44 Secrets to Becoming a Real Alpha Male Program – Will It Work?


There are many self help guides available online today that are designed to help individuals seeking guidance get ahead in life. Building on a legacy that started with “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie in 1936, self help books have become a huge industry, with thousands of different topics available.

Very few self help books, however, provide real, practical advice for men seeking to exert more control and influence on the world around them. Publications or guides that do touch on this subject are often focused on giving advice on smaller aspects of influence and presence such how to get ahead in business, or pick up artistry books on how to talk to and engage women.

Success, whether in the personal, love or business life, is not limited to smaller aspects. Success and control is exhibited through larger character traits that can be summarized in terms of social order.

A man that meets all the attributes of a dominant male is defined as an alpha male, and until now there have been no comprehensive guides on how to achieve the state of alpha maleness for interested individuals. “The 44 Secrets of Becoming a Real Alpha Male” is a comprehensive self-help guide that provides a full spectrum of information on how to reshape yourself into a dominant, alpha male.

What is an Alpha Male?

The term “Alpha Male” originates in animal psychology, used to describe the dominant male in a particular group, such as a lion or gorilla. In recent years, popular psychology has begun to transfer meaning of this term to describe a leader male personality type. Pack-builders, natural leaders, providers and protectors, the alpha male mindset is synonymous with success in all aspects of life.

Alpha males are described as confident and competitive, possess strong body language and presence, position themselves at the center of any group activity, have an outgoing personality and strong charisma, take chances, maintain strong eye contact, are calm under pressure, strong, and know how to dress for success.

The 44 Secrets to Becoming a Real Alpha Male provides a step-by-step instructional guide on how to harness and release your inner alpha male through a series of easy to understand and apply methods that works for any man. This comprehensive program is designed to take a beta male, or a submissive, panicky, nervous victim-mindset man and transform them into a powerful and charismatic leader of men.

44 Secrets to Becoming a Real Alpha Male Program

The 44 Secrets to Becoming a Real Alpha Male is a comprehensive training course available from Alpha Secrets TV, and is currently unavailable to non-members. A small preview available on the website, however, provides insight into the training program and how it can effectively transform any man into a powerful alpha male. The seven step basic instruction guide provides the following steps as an introductory methodology.

The first step in the 7 step basic alpha free training program explains the rarity of alpha males and how they are a rare resource for attractive women. The second video in the 7 step program is focused on the difference between an alpha male lover and a beta male provider, delineating the difference women ascribe between sexually attractive alpha men and beta men that are used only as a resource provider.

Lesson three explains the truth behind the “Mangina” and why “White Knights” attempt to rescue women from trouble, while lesson four focuses on why society emasculates and feminizes modern men. The 7 step introductory program goes on to explain in lesson five the importance of engaging in “Staredowns” with insecure beta males, while training video number six provides advice on picking the right friends.

44 Secrets to Becoming a Real Alpha Male Program Step free training video program also includes a final video- a seventh on finding your life purpose as a man. These seven introductory lesson provide a good insight into the curriculum of the program and how it can help you become a dominant and powerful alpha male.

44 Secrets to Becoming a Real Alpha Male Program Verdict

While the specifics of the course are unavailable as the course itself is soon to be released, interested individuals are able to sign up to a mailing list that will notify them as soon as the course becomes available. The 44 Secrets to Becoming a Real Alpha Male pulls no punches when it comes to the importance of male masculinity, providing a strong and effective method of transitioning into an alpha male.

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