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Modern science has gradually uncovered many medical secrets that allows us to reap a host of physical benefits. For example, a recent study conducted in relation to relaxation and stress, it was found that anxiety is often induced due to a host of external physical factors. However, it was seen that upon use of certain aromatic compounds, these levels dropped quite drastically.

When these subjects were made to undergo ‘aroma therapy’ sessions, the researchers found that nearly all of the participants saw a reduction in their cortisol levels (also known as the stress hormone). Thus, from this study we can infer that certain smells/aromas can trigger specific responses within our neural network.

Certain smells can also trigger the release of potent hormones like dopamine and serotonin into our bloodstream. When these aforementioned hormones are available in large quantities, they can easily induce a feeling of calmness and relaxation into our muscles, tendons and joints.

About Aromacare

Aromacare can be seen as a ‘one stop shop’ for all of our hygiene based needs. However, what is different about aromacare products is that, they have been made scientifically using certain oil extracts that have been found to possess beneficial medicinal properties.

For example, some of the the available soaps contain ‘eucalyptus oil’. This oil has been shown to decrease nasal congestion, and thus promote an increased uptake of oxygen and other important nutrients.

Similarly, lemon oil helps in removing blockages related to bacterial, toxin accumulations. This allows users to look fresh and radiant.

Aromacare Key Features

  • Non Animal Tested: all of the products have been formulated responsibly, and have not been used on animals. All of the testing has been done on human subjects, and the results of all studies have been made available to users for complete product transparency.
  • Health: all of the available items have been designed for specialised purposes. For example the moisturisers have been formulated to help hydrate one’s skin more effectively. Similarly, the aromatic oils help reduce nervousness, mental fatigue and other stress based ailments.
  • Yoga compatible: the oils that are available for purchase have been made especially for people who maintain a regular yoga practice. These oils help in relaxing our nerves, muscles and tissues, so that the body is better able to perform the yogic kriyas and exercises (allowing for maximum physical benefits)
  • Perfect as Gifts: all of the products have a pleasant appearance and offer users with a deeply enriching aroma. Thus, they can serve as ideal gifts for family, friends and loved ones.
  • Australian Made: all of the products are made entirely in Australian facilities that are governed by strict manufacturing laws and guidelines. Thus, users need not worry about the overall quality of the items.
  • No preservatives: unlike many famous cosmetic products which contain loads of preservatives, Aromacare products are free of any external additives.

Aromacare Product Range

Aromatherapy oils:

These specialised extracts have been designed to induce a sense of calmness and wellbeing into a user's nervous system. All of the available products in this category are 100% pure, and have been fabricated using the highest quality natural extracts.

Massage – Body Oils:

These oils are more than just their fragrance, due to their deep tissue action capabilities, these solutions penetrate our skins and help in rejuvenating our tendons and muscles. They also provide a nice thermodynamic action on our bodies, and hence allow for optimal peace of mind.

Skincare Products:

All of the soaps, body washes have been made using natural milk based solutions so that the skin is left fresh, nourished and moisturised. Regular use will also leave customers feeling energetic and revitalised. Similarly, the creams have been made from organic derivatives, and thus users can be assured that long term use of Aromacare products is absolutely safe.

Aromatic Sprays:

These products have been made using natural oils and plant extracts. They serve a dual purpose, and have been found to act as aroma inducers as well as antiperspirants. Lastly, there are no harmful agents in the mix, therefore the occurrence of rashes and other skin ailments is not possible.


These devices allow for a gradual dispensation of sweet, pleasurable aromas into the surrounding environment. They use expertly crafted oils which get heated up, and then are released into the surrounding atmosphere.

The smell that is delivered is not excessive, and does not interfere with our daily work activities. All one needs to do is turn on the device in the morning, and then let it do its thing through the day. There are many variants available depending upon one’s needs and requirements.

Aromacare Pricing And Availability

All of the prices and compositional details can be checked up by visiting the official Aromacare website.The products have been neatly arranged in relevant categories, and payments can be done using a host of safe means like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa.

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