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What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin occurrence that is described as having an orange peel-like texture. It is essentially a condition that makes the skin appear to have regions with underlying fat deposits to give it a lumpy and dimpled appearance. Cellulite can be noticed more on areas such as the thighs and buttocks.

Dermatologists have conveniently divided cellulite into 4 different stages. In Stage 1, an individual lacks any cellulite that is visible on the skin. Stage 2 has visible cellulite that is a bit obvious on a pinched skin, especially if an individual stands in a specific way. An orange peel texture is observed on skin that is pinched. Stage 3 is characterized by apparent ripples along the skin in a majority of standing positions. Stage 4 cellulite is exhibited by significant dimples and pits in many parts of the body when one is both standing and sitting down.

Genetics are a causative agent of cellulite, which means that it is a hereditary condition that can be easily passed down from one individual to another. It is more common among the female gender regardless of whether an individual is fat or thin. The vertical fibrous tissue called septae makes it possible for fat to push through the tissue, unlike in men where septae are organized diagonally. Cellulite tends to form in areas of the body that receive the least blood circulation.

There are various types of cellulite. Adipose cellulite is the type of cellulite that is considered to be firm and has an orange peel effect on skin that is loose. Oedematous cellulite is another type of cellulite that is characterized by fluid retention in the body. This type of cellulite occurs on loose skin and is soft.

Last but not least, there is fibrotic cellulite. This third type of cellulite is compact and hard when felt and similarly has an orange peel effect on the skin.

Other Causes Of Cellulite

Despite the fact that the exact causes of cellulite have not been properly established, extensive research and informed observation suggest the following factors to be potential causes of cellulite:

Hormonal Factors

Hormones such as insulin, estrogen, prolactin, noradrenaline, and thyroid hormones significantly contribute to the development of cellulite as they are involved in the production process.


Individuals who consume a lot of salt, carbohydrates, and fat have a higher likelihood of developing great quantities of cellulite.


Clothing such as underwear that are designed with tight elastic running across the buttocks can contribute to cellulite formation as they limit blood flow. This is why tight clothing is discouraged if you want to avoid this condition.

Lifestyle Factors

People who smoke, those who don’t exercise, as well as those who stand or sit for a long duration risk developing cellulite. This is the predominant lifestyle in most urban areas. Other lifestyle states such as anxiety and stress are also potential causes of cellulite formation in the body.

How Cellulite Affects Appearance

Cellulite greatly affects the appearance of an individual’s skin. This is because it causes nodularity and dimpling on the skin. This is facilitated by the formation of small holes on the skin where fats, toxins, and a variety of harmful substances conveniently wedge themselves in, resulting in the caving-in of the skin.

Cellulite Prevention

In order for an individual to prevent cellulite, they should eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, low-fat foods, and foods enriched with fiber, reduce stress levels, regularly exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and avoid a sedentary lifestyle in general. Refined foods, artificial foods (those that contain chemicals, sweeteners, and additives), and processed foods should entirely be removed from the diet.

Anti-Cellulite Pants

Anti-cellulite pants are among the latest alternatives to be created in the market. They have received much attention in recent times but very few people know much about them. These pants have been used to compliment exercise routines and diet.

How Anti-Cellulite Pants Work

Anti-cellulite pants are outfitted with crystals in their fabric. The crystals are responsible for emitting infrared rays that eliminate the lumpy appearance of the skin. The infrared rays work by heating up the skin and boosting metabolism to enhance the flow of blood to the skin. This causes a chain reaction that actively breaks down and naturally carries away fatty deposits that are located under the skin.

How They Feel

Anti-cellulite pants tend to be tight along the legs and run from the waist to mid-thigh level. They are designed to retain their elastic property even after they are washed. These pants can easily fit beneath many outfits.

Manufacturing Material

Anti-cellulite pants of various types will utilize different products to attain desired results. The common manufacturing materials for anti-cellulite pants are massage fibers or bio-ceramic infrared. Some pants are also carefully outfitted with vitamin E, aloe, caffeine, or moisturizing milk threads.


There are many positive reviews about anti-cellulite pants. The majority of people reported that these pants were responsible for them losing a significant number of inches off of their waistline in just twenty-eight days of use. The common record of weight loss for anti-cellulite pants stands at five pounds. Their effectiveness is aided by the fact that the extra compression that is exerted by the pants functions to immediately tone the legs as well as create an appearance that is smooth.

Furthermore, consuming large meals in anti-cellulite pants is quite difficult. It is recommended that the pants be worn during errands or on a night out if an individual is keen on achieving effectiveness.


Individuals should purchase anti-cellulite pants that are designed using well-researched ingredients and technology. After selection of the appropriate pair of pants, the anti-cellulite pants should be used every day and the practice should be continued over a time period of a few weeks. These pants will improve the appearance of physique and contours to make cellulite less noticeable on the short term. In the long term, they will effectively reduce all visible signs of cellulite. Get your pair of anti-cellulite pants today and patiently watch the ugly dimpled and lumpy appearance disappear forever.


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