AllMax Hexapro Protein – Ultra Premium Bioavailable Whey Powder?


Allmax Hexapro has been in the supplement world for years, providing the best quality and best tasting protein shakes on the market. With a blend of 6 high quality proteins to ensure optimal absorption, along with a great taste, Hexapro is ultimately the highest quality protein meal replacement your money can buy.

What Is the Purpose of Having 6 Excellent Sources of Protein?

Having only 1 source of protein means your body will not metabolize all the protein in the shake, and most can be carried away in your urine. With a mix of different proteins and protein sources, your body will metabolize and use more protein, resulting in better results.

These time release proteins in Hexapro are optimally used to give your body a steady source of protein to help repair your muscles after strenuous workout, and increase muscle size. Having this level of protein being used by your body will ensure you are maintaining your fitness goals.

Hexapro guarantees 25g of absorbed protein per shake.


The 6 Proteins Allmax Hexapro Promises to Deliver Are:

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate – Is considered by most to be the best proteins as it provides a rapid surge of amino acids to the body. This increases recovery and protein absorption
  2. Milk Protein Concentrate – The combination of Casein and Whey in their original 80%-20% ratio found in milk offers a complete blend of essential, branched, and non-essential amino, providing a sustained protein delivery
  3. Whey protein Isolate – This is the fastest absorbing protein, considered the best in protein supplementation.
  4. Micellar Casein – Offering the slowest absorption rate, it provides amino acids for up to 7 hours, ensuring you don’t have muscle breakdown due to a lack of amino acids.
  5. Egg Protein Isolate – Made from egg whites, this offers a medium rate digestion and assimilation
  6. Milk Protein Isolate – Through microfiltration, this protein offers a high concentration of protein while removing fat and lactose.

These 6 highly bioavailable proteins are carefully blended to ensure a mix of fast, medium, and slow release proteins. When combined, the release and absorption of the protein is sustained over a longer period.

This unique blend is what sets Hexapro apart from other protein shakes. In addition, Hexapro contains enzymes, medium chain triglycerides, and prebiotic mixes to ensure the absolute best digestion and absorption.

Tired of Having to Dig Into the Bottom of Your Protein to Retrieve Your Scoop?

Allmax Hexapro has thought of everything, including abolishing the messy dig for your protein scoop. The scoop-lock was ergonomically designed to give you a place to lock your scoop into place, at the top of your Hexapro so you’ll never have to dig for it again.

Hexapro can be taken anytime, because as we know, fitness competitors, athletes, and bodybuilders thrive on frequent feeding. However, that does not mean feeding your body just anything. Snacking can help or hinder your results if you are not putting in exactly what your body needs to maintain your level of fitness. Now these snack times can be conveniently added to your diet, without the guilt of reaching for something that can undo your results.


Protein shakes often claim to be the next best thing to a milkshake, in both taste and consistency, but let’s face it, they are often gritty and medicine-like. Hexapro guarantees you’ll love both the taste and the consistency of their shakes which makes them a satisfying snack for everyone. Their rich, thick, milkshake tasting blends will keep you satisfied, and the variety will keep you from getting bored.

Hexapro offers 7 flavors, including Chocolate, Cookies and cream, Strawberry, French vanilla, Chocolate peanut butter, Cinnamon bun, and Bubblegum ice cream.

Along with the blend of 6 proteins, delicious flavors, rich texture, and 8 hour sustained release; Hexapro is produced in a GMP registered facility, is gluten free, and is certified Kosher. Hexapro is 100% free of artificial colors and dyes. Hexapro products all go through 5-stage quality testing, which leaves consumers with a complete guarantee.

Hexapro can be purchased online, the website will direct you to your most convenient retailer in relation to which country you reside.

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