Atkins 40 Diet Plan

You’ve probably heard about the keto, or ketogenic diet by now. Hundreds of celebrities, professional athletes, and health publications have been touting the wide range of health benefits a low-carb, high-fat diet can offer. What many people are unaware of, however, is that the keto diet is built around another highly beneficial diet that was the precursor to the current keto trend- the Atkins diet.

The Atkins diet was created by healthy eating advocate and professional nutritionist Dr Robert Atkins in 1958, and is one of the most successful and effective diet systems available. The primary tenet behind the Atkins diet is essentially the same as that of the keto diet- by reducing net carb intake to minimal levels, the body begins using fat for energy directly, converting it to a glucose alternative called ketones.

The health benefits of the Atkins diet are numerous. Apart from offering dieters and health enthusiasts the ability to rapidly burn away unwanted body fat, the Atkins diet has been demonstrated in multiple trials to minimize hunger cravings, balance blood sugar levels, and even reverse the effects of diabetes.

There is strong evidence to suggest that minimizing carbohydrate intake even prolongs the lifespan of the body and significantly reduces the chances of developing a wide range of diseases, making it one of the most compelling nutritional approaches in existence. Getting started with the Atkins diet, however can be somewhat confusing.

The extreme popularity of the Atkins diet has made it difficult to find a comprehensive, simple, and easy to understand guide to following the Atkins diet without a dieting supplement company attempting to sell you a product. In the case of the Atkins diet, the best advice can be found directly from the source, at the official Atkins website.

The official Atkins website provides dieters that are interested in losing weight and practicing the Atkins nutritional approach with a structured, approachable, and streamlined guide to the Atkins diet. By breaking up the Atkins approach into several different discrete diets, the Atkins website makes finding the best Atkins program for your needs simple and easy.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Atkins 40 Plan, which is a great Atkins plan to begin with for dieters that are new to the Atkins nutritional approach.

What is the Atkins 40 Plan?

The Atkins 40 Plan is a simplified Atkins diet that allows the dieter to incorporate up to 40 grams of net carbohydrates into their daily macronutrient intake. Although the Atkins 40 Plan may sound complicated at first, once the basic principles of the Atkins diet are understood it’s particularly easy to follow.

The benefits of the Atkins 40 Plan include rapid healthy, and sustainable weight loss, a full range of foods from every food group to enjoy, and no low-calorie starvation dieting practices.

How the Atkins 40 Plan Works

The Atkins 40 Plan focuses on nearly eliminating carbohydrates from the diet and replacing them with healthy fats and protein. The Atkins 40 Plan daily macronutrient intake can be broken down into the following macros:

  • Low-carb vegetables: 6 to 8 servings daily
  • Protein: 3 servings daily
  • Healthy fats: 3 servings daily
  • Carbohydrates: 3 10 gram servings daily, and two 5 gram snacks

The Atkins website makes finding out which vegetables, fats, and protein sources are acceptable by breaking each food section down into foundation vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and other carbs. In addition to a comprehensive guide, the Atkins website also provides scientific evidence to to support the diet, as well as free weight loss tools in the form of the Atkins Diet Quick Start Kit.

The Atkins Diet Quick Start Kit

If you're interested in getting started with the Atkins 40 Diet, the best way to begin is to sign up with the Atkins website. Getting on board with the Atkins website is absolutely free, and provides access to a wide range of helpful tools that make rapid weight loss with the Atkins diet simple and easy.

Registering the the Atkins website gives dieters access to the Atkins mobile app, which can be used to search, track, and plan meals, as well as an easy to use carbohydrate counter that incorporates an acceptable foods list.

One of the most complex aspects of following a low carbohydrate diet is planning meals, but registering with the Atkins Diet Quick Start Kit makes it possible to search through a wide variety of comprehensive meal plans that account for every meal of the week with a high degree of customization.

The Atkins website also offers a suite of tracking tools, discussion boards, and collaboration groups, in addition to a grocery list generator that makes shopping for Atkins diet friendly foods effortless.

The Verdict

The Atkins 40 Plan is the easiest Atkins plan to get started with, and is one of the easiest and simplest ways to lose weight. If you’re considering getting healthy and losing some unwanted body fat, signing up with the Atkins website and getting started with the Atkins 40 Plan is a great option.


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