Aspen Pure Water

When all's said and done, water is still the most effective thirst quencher there is, due to its natural properties it is the only source of complete hydration that exists today.

It is required by all living beings, and is composed classically of hydrogen and oxygen. In terms of body composition, water clocks in at 70% of our entire body structure. That really says something, doesn't it? Researchers have identified that an average intake of 12 large glasses of water is ideal for the ideal optimization of our internal mechanisms.

When the intake of water is normal, our digestive and circulatory processes can occur at a high rate. When individuals reduce their overall consumption, they can be faced with a myriad of issues including dullness, fatigue, muscle cramps, reduced stamina, wrinkly skin etc.

About Aspen Pure Water

Aspen Pure Water is an all new naturally ‘pH balanced’ water bottle, that contains water sourced from the pristine mountains of the United State.

Each bottle is delivered in an easy-grip bottle (the only one in the market presently), that is extremely convenient to operate and dispenses only adequate amounts of water (thus minimising any wastage). According to the official website, the company prides itself on “providing the highest quality water imaginable to fuel the active lifestyles of our customers”.

In the year 2017, Pure Aspen became the leading innovator in ‘functionalized bottled water’, when they launched an all new variant of their classic water bottle which includes various essential ‘Probiotic content’.

Each unit of this specialised water contains over 10 billion live CFUs (colonized healthy probiotic culture), which delivers users with 12 different strains of probiotics. All of the the added stains have been clinically validated and have been found to provide users with a host of benefits such as optimal immunity-boosting, digestive health benefits.

Why Probiotics?

In recent decades, there has been much talk about probiotics, this is because several studies conducted in established institutions showed that these microorganisms have a number of interesting medical properties. When ingested regularly, strains like ‘lactobacillus’ help in the optimisation of our digestive system.

This is achieved through the activation of key hormone and enzyme production mechanisms. When the secretion of certain enzymes is improved, the body is able to breakdown tough nutrients more easily. Thus resulting in the creation of more energy.

Another key aspect of these organisms is their ability to ward of external agents like bacteria and toxins. The probiotic culture in our intestines, gut actively react with harmful antibodies and gradually reduce them into waste matter which is later expelled from our bodies via our excretory passages.

Lastly, in terms of their availability, probiotic mediums can be either obtained naturally through milk products like curd or received via external supplementation.

Aspen Pure Water Range

1. Pure Aspen PH Balancer

Each bottle contains freshly harvested water found in the inner reaches of the Aspen mountains During its packing phase, each bottle has to undergo a 5-step proprietary purification process.

This includes various stages where the water is micronised, UV filtered so that any harmful viruses and impurities that may have seeped in can be eliminated.

Also important to know is that each bottle has been ozonated and vacuum sealed, so that there is no possibility of external agents penetrating into the water.

2. Pure Aspen Probiotic

As mentioned earlier, this blend of pure water (extracted from the mountains of colorado) and probiotic culture is intended to serve as a potent supplement that can help optimise the working of our inner beings. Through the delivery of over 12 strains of healthy ‘lactobacilli’ based cultures, the water helps in clearing any blockages in our circulatory network.

Recent scientific studies have shown that probiotics are the doorway to the future, this is because with the rise of unhealthy nutrition (fast/processed foods), the intake of various immunity boosting minerals and vitamins has reduced significantly.

Thus, it is important for users to strengthen their inner resistivity by supplying the body with compounds that actively work against any antibodies that may enter or be present in our systems.

Essentially the probiotic bacteria lines up against the walls of our stomach, intestines and gut. Here these healthy microorganisms can foster and grow. When their population has become sufficient, the actively start dissolving unhealthy fats, bacteria so that the digestion process can be greatly enhanced.

As a result of their activities, many individuals have reported losing substantial amounts of weight. Similarly, people have also said that their blood circulation has vastly improved.

Other Important Information

  • Aspen Pure Water is committed to sustainable water farming, this means that only water from sources that are in no danger of repletion are used for the packaging of the products.
  • The company also works with various charities to help people all around the globe (especially in smaller, impoverished nations) obtain clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programs to improve their quality of life.

Aspen Pure Water Availability

Since the business is small, there are no direct online purchase options. However, users are encouraged to contact the company via email or telephone to make purchases. There are offers available on bulk purchases which allow users to obtain a single bottle of water at an extremely reasonable price.


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