AVA Byte – Smart Indoor Garden Automated Planter For Growing Herbs?


The AVA Byte Smart Garden is a system that helps to grow various plants with the simple, soilless pods, the consumer controls all the features and settings through an app. The system is available through a crowdfunding campaign right now, as it gains funding for mass production.

What Is The AVA Byte Smart Garden?

Creating a garden is easy for individuals with the right environment and a green thumb, but not everyone can be so lucky. For some people, the fun endeavor soon becomes overwhelming, losing its novelty.

However, there are many ways that home-growing certain plants can be beneficial to the health of users and their homes. By using the AVA Byte Smart Garden, no one has to worry about losing the progress of their hard work.

The AVA Byte Smart Garden is made to be a gardening system for indoor use, controlling everything from the watering to the exposure to light. It comes with pre-seeded pods, so the consumer will need to choose from one of the following types of plants to come with their order:

Consumers will also have their choice of color to maintain the décor in their home.

How Does The AVA Byte Smart Garden Work?

The reason that the AVA Byte Smart Garden is so helpful is due to multiple components. The plant pods that are placed inside the garden which needs no soil at all, and are biodegradable. Essentially, the smart garden minimizes the mess that normally comes with planting any kind of plants.

To help the basin maintain the right level of support, consumers will notice that the device features sensors for the water and the environment that the garden creates. To watch the progress, the set also includes a camera that watches the plants and allows for time lapse viewing.

Using The AVA Byte Smart Garden

The AVA Byte smart garden is actually very simple to use. All the user needs to do is place the pods in properly, fill the basin with water, and synchronize the smartphone application. However, the website and the package include details on the entire setup.

To offer the right energy to the device, it is plugged into the wall with an adapter. However, the settings in the device will ensure that all the information that is programmed will be saved. Even though consumers can control all the functions within the app, consumers can also allow the garden to run automatically.

While not in use, the consumer can place the non-electric components in the dishwasher.

AVA Byte Smart Garden App

The way that the consumer controls the whole watering system is through the use of the corresponding smartphone app. Once the user’s smartphone is connected with the same Wi-Fi of the watering system, the user can setup everything else.

The system will show alerts that tell the user when it is time to perform different functions, and can offer all the details about the current climate in the garden.

Purchasing The AVA Byte Smart Garden

The total cost of the AVA Byte Smart Garden will be about $320 when it is made available for direct purchase. However, the product is currently offered in a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo. This campaign allows consumers to pledge various amounts for exclusive pricing.

Consumers can choose from:

  • $19 and up, for just the five plant pods (for consumers that want to add to their original order)
  • $179 and up, for the Flash Sale for Father’s Day (ends on 6/19/17)
  • $189 and up, for one Ava Byte and five plant pods
  • $329 and up, for two Ava Bytes and ten plant pods

The shipments for the smart garden will start being sent to buyers in March 2018.

AVA Byte Smart Garden Customer Service

Since the AVA Byte Smart Garden is relatively new in the industry, consumers are bound to have more questions that need to be discussed beforehand. The customer service team does not offer a phone number, but consumers can speak with a representative by sending a message to [email protected].

AVA Byte Smart Garden Conclusion

The AVA Byte Smart Garden is an inventive and helpful way to encourage consumers to make their own produce in a way that has not been offered before. The team involved is heavily into the use of technology to help create products that help make food from a sustainable source, which is how they came up with this concept in the first place.

There is no skill level needed to maintain the garden, since the entire thing can run automatically, though it will notify the user if they need to do anything.

If you want to finally grow something that makes it from seedling to full-size plant, then the AVA Byte Smart Garden can help you overcome that black thumb that you already have.

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