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All Day Chemist Review

Online drugstores are all over the Internet now, and the number of people that rely on these online drugstores continues to increase. The convenience and pricing options available at online retail stores appeals to most consumers, which is why retail drugstores are also hurting.

All Day Chemist is one of the most well-known drug stores, with a decade of experience in the online drugs market. Unfortunately, the company still does not accept major credit cards, which limits the number of customers they can serve. There seem to be no plans to offer credit cards either, which is a major downside.

As of right now, the company has over 1500 items in stock. Standard delivery time is 5-15 days. If product is not received in that time period, the company will send the product again free of charge, or return the full amount to you. All delivery costs $25 shipping to customers regardless of the number of products purchased by the customer.

About the Company

All Day Chemist was launched in 2002, and it has served tens of thousands of customers since the day it opened. From our examination, it appears like All Day Chemist is completely legitimate.

We managed to find several customer reviews of the site, and most customers found the site to be reliable and legitimate. Most customers indicated they would recommend All Day Chemist to their friends and that they would purchase from the website again.

There are really only two common complaints about the website. Some users complained that the customer care department needs improvement. They felt the support staff were unhelpful, lacked professionalism, and were overall not very satisfied. The only other complaint was for spam emails.

Pricing & Payment Methods

We found that All Day Chemist had reasonable pricing compared to other drug stores. Generic Viagra, one of the most popular sellers was priced like this:

— Minimum order – 10 pills (+ 10 free) = $1.85 per pill including shipping
— Maximum order – 264 pills (+ 264 free) = $1.07 per pill

These are pretty reasonable prices given how expensive real Viagra can be at your local drugstore (sometimes up to $5 per pill). Plus, generic Viagra works just as effectively as the real thing too.

So how can you purchase products from All Day Chemist?

The company only accepts eCheck, wire transfers, and money order. Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are not accepted at the moment, nor does it appear like they will be any time soon. If you are unsure how to pay, you may want to contact their customer support to learn more about payment options.

Discounts and Special Offers

ADC often offers special discounts, coupons, and vouches to loyal customers who have purchased items from the site on a regular basis. Many customers have found these discounts to be better than average online drugstores, and overall the sentiment towards the discount program at ADC is positive.

In addition, ADC offers a $15 discount if you place an order greater than $100. This looks like an ongoing promotion that does not expire.

Overall Thoughts is certainly one of the better online drugstores. Pricing is reasonable, delivery tends to be on time, and the selection of drugs available is excellent. With that said, they still have room for improvement. Customer service could improve, and email campaigns should be set up properly so people do not feel like they are being spammed.

However, other than those minor issues, ADC seems like an excellent online drugstore. There have been no complaints or fraud or any major issues, so we give ADC our official stamp of approval as an online drugstore.

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Supplement Police
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  1. Who in the world wrote this review??

    I began ordering from this company when it was brand new but prices went up so much that I moved to another pharmacy. Recently I ordered from them again and WOW, what a difference from the old days! Customer service is completely unconcerned with your problem, are impossible to understand, and may as well play a recording that says, “We don’t care about you once we have your money”. If you’re sick of holding without a response and try the online chat, it is obvious that the rep is also helping numerous other people (you just wait and wait, seeing “I’ll be with you shortly” every five or so minutes, but no one ever helps you.) Don’t bother emailing either — you’ll just get a canned response that has nothing whatsoever to do with what you called about. I emailed about the fact that my account states “no orders” and got a canned email back about “How To Log In”. It’s been three and a half weeks and I can’t get an answer on where my order is or when it will arrive. After Googling “All Day Chemist Complaints”, I am shocked at the level of fraudulent charges people report after dealing with this company. My confidence level in All Day Chemist Pharmacy is absolutely ZERO at this point.

  2. You may want to update this… I have found a TON of complaints about All Day Chemist online and am about to leave my own bad feedback.

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