Alana Athletica – Heat-Activated Yoga Pants Active Wear Benefits?


Active wear has become the new go-to outfit choice for comfortable everyday wear. While the unique material characteristics of activewear makes it ideal for sports, working out, yoga, and outdoor activities, the durable and comfortable nature it offers also makes it great for running errands, hiking, walking, or even hanging out around the house.

Most of the activewear solutions aimed at women, however, are extremely expensive. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find a high-quality, well made, and comfortable set of activewear leggings at a reasonable price. Many of the most popular activewear options available on the market today also practice unethical manufacturing techniques that take advantage of women in the developing world, making then a less than conscious clothing choice.

A new women’s activewear brand, however, is aiming to provide support for and empower women around the world. The Alana Athletica brand is offering a method through which activewear enthusiasts can support women abuse survivors through ethical fashion. The Alana Athletica brand, which is currently being launched via a crowdfunding campaign on popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter, is a yoga-inspired range of activewear clothing made by women, for women.

The Alana Athletica Kickstarter has been met with a huge amount of positive reception online, and has already exceeded the original $30,000 USD crowdfunding goal within several days of beginning the month-long campaign. Picked up by leading online news sources, including Buzzfeed, GadgetFlow, and Unite4Good, the Alana Athletica brand is one of the first completely ethical, body-positive women’s activewear brands.

The Alana Athletica brand is an extremely inclusive activewear selection that is intended to provide custom-made comfort at an extremely affordable price for all body types. The brand utilizes responsible, ethical manufacturing techniques to offer some of the most advanced activewear yoga pants in the world, with a number of unique design elements that can’t be found anywhere else.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Alana Athletica range and find out what they’re doing to catalyze change for good in the world, as well as check out their range of activewear to help you decide whether the Alana Athletica crowdfunding campaign is worth backing.

What Is Alana Athletica?

The Alana Athletica brand is one of the first activewear clothing providers to be made by women, for women, with the intent of actioning positive change in the world of women’s empowerment. Intending to create a global community of people connected by a positive, empowering philosophy, the Alana Athletica brand is founded on the principles of positive action and confidence.

Unlike activewear companies that create products in harmful factory environments in the developing world. The Alana Athletica brand uses a network of sustainable, ethical manufacturing bases that empower women abuse survivors. The Alana Athletica Flexi Yoga Pant solution offers a diverse range of features and creates a comfortable, flattering fit no matter what time of day or context they are worn in.

The Alana Athletica brand is the brainchild of Cheynelle Mendis, an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and mother that has leveraged years of experience at Victoria’s Secret to create the ideal women’s clothing solution. Aiming to provide an alternative to male-dominated athletic wear solutions, Mendis set out to create her own athletic wear brand that incorporated women’s ideas, values, and priorities.

After a long research and development stage in which Mendis experimented with many different prototypes, fabrics, fits, and production techniques, the final Alana Flexi Yoga Pant concept was born. The Alana Flexi Yoga Pant caters to every basic need that is commonly overlooked by most major athletic wear brand, and delivers premium quality and an affordable price.

The Alana Athletica Difference

The major difference between the Alana Athletica brand and other activewear providers is their unwavering support of Emerge Global, a non-profit organization based out of Sri Lanka that provides women’s abuse survivors with education, resources, income opportunities, and support networks. The Alana Athletica brand has partnered with Emerge Global to support various education outreach programs and create meaningful connections between women all around the world.

The Alana Flexi Yoga Pant

The Alana Flexi Yoga Pant is the primary offering of the Alana Athletica Kickstarter campaign, and offers a number of design elements that make it one of the most well-designed women’s yoga pants ever created.

The fabric of the Alana Flexi Yoga Pant solution is created from non-pilling, non-sheer fabric that doesn’t create those tiny balls of fabric that appear on most yoga pants over time. This pulling effect causes the fabric to thin in high-friction areas over time, which creates a dirty, unkempt appearance. The high-performance fabric used in the Alana Flexi Yoga Pant is light and flexible while sturdy, long lasting, and comforting.

The multi-way stretch ability of the Alana Flexi Yoga Pant has been designed from the ground up to ensure maximum mobility and flexibility. The poly/spandex blend of the Alana Flexi Yoga Pant returns quickly to its original shape after flexing, but can be stretched easily and comfortably over any body shape.

One of the most unique features of the Alana Athletica Alana Flexi Yoga Pants is the inclusion of all-over moisture wicking in the design, which includes an antibacterial gusset that uses non-toxic silver ions to create an impenetrable odor-eliminating barrier. The moisture wicking ability of the Alana Flexi Yoga Pants quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture, making it easy to go from yoga or the gym directly to class or grocery shopping.

Lastly, the Alana Flexi Yoga Pants include an interesting and innovative heat-activated graphic that appears as the body temperature of the wearer rises, which helps users to know when their workout is working.

Alana Athletica Review Summary

The Alana Flexi Yoga Pants by Alana Athletica are the only completely women-designed yoga pant solution available on the market, and incorporate many different design features that are simple and effective, yet commonly overlooked in most activewear brands.

Acting to support women in need around the world, the Alana Athletica brand is extremely ethical and conscious. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of everyday activewear yoga pants, the Alana Flexi Yoga Pant Kickstarter campaign is worth backing.

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