Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable – Smart Pain Relief For Cramps?


Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable is a device that helps to alleviate the pain of cramps during a woman’s “monthly visit.” Unfortunately, the product has not yet been released to the public, but interested consumers can secure their own purchase with a donation to Kickstarter, a crowd-funding website.

What Is The Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable?

As a woman, from puberty until menopause, there’s one thing that can’t be avoided – a menstrual cycle. This cycle is repeated monthly, causing a variety of other changes in the body. Along with the need to stock up on feminine products, women also need to consider pain management to subdue the cramps. While there are many medicines that help with the pain from within, the Aika Black-T gives you fast relief from the surface.

The Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable is inconspicuous, comfortable, and can be worn anywhere to eliminate pain. The remedy is meant to help consumers deal with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which are both associated with the pain of the muscles in the pelvis. With the heated wearable, there’s no need to take pain killers or hormones to control the discomfort, which means that you can just rely the natural impact of heat on inflammation.

There are plenty of remedies on the market to help with the uterine pain, but they all come with some type of side effect that isn’t worth the risk.

With high-intensity drugs, there’s the risk of becoming dependent on the drugs when you build a tolerance. Other heating pads put you at risk for burning. Even TENS Therapy puts skin at risk for mild irritation. With the Aika Black-T, there are no risks or side effects – only comfort.

How Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable Works

The reason that the Aika wearable treatment has such a significant impact on the intensity of menstrual cramps is due to the even delivery of heat to the abdomen with infrared technology. The technology helps to distribute the heat evenly, rather than just targeting a certain spot of the lower abdomen.

Heat therapy has been used for years in sports and athletic injuries, since it helps to reduce inflammation in the muscles. The uterus is made up of various muscles, which contract to eliminate the uterine lining, making way for a fresh layer, preparing the body for the next month.

If you’ve been through health class, you understand the process of menstrual cycles, so heating pads probably aren’t a stranger to the relief of pain. However, heating pads lose their effectiveness over the time that they are worn, and it’s difficult to stay mobile during this time.

With the Aika Black-T, it can be secured on the abdomen to deliver constant heat to your aching uterus. It even features a black lace design, which helps to make it look like just a regular part of the ensemble that you already are wearing.

Using The Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable

The best part about the Aika Black-T wearable is how simple it is to use. Within ten seconds, the device is heated and ready to help with the tenseness of cramps. All you need to do is to insert the controller and synchronize it with the app on your smartphone.

The wearable can be placed over clothing, but the best delivery of heat will come from direct contact with the skin. With cotton lining, there won’t be the burning that Icy Hot or other solutions create. Instead, the wearable heating pad delivers soothing comfort, making any consumer feel like they are warming their abdomen with a cozy blanket.

However, if temperature becomes too hot, or is lacking in sufficient heat, it can be adjusted with the included controller or the downloadable app.

Since there’s no medication or other controlled substances involved, you can wear it for as long as you need to for the ultimate comfort. There are two sizes to choose from, making it easy to fit the circumference of the hips.

Pricing For Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable

The total cost of the Aika Black-T will depend on the package selected. The device is not yet available for direct purchase, but both Kickstarter and Indiegogo gives consumers the chance to pre-order it.

The retail price is $159 for a single wearable, but the pre-order pricing gives consumers the chance to save some money. Choose from:

  • One wearable, starting at $89 for early birds
  • Two wearables, starting at $179
  • Five wearables, starting at $439

The shipments are due to start shipping in June 2017, but there is no available date for the full release of the wearable.

Contacting The Creators Of The Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable

There are plenty of remedies on the market that can soothe menstrual pains for consumers, so it’s important to have all the facts about the Aika Black-T before making a purchase. The customer service team isn’t available via phone call or email, but there’s a form online that can be used to submit an inquiry.

Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable Review Summary

The Aika Black-T Menstrual Wearable is meant for anyone that wants to get lasting comfort during this repeated discomfort each month. There’s no real upkeep to perform, other than surface cleaning if it becomes dirty. When you treat the pain with heat, instead of medication, your body can gently eliminate the inflammation and irritation that is usually the cause of continued pain.

Even though the female body must go through the natural cleansing process of a menstrual cycle each month, the Aika Black-T ensures that you don’t have to deal with the pain of it.

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