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Nowadays the food industry is such that although products are being sold to higher prices farmers are not paid proportionally to the amount of work they produce. This unfair system profits the big multinational food distributors but contributes to keeping poor people poor. Thus, cocoa cultivators still live on below average wages even though products such as chocolate are massively sold on the western market.

This unfair system has been strongly criticized over the years as organizations have been created in order to promote fair trade. These associations work towards reforming the way the industry functions.

Fair trade differentiates itself from more common forms of commerce due to the fact that it is based on a close relationship between producers, traders, businesses and consumers. This system aims to promote an honest and just partnership between these four entities.

Fair trade supports a plethora of benefits for everyone involved as it provides people with fixed prices, and profits are used to improve producers quality of life by investing in healthcare or education. In addition, this system encourages eco-friendly businesses which is contributing to an increase in farmers adapting their production practices so that they conform to ecological standards.

Alter Eco Foods is a company selling sustainable foods which are produced and distributed following both environmental and socially just guidelines. The brand offers a wide range of whole, organic and tasteful products that respect both producers and consumers as the company thrives to not only produce healthy foods but also ensure an honest partnership with farmers around the world.

The Founders Of Alter Eco Foods And Their Mission

Alter Eco was founded by four businessmen who wanted to combine activism and entrepreneurialism together. Tristan Lecomte, Mathieu Senard, Ilse Keijzer and Edouard Rollet studied business in different countries but united through their desire of trading in a socially just manner. By founding Alter Eco, these men became pioneers in social entrepreneurialism and created an efficient way to pair economic justice with social activism.

Eco Foods has for mission to induce global transformation by entertaining ethical relationships with small-scale farmers as well as manufacturing their products using sustainable practices. With the intention of supporting a prosperous planet, the founders have developed a three-part procedure to produce sustainable foods.

Starting by being socially just through a direct relationship with farmers, cooperatives, and fair trade. Then ensuring organic and carbon neutral agricultural methods in order to create whole and minimally processed foods.

The products offered by the environmentally responsible company are not only of high quality but also healthy and organic. In addition, the company doesn’t limit itself to one type of food and provides consumers with a lot of options.

Alter Eco sells a variety of chocolate, quinoa, rice and truffles which are all submitted to multiple certifications. In fact, the brand’s claims are confirmed by ten organizations such as Fairtrade International, the USDA, and San Francisco Green Business.

Interactive And Transparent Business

One of Alter Eco Foods main principles is to be a transparent business that not only has a close partnership with their producers but also with their customers by maintaining a direct relationship with them. As it is not possible to go from door to door in order to meet every single person that purchases their products, the business’s CEOs put an interactive website in place.

This website gives people access to online orders but also to different pieces of information that promote the company’s transparency. In fact, on the website buyers can find a clear graphic of the brand’s producing methods as well as information about ingredients. In addition, if interested in getting more compelling facts on healthy foods and social progress, people have the possibility to sign up to an informative newsletter.

Furthermore, Alter Eco is very present on social media and uses that tool as a way to share nice pictures of delicious food but also as a mean to support their activism. The latter is achieved by sharing information about the countries of their producers and demonstrating how fair trade supports an improvement in their quality of life. The brand uses Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Alter Eco’s website gives in-depth information about how the company came to be and their founder's activities which include regularly visiting farmers on their fields. The site also presents a blog for foodies with articles about healthy foods, fair trade, and the environment.

It is also possible to find several recipes helping you use Alter Eco products in multiple ways. Demonstrating that healthy doesn’t have to be boring, the recipes provided by this site are easy to follow and fun to do.

Alter Eco Foods Review Summary

Alter Eco is a company providing customers with whole, healthy, organic and sustainable products. Promoting fair trade, this brand works closely with its producers and participates actively in social and environmental issues. Moreover, the business supports direct relationships with buyers and puts value in transparency by giving customers access to a lot of their data.

Producing wholesome, nutritious and savory foods such as their popular chocolates, Alter Eco is the ideal distributor for people who want to consume responsibly. Buying these products is not only providing you with food but also contributing to spread fair trade around the world. Thus, if you are interested in giving one of Alter Eco’s products a try, you can select and order it online on the company’s website.


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