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Agel Review

Agel Enterprises, LLC is a multilevel marketing company that sells a diverse range of nutritional supplements and beauty products. Here’s our Agel review.

What is Agel?

Agel is a multilevel marketing company based in Provo, Utah. The company reported $37 million of revenue in 2013 and employs 130 people. Today, the company’s primary products include nutritional supplements (like its “gelceuticals” and suspension gel technology) as well as new products like a caviar-based stem cell beauty cream called Caspi.

The company was founded in 2005 and experienced enormous growth in its first few years. In the company’s first year, it reported $9 million in revenue. By 2007, it had it $89 million. And in 2009, it reached a peak of $175 million in revenue. However, the only source for these enormous revenue figures is Wikipedia, which cites the homepage of This makes it difficult to assess the veracity of these claims.

Nevertheless, Agel continues to be a strong MLM to this day. The company is led by Glen Jensen, who formerly worked with Nu Skin Enterprises and served as a member of the CEO Council of the World Federation of Direct Selling Association.

Agel Compensation Structure

Agel uses a two-leg MLM commission structure. In this system, associates’ sales forces are broken down into two legs: a stronger leg and a weaker leg. You receive 10% commission from the weaker leg of your recruited sales force.

Agel Products

Agel separates its products into five different categories, including Gelceuticals, Gel Strips, Gel Care, Topical Gels, and Value Packs. Here’s a brief overview of all of the products across these categories.

Why are gels so popular with Agel? First, the word “gel” is in the name. Second, the company claims that gel is the way Mother Nature intended you to get your nutrients:

“Imagine you were able to perfectly blend up a handful of berries. What would you get? Not a pill. Not a juice either…You would get a gel.”

That’s the idea behind Agel’s wide range of nutritional supplements that come in the form of a gel.


The Gelceuticals category is what you get when you combine nutrients and pharmaceuticals into a gel-based form. Key products in this category include:

— ABC Children’s Essentials (multivitamin for kids)

— BRN (Helps your body burn fat)

— GSH (Raises levels of a nutrient called glutathione that “resides in every cell in your body” according to Agel)

— SEE (Supports eye health and healthy eye functioning)

— PRO (Contains life-sustaining nutrients in multivitamin form)

— Omega 3 (For a “healthy heart and mind”

— VLT (Boosts your energy using guarana syrup and caffeine)

— OHM (Increases mental energy using ingredients like vitamin C and B vitamins)

— FIT (Fit helps you “eat less, move more, and lose weight”)

— UMI (Improve your immune system)

— MIN (Another multivitamin)

— EXO (Floods your body with antioxidants and anthocyanins in order to “lose free radicals and gain better health)

— HRT (Fuel and protect your heart)

— FLX (Contains four supplements in-one to give you healthy joints)

— GLO (Promises to provide beauty from the inside out using grape seed oil, green tea seed oil extract, and aloe vera)

— GRN (Claims to cleanse, detoxify, and support your digestive system using ingredients like Chlorella vulgaris, wheat grass, spinach, and broccoli)

Gel Strips

The Gel Strips category contains just one product called REM. Gel Strips claim to be the most stable and durable form of a supplement. All strips are manufactured to contain a precise amount of the desired ingredient and dissolve rapidly without the need for water or swallowing pills. You place one to two strips on your tongue to achieve the desired effects.

The REM Gel Strips can be placed on your tongue to help you quickly absorb melatonin, which is a hormone your body uses to signal your body to fall asleep. By placing one to two gel strips on your tongue one hour before you want to go to sleep, you can ensure your body gets a healthy and natural sleep.

Gel Care

The Gel Care category contains beauty-enhancing gels and skin care products, including anti-aging gels and moisturizers. Products in this category include:

— Cleansing Gel (Eliminates impurities)

— Revitalizing Gel Scrub (Exfoliates and purifies your skin)

— Refreshing Misting Gel (Tones and balances your skin)

— Intensive Gel Serum (Gives your skin a healthy glow)

— Daily Moisturizing Gel (Reduces free radical damage by raising antioxidant levels in the body)

— Age-defying Eye Gel (Brightens and soothes your skin)

— Nourishing night gel (Enhances cell renewal while you sleep)

Topical Gels

The Topical Gels category includes a single product called FLXRUB. That product is a cream that claims to penetrate your skin in order to relieve minor pain and stiffness. It penetrates “deep into sore muscles and joint tissue”.

Key ingredients in FLXRUB include Polysorbate 20, glycerin, and safflower seed oil. Interestingly enough, the supplement also contains purified water (it’s the number one ingredient) and caffeine.

You rub FLXRUB on your skin to achieve the desired effects.

Value Packs

Agel has five value packs that combine multiple supplements together in order to save you money. Those packs include the following:

— Renew Pack: Includes Ageless and GLO
— Trim Pack: Includes FIT and GRN
— Vitality Pack: Includes UMI, EXO, and MIN
— Trim Pack Plus: Includes PRO, GRN, and FIT
— Ultimate Packs: PRO, FIT, GRN, and VLT

Agel Caspi

Agel recently introduced a three part beauty regimen known as Caspi. In a September 2015 announcement on Caspi, vice chairman John Rochon Jr. said that “I believe this is the most important and most dramatic skin care advance of the past 50 years.”

Rochon Jr. went on to say that Caspi is “unlike anything the beauty market has ever seen. Caspi’s exclusive formula literally takes skin care back to the very basis and core of young, healthy skin. The egg is the ultimate source of youth, purity and life. Using caviar stem cell extract for skin care is a unique innovation.”

Caspi’s three part system includes all of the following:

— Caviar Cleanser: Gently removes surface impurities while hydrating the skin.

— Gold-Infused Anti-Aging Serum: This unique skin cream is applied with a roller ball along the creases of wrinkles in order to diffuse light through thousands of microscopic beads coated in 24 karat gold. This reportedly softens the shadows that cause visible wrinkles and “restore a soft, youthful glow to the skin.”

— Creamy Caviar Moisturizer: This moisturizer is made from caviar stem cell extract and promises to stimulate freshly growing cells in your skin to organize into “firmer, younger feeling and younger looking skin.” In addition to caviar stem cells, the supplement uses botanical extracts as well as botanical fragrances.

How to Buy Agel Products

To purchase Agel products, you’ll need to know an Agel salesperson in your area. As a direct selling company, Agel sells all its products through its independent salespeople.

You can buy Agel products online. However, you’ll need to enter a sponsor ID into this form here:

Once you’ve done that, you’re free to purchase Agel products. All of your sales will give a commission to the salesperson whose sponsor ID you used.

About Agel

Agel’s official name is Agel Enterprises. It’s a company within CSVL Inc., which is a publically-traded company on the NYSE (ticker symbol is CVSL). Other CVSL companies include The Longaberger Company, Your Inspiration At Home, and Tomboy Tools.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Agel Enterprises, LLC is based at the following address:

Agel Enterprises, LLC
786 W 1200 N Ste 1
Springville, UT 84663

You can contact the company at (801) 407-5200 or by emailing [email protected].

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