest quality natural ingredients.

The formulation utilizes the proven benefits of ingredients like MSM, ginger, and turmeric to boost the health and wellness of users.

And, to improve the absorption of these ingredients, Active IM comes in powdered form, making a delicious drink that provides quick support for users.

Products Sold by Avidaco

The two products sold by Avidaco can be found for purchase on the company website (www.Avidaco.com), where interested customers will also find more detailed information on the two treatment options.

A 30 day supply of Active IM only costs $79.99 and a one pound canister of Active+ Pro costs $69.99.


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