Al Sears MD Confidential Cures – Himalayan Secret Cures Cancer?


Confidential Cures is a newsletter produced by Al Sears MD, a Florida-based doctor well-known for his lineup of nutritional supplements. Find out if Confidential Cures is worth the price today in our review.

What is Confidential Cures?

Confidential Cures is an email newsletter priced at $39 per year. The newsletter is currently being marketed online through, where you can sign up for the newsletter and receive three bonus reports from Al Sears.

As you may have guessed from the name, Confidential Cures discusses some of the most effective “alternative” cures for various conditions. Instead of relying on expensive and dangerous prescription drugs, Al Sears claims you can heal your body using the power of nutritional supplements.

Dr. Sears frequently says that the FDA and “Big Pharma” don’t want him to announce these cures onto the internet. After all, the cures he is selling are more effective than prescription drugs (according to him).

If you believe in alternative medicine, Big Pharma conspiracies, and the power of natural cures over prescription drugs, then you’ll appreciate the lessons included in Confidential Cures.

What Will You Learn from Confidential Cures?

One of the reports bundled with Confidential Cures discusses how Al Sears MD has discovered a cure for cancer. He says the cure is a rare Tibetan mushroom that makes the people in the region – including Sherpas – “cancer free”. He claims that 25% of Americans die of cancer. Among Sherpas, the cancer rate is just 10%.

That report is titled “The Himalayan Mushroom that Kills Cancer”. Al Sears MD makes bold promises about the effectiveness of the mushroom, citing a small number of studies along the way. He says things like, “Makes Chemotherapy More Effective”, and calls it a “Cure All from 11,000 Feet”.

He even guilts you by saying things like, “Isn’t this what your loved ones should be taking?” and “When you’re battling cancer, you’ve got to hit it hard with everything you’ve got.”

Once you actually learn about the mushroom, you learn that it’s called Yartsa Gunbu. That mushroom is rich with a compound called cordycepin. Cordycepin is a proven immune system booster. Yes, there’s some evidence that cordycepin – and other immune system boosters – reduce your risk of cancer.

Other studies, however, just call it “The Viagra of the Himalayas”. NPR, for example, described it as an aphrodisiac that’s used as a status symbol in China. They also described how it’s ridiculously expensive:

“The price doesn’t compare to other fungi; the price compares to things like gold and platinum and diamonds.”

Of course, other people believe that Sherpas have low rates of cancer because they live in high-altitude, oxygen-starved environments.

In any case, Al Sears claims that this mushroom will “cure all 213 types of cancer” with “zero dangerous side effects”. It’s “the secret cancer cure of the wealthy 1%”.

Whether you want to learn about breakthrough cancer cures or you’re just interested in improving your overall health, Confidential Cures promises to be one of the best health newsletters available today.

What’s Included with Confidential Cures?

Your subscription to Confidential Cures includes the Tibetan cancer cure we mentioned above. You also get two other bonus reports and 12 issues of Confidential Cures per year:

-12 Issues of Confidential Cures: Confidential Cures is a monthly email newsletter. Your purchase price gives you one issue a month, for a total of 12 issues per year. Some of the things you’ll learn every month include a “diabetes cure from the Andes”, “9 ways to stop Big Pharma from lobotomizing you”, and “the amino acid that restores your natural sleep trigger’.

-Report 1: The Himalayan Mushroom that Kills Cancer: Talks about Yartsa Gunbu, the Tibetan mushroom that boosts your immune system and may reduce your risk of cancer. The fungus is also known as Ophiocordyceps sinensis and has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, where it’s used as an aphrodisiac. It’s also used to treat cancer, although there’s no major scientific evidence that it works as advertised.

-Report 2: The 8th Element – Nature’s Universal Cancer Killer: Al Sears claims that the FDA and “Big Pharma” are doing “everything in their power to make sure you never hear about it.” Al Sears MD claims he’s putting his life at risk just by telling you about this cure for cancer. The 8th element comes in the form of a pill and, according to Al Sears MD, will cure your cancer more effectively than most prescription drugs.

-Report 3: Asia’s Wonder Spice, The $1 Cure for Every Disease…Without Side Effects: Al Sears MD discusses how one unique spice can significantly reduce your risk for any disease. That spice is turmeric, which has shown considerable disease-fighting properties.

Confidential Cures Pricing

-Annual Subscription: $39 USD

Please note that all information is delivered by email. There are no physical copies delivered to your address.

At the end of your year, your credit card will be automatically subscribed for another annual subscription. You can call (866) 792-1035 or email [email protected] at any time to cancel.

Who is Al Sears MD?

Al Sears MD is a board-certified clinical nutritionist, strength coach, fitness trainer, and medical doctor. He’s one of America’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians. He currently runs an anti-aging clinic in Florida. However, he’s better-known for, his website where he sells a wide variety of nutritional supplements.

Dr. Sears’ website describes him as “America’s #1 anti-aging pioneer”. Many of his medical recommendations fall under the “alternative medicine” category.

Throughout Confidential Cures, you’ll learn about various natural cures you can use to improve your health. Conveniently enough, Al Sears MD sells many of those cures through his website. Essentially, Confidential Cures is an advertisement for the Al Sears MD nutritional supplement story (although not all of the cures listed are sold through

Should You Sign Up for Confidential Cures?

If you don’t trust pharmacies, doctors, prescription drugs, and western scientific testing, then you will appreciate what Al Sears MD is saying. Throughout his newsletter, he’ll share with you “cures” for cancer, diabetes, and other devastating conditions.

Al Sears MD claims that he’s risking his life to share this information with you. He claims Big Pharma and the FDA are conspiring to keep cancer cures from the market. After all, prescription cancer drugs are an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

It’s a good story – but there isn’t much scientific evidence backing it up. Nevertheless, if you want to learn about alternative medicine practices and nutritional supplements, then Al Sears MD’s reports may appeal to you.


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