Amphora Water promises to be “the healthiest water money can buy”. Read our review today to find out if this pricey water is worth your hard-earned money.

What is Amphora Water?

Amphora Water is a high-priced water that claims to use a special manufacturing process to prepare the healthiest water money can buy.

Some of the highlights of Amphora Water include its “perfectly balanced” formula with a naturally alkaline pH and the lowest ORP on the market. Amphora Water claims the lower the ORP, the better the actual health benefits of water.

With that in mind, Amphora Water claims to be the “clear choice for a healthy body.”

Is this all just marketing tactics? Or does Amphora Water really have the scientific evidence reinforcing its high price tag? Keep reading to find out how Amphora Water works.

Benefits of Amphora Water

Amphora Water claims to provide all of the following benefits:

-Improve immunity by creating an alkaline environment that nurtures healthy blood cells and increases immune system efficiency

-Increases hydration level, easily penetrating your body at a cellular level and better hydrating the body

-Provides a source of alkaline minerals using ionized alkaline water that flushes acidic toxins out of the body

-Elevates oxygen levels, helping to deliver nutrients to cells more efficiently and raising energy levels throughout the body

-“Rids you of diseases”, and “prevents diseases such as arthritis, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, digestive problems, weight problems, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, skin disorders, and acid reflux”

That’s right: Amphora Water legitimately claims to “prevent cancer”. But is there any scientific evidence supporting that bold claim?

How Does Amphora Water Work?

Amphora Water claims to produce natural water “by replicating nature exactly”. Instead of trying to outsmart nature, they work with nature to deliver luxury alkaline water.

The water itself contains over 70 naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals. These minerals are infused in a perfect balance to create the world’s healthiest water.

Amphora Water uses “solar evaporation technology” to produce the alkaline minerals found in its water. “Solar evaporation”, of course, is just a fancy way of saying ordinary evaporation under the sun.

They also use a gravity filtration system, where their water passes through a filtration system just like it does on our planet. They also distill the water before bottling it.

If you actually look up how Amphora gets their water, it seems like they just grab water from a spring in Colorado and distill it. That’s it. That’s the “solar evaporation” and “gravity filtration system” they’re talking about.

Ultimately, all of this leads to a low oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) rating. Amphora Water claims to have an ORP of -826, which purportedly leads to optimum cellular health. Compare that to the ORP of Evian (343), Aquafina (406), and even Fiji Water (406), and you’ll see why Amphora Water calls itself the healthiest water on the planet.

There are actually two different types of Amphora Water, including Stage 1 and Stage 2 water. The water with an ORP of -826 is their “Stage 4 Water”, which isn’t even available for sale online. Amphora Water refuses to disclose the ORP of its Stage 1 or Stage 2 waters – but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re identical to Fiji Water, Dasani, and other cheaper waters.

Stage 1 Water

Stage 1 Water is designed to raise your body’s pH naturally using alkaline-producing minerals. These minerals cleanse your body of toxins on a cellular level.

After drinking Stage 1 Water for 2 to 4 weeks, you’re ready to move onto Stage 2 Water.

Stage 2 Water

Stage 2 Water is designed to increase your body’s pH even further, making it more alkaline. Stage 2 Water does this by adding ionic trace minerals along with a lower -ORP rating. You’ll want to drink Stage 2 Water for about 90 days before advancing to Stage 3 Water (which has not yet been released, but is purportedly “coming soon”).

Where Does the Water Come From?

Amphora Water comes from Eldorado Springs, Colorado and is bottled in Louisville, Colorado. Amphora claims to bottle their water by hand “giving each bottle the love and attention it needs.”

Eldorado Springs is located on the northwest outskirts of Denver, Colorado, just south of Boulder.

The whole “gravity filtering” process appears to just mean that they take the water from a natural spring. This water is then distilled and placed in an opaque bottle. Amphora Water makes a big deal of its opaque bottle. Sunlight can’t enter the bottle, which means the water is kept pure. Amphora says that “energy leaves it when exposed [to the sun]”. It’s unclear how that happens. Certain liquids – like beer – are chemically affected by sunlight. Most drinking water is not.

Amphora Water Mineral Content

Amphora Water makes big claims about its “70+ minerals in perfect balance”. They also claim that other water is bad because they’re “unable to disclose the exact quantities of minerals added to the water”.

The weird thing is: Amphora Water never tells us how much of its own minerals are found in the water.

For example, Evian, Dasani, and most spring water contains a blend of minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silica, and sulfates. But these minerals are found in a relatively low dosage. They’re just trace amounts – you can get 100 times more potassium by eating a bite of banana, for example.

When asked to provide dosage information for its minerals, Amphora Water just says things like “perfectly balanced blend”. In other words, they’re doing the exact same thing they complain their competitors do.

Ultimately, you can get a blend of dozens of minerals from any spring water in the world today. You can seriously walk up to any stream in the mountains and get a blend of all these trace minerals and more. Amphora Water doesn’t claim to add any additional minerals to the water, and they don’t list their dosages, so it doesn’t appear you’ll get a high daily dose of any minerals by drinking this water.

Amphora Water Pricing

Amphora Water makes a number of ridiculous claims about its benefits – but the most ridiculous part of the website is the pricing section. Here’s how much Amphora expects you to pay for their water:

  • Amphora Concentrate Drops – Glass Vial: $28 (1 Vial with 30mL of Water)
  • Stage 1 12 Pack: $60 (12 x 750mL Bottles)
  • Stage 1 24 Pack: $114 (24 x 750mL Bottles)
  • Stage 1 36 Pack: $162 (36 x 750mL Bottles)
  • Stage 2 12 Pack: $72 (12 x 750mL Bottles)
  • Stage 2 24 Pack: $138 (24 x 750mL Bottles)
  • Stage 2 36 Pack: $198 (36 x 750mL Bottles)

You’ll need to add significant shipping fees onto all of these purchases. Shipping to California for the 36 bottle package worked out to $59 per order, for example, so it substantially increases your total cost.

Should You Drink Amphora Water?

Amphora Water is a high-priced bottled water that makes ridiculous claims about its health benefits. Its official website legitimately claims, word for word, that it “prevents diseases such as arthritis, cancer…” and many other deadly conditions.

Amphora also makes a big deal of their ORP rating – but they list the ORP rating for their “Stage 4 Water”. That water isn’t even sold on the website. Meanwhile, they never list the ORP rating for their Stage 1 and Stage 2 water.

Amphora Water also makes a big deal out of the fact that their water contains over 70 trace minerals. However, most spring water contains over 70 trace minerals. You can seriously walk up to any mountain stream and get trace amounts of all sorts of minerals that naturally occur within the earth.

Worse of all, Amphora Water cites no studies, no dosages, and no reasons to believe anything they say is true. Then, they expect you to pay an enormous price for their water.

Based on all of this information (or lack thereof), Amphora Water appears to be a scam designed to trick you into paying a significant premium on normal spring water. It’s just normal mountain spring water that’s in a fancy bottle wrapped up with fancy marketing. That’s it.


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