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With several lines aimed at meeting different needs, Amix Nutrition is a range of health and fitness supplements designed to improve performance with scientifically proven ingredients.

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What is Amix Nutrition?

Staying fit in the modern world can be difficult as unhealthy, cheap food is widely available and work consumes most of the day. Nutritional supplements allow users to gain the maximum benefit from their exercise routines or otherwise health-promoting efforts for decreased hassle and worry.

Originally based out of the United Kingdom, Amix Nutrition has spread throughout central Europe with a reputation for high quality, science-driven supplements and for being a leader in the continuing research of sports nutrition.

Designed for professional athletes, fitness competitors, and wellness enthusiasts alike, Amix Nutrition has several lines of products aimed at satisfying the various needs of different clients.

The GreenDay Series is ideal for complementing a healthy lifestyle by providing essential vitamins and nutrients, while the AmixPro Series is directed at athletes and exercisers with the specific goal of significant muscle growth.

Additionally, supplements easily combined with regular food or used as meal replacements are provided through the Mr. Popper’ Series, which offers products such as high protein pancakes and gluten free oat flakes.

How Does Amix Work?

Each Amix Nutrition product is intended to be consumed in a particular way for optimal results; some should be ingested daily, others only before exercise. Users must consult the directions included on each label to insure the products are being used properly.

Amix Nutrition Products

The GreenDay Series is focused on nutrient-rich products with more natural ingredients, ideally consumed by healthy people who are not necessarily looking for exercise-specific supplements. It includes a vegetarian protein powder and multiple vitamin supplements.

GreenDay Curcum-IN Rapid:

Widely recognized as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, curcumin is combined with green tea extract and green coffee bean extract for optimal digestion and absorption.

GreenDay Vegefit Protein:

Pea protein isolate provides a fully vegetarian source of protein with the addition of digestive enzymes and nutritional complex carbohydrates. It comes in both Peanut-Choco-Caramel and Double Chocolate flavors and can be consumed 2-3 times daily.

AmixPro Series is specifically formulated for athletes and serious bodybuilders who want to build and maintain lean body mass.

IsoHD 90 CFM Protein:

Essential amino acids complement this whey product to boost protein synthesis and build lean muscle. This protein powder also includes probiotics to nourish healthy gut flora and promote smooth digestion. Flavors include Double Dutch Chocolate, Double White Chocolate, Choco-Mocha-Coffee, and Milk Vanilla.

The Mr. Popper’s Series provides a line of supplements that can be used in regular food or as meal replacements. Products include Gluten Free Oat Flakes, RiceMash, and Protein Pancakes.

High Protein Pancakes:

Easily and quickly made by combining the mix with water and cooking on a griddle, these pancakes are full of whey protein to easily increase daily protein intake. Flavor options include both unsweetened and sweetened Natural, Chocolate-coconut, and Vanilla-yogurt.

MuscleCore Line offers products with more specific benefits, such as creatine for power and branched chain amino acids to protect muscles during exercise and increase endurance. These supplements help maintain lean body mass and improve overall performance.

BCAA with PepForm:

Containing Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine in the ideal 2:1:1 ratio, this supplement delivers the building blocks of protein straight to the muscles and regulates balanced hydration. One tablet should be consumed before, during, and after physical activity.

With two different nutritional bars, Amin Nutrition offers the Exclusive Protein Bar to increase daily protein intake and the Tri-Fit Muesli Bar as a healthy, convenient snack.

Amix Nutrition Pricing


With prices listed in European currency, the Amix Store lists each product at a different price point. For some idea of the range, the BCAA with PepForm is sold for €26.20, or about $31 USD, and the IsoHD CFM Protein for €44.60, approximately $53 USD.


With limited Amix Nutrition products, Zumub offers a range of prices. The fat burning gel, for example, is offered for $26.76, while one tub of BCAA Elite Rate is available for $30.65. Consumers will have to check whether their desired product is available through Zumub.

Should You Use Amix Nutrition?

Offering a line of scientifically supported products and research-driven production methods, Amix Nutrition products might be a useful addition to an existing exercise regimen or for those looking to begin a healthier lifestyle.

With different lines and a wide array of products, these supplements might help people from various fitness backgrounds and with differing goals. Interested consumers can find more information at:

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