Alta White – Safe & Effective At Home Teeth Whitening System?


There are many solutions available on the market today to reduce the effects of tooth discoloration. From laser whitening at the dentist office to new whitening clinics popping up in malls across America, tooth whitening is a fast growing industry as consumers across the country chase a celebrity smile.

Attending clinics for regular teeth whitening sessions, however, can become costly and time consuming, and continued use of whitening toothpastes can cause irreversible damage to the enamel coating of teeth. Alta White promises to streamline the process of whitening your teeth at home, while significantly reducing the cost and time involved.

Alta White gives users the opportunity to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home without the need for damaging abrasive pastes or potentially painful laser treatment, helping users keep their teeth vivid white while polishing and removing plaque. In this article we’ll take a close look at the Alta White teeth whitening system and provide an analysis of the active ingredients to help you decide whether Alta White is the right teeth whitening system for you.

Causes Of Tooth Discoloration

Many different commonplace practices in modern society can cause teeth to become discolored. The first and most common cause of discolored teeth is as a result of poor dental hygiene. If teeth aren’t regularly brushed, plaque builds up on the exterior of the tooth. These plaque deposits, when left long enough, become colonized by various different strains of chromogenic bacteria that can discolor the teeth brown, grey or even green.

Once a chromogenic bacteria colony has formed on teeth it can be extremely difficult to remove the ensuing discoloration, and teeth whitening becomes necessary.

Smoking tobacco and other tobacco products such as dip, or chewing tobacco, also causes teeth to become heavily discolored. Tar inhaled into the lung during smoking passes through the mouth, staining the teeth, and chewing tobacco causes tannins to build up in the mouth as well as causing the ph level of the mouth to become very acidic, a combination that results in brown teeth.

Many popular drinks cause strong tooth discoloration, such as tea, sports drinks or cola. The sugar in cola drinks causes excessive plaque buildup, and the tannins in tea cause discoloration in a manner similar to tobacco. The abrasive nature of coffee beans, when ground up to make a beverage, rubs away at the outer layer of the teeth and allows the color in the brew to seep into the inner layer of the tooth.

Tooth Discoloration Treatments

There are a wide variety of treatments for tooth discoloration available on the market today, varying in efficacy from good, to bad, to downright harmful for the teeth. The most common and most expensive method for removing discoloration and whitening the teeth is provided via professional dentistry.

Light accelerated bleaching, or laser tooth whitening, is a process provided by dentists that uses high energy pulses of laser light to bleach the teeth and remove plaque. This process, while extremely effective, is also expensive and usually requires multiple trips to the dentist to complete, as well as being extremely painful for individuals with sensitive teeth.

A popular solution for whitening discolored teeth is either brushing with sodium bicarbonate, or an abrasive toothpaste solution that provides the same effect. Sodium bicarbonate is a granular, abrasive substance that scrubs away the discoloration on the tooth by removing the exterior layers of enamel.

Whitening toothpaste solutions generally use a similarly abrasive substance in the toothpaste formula, such as alumina, silica, or calcium carbonate to deliver the same effect. Some toothpaste solutions even contain powerful enzymes that destroy the natural biofilm coating of the tooth, which provides a whitening effect but causes significant long term damage to the structure of the tooth.

If the outer layer of a tooth is too heavily abraded, the enamel layer can become completely worn through and reveal the dark dentin layer beneath, significantly exacerbating the original discoloration.

The safest and most effective method of removing tooth discoloration and whitening teeth at home without the need to visit the dentist office is by using a chemical bleaching agent. In home whitening systems vary in their method, but all work on the same principle.

The user applies either a paste or a liquid to the teeth that contains a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide to remove discoloration. At home teeth whitening systems that employ this method are the most recommended by dentists as they whiten the tooth without causing long term tooth damage.

The Alta White Method

The Alta White method consists of a tube of whitening solution and a carefully designed molded mouthguard the user places in the mouth to deliver the solution. When using the Alta White system, users place the mouthguard over their teeth and apply the whitening solution using the provided applicator.

The chemical used to provided the whitening effect of the Alta White system is a combination of two bleaching agents- Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide. Both of these chemicals are powerful bleaching agents and will noticeably whiten teeth in a very short amount of time, and a relatively non toxic as long as they are not ingested.

If peroxide chemicals are ingested a chemical reaction will occur with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and result in extremely large gas production that can result in fatal internal bloating and pulmonary irritation, or acute inhalation injury. Alta White, however, is safe to use if users follow the instructions and use the provided safety mouthguard.

Alta White Pricing and Availability

Alta White is offered on a free trial basis, and will send their teeth whitening product as a weekly trial for only the cost of shipping. Covered by a money back guarantee, Alta White are confident in the efficacy of their product.

It should be noted, however, that when taking advantage of the Alta White teeth whitening trial that users are entering into a monthly delivery subscription service that will result in Alta White sending a monthly supply of Alta White products to the user on a recurring basis, with a recurring bill.

While more expensive than whitening toothpastes, Alta White is an effective solution and although the monthly commitment of over $100 USD on a recurring basis, it works out cheaper than a monthly trip to the dentist, so if you are a habitual teeth whitener that frequently has laser whitening sessions it may work out more cost effective to use Alta White.

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