Anadroxin Max Gains – Natural Anadrol Steroid Alternative?


Offering a safe and natural alternative to dangerous and illegal steroids, Anadroxin Max Gains is a plant-based supplement designed to mimic the effects of such products.

Utilizing a plant that has been employed medicinally for thousands of years, this supplement is intended to increase muscle mass and strength. Please continue reading for more about this natural, testosterone-boosting product.

About Anadroxin Max Gains

As bodybuilding techniques become more prevalent among athletes and even casual gym-goers, many supplement companies are trying to replicate the aesthetic effects of harmful and illegal steroids.

A member of the anabolic androgenic steroid family, Anadrol is a popular substance that increases lean body mass and appetite, as well as red blood cell count, which plays a key role in maintaining and growing muscles.

Similar to most illegal steroids, Anadrol increases the body’s production of testosterone, a key hormone in muscle growth. Higher amounts of testosterone are connected to increased lean body mass through its role in protein synthesis within muscle cells. With higher muscle mass comes a higher basal metabolic rate, allowing fat to be burned more easily as well.

Testosterone can also increase endurance and strength, allowing for a more powerful workout. As a higher amount of muscle fibers are torn through exercise, more repair is required to insure the muscle is stronger and bigger to handle such physical stress.

Unrelated to muscle gains, testosterone is also linked to higher libido and might improve mood and sleep. That being said, disrupting hormonal levels and cycles can be very dangerous and often comes with unintended consequences.

Max Gains has formulated Anadroxin to naturally mimic the effects of this steroid, specifically increased strength and muscle mass, for users to safely and effectively excel in their fitness goals.

Utilizing the natural extract of tribulus terrestris, a plant containing the steroidal saponins involved in hormone production, this supplement aims to increase testosterone levels enough to increase lean body mass without the negative side effects of synthetic steroids.

How Does It Work?

Simply consume two capsules per day with water 30-45 minutes before working out. This will increase testosterone levels during exercise, which in turn will promote greater muscle growth.

Because of the strong hormonal effects of Anadroxin, consumers are directed to cycle its use, taking 1-2 weeks off for recovery every 2 months. For the same reason, women should not take this product as it may negatively disrupt their natural hormone levels.

Ingredients in Anadroxin Max Gains

Tribulus Terrestris:

Full of chemicals known as steroidal saponins, this plant might increase testosterone production, which is essential for increasing muscle growth. Used for thousands of years in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal traditions, few scientific studies have been done to fully support its advocates.

Each capsule is encased in cellulose, allowing vegetarians and vegans to consume this supplement.

Pricing For Anadroxin Max Gains

Max Gains appears to be the only retailer of Anadroxin, where it is sold for $85.16 per 90 capsule bottle.

They also promote the “Max Gains Bulking Stack” designed for building muscle. It includes their Venabol and Clenbulen products as well as Anadroxin for the price of $166.44.

Should You Use Anadroxin Max Gains?

Several positive customer reviews indicate that this might be a useful supplement for men wishing to increase muscle mass and strength in a natural way.

Nevertheless, Anadroxin Max Gains might significantly alter hormonal levels, so interested consumers might want to learn more before purchasing.

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