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Eat Clean Daily Review

Eat Clean Daily is a recipe and meal plan website that promises to send you tasty meals every day to achieve various health goals. Here’s our Eat Clean Daily review.

What is Eat Clean Daily?

Eat Clean Daily, found at, is an online meal planning website that will send you fresh meals regularly to help you achieve various health goals.

The website is based in South Florida and overnight shipping is available for customers throughout South Florida. Eat Clean Daily also ships across the United States, in which case your meals are shipped by USPS Priority Express and arrive within 24 to 48 hours.

A number of different weekly plans are available, including bulk packages where you order 300, 100, or 60 meals at a time (the meals are spaced out regularly and shipped separately).

You can also choose weekly plans where you receive 2, 3, or 4 meals every day. Nationwide customers will receive 10 to 15 meals with each shipment, and you can space those meals out however you like.

Some customers will “load up” their account with 300 meal credits and then order 4 healthy meals a day for a week, for example, while they’re trying to get healthy. Then, they can pause their account at any time.

Types of Meals Available through Eat Clean Daily

Different types of meal plans are available for all different diets, including Traditional, Paleo, Athlete, and Vegetarian diets. Some meal plans are specially designed for weight loss, while others are designed to help you build lean muscle mass and complement an active workout routine.

The paleo diet features lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables as well as healthy fats, for example. The vegetarian diet includes, well, vegetarian options.

Eat Clean Daily doesn’t publish full menu information at its official website. However, the company does maintain an active Instagram account where they frequently post pictures of their meals prior to being shipped.

All meals are shipped in black plastic containers. Some of the recently-posted meals on Eat Clean Daily’s Instagram account include:

— Wild caught Mahi Mahi with pineapple Yukon mashed potatoes and asparagus

— Cilantro filet mignon steak with plantain mash and fresh asparagus

— Turkey stuffed peppers, carrot sticks and spinach

— Whole wheat French toast prepared with a fresh berry mix and organic agave nectar

— Lemon dill aioli salmon patties with sweet potato wedges and asparagus

— Spinach and almond stuffed chicken breast with fresh broccoli

— Turkey breast with cranberry-pineapple chutney and brown rice with purple cabbage and spinach

Reviews indicate the meals are varied, healthy, and cover all four main food groups.

How Much Does Eat Clean Daily Cost?

Eat Clean Daily is available at a number of different membership levels. Those membership levels vary considerably whether you’re in South Florida or nationwide. South Florida customers enjoy overnight shipping every Monday and Wednesday (meals arrive fresh between 2am and 6am). Nationwide customers receive their meals within 24 to 48 hours in fresh-sealed bags.

South Florida Customers

— 2 Meals Per Day (Weekly Plan): $87.50 per week
— 3 Meals Per Day (Weekly Plan): $120.00 per week
— 4 Meals Per Day (Weekly Plan): $159 per week
— 60 Meal Plan (Flexible – Choose your meals anytime): $465
— 100 Meal Plan (Flexible – Chose your meals anytime): $750
— 300 Meal Plan (Flexible – Choose your meals anytime): $2100

Ultimately, South Florida customers will pay between $7 and $8.75 per meal depending on how many meals they’re ordering at a particular time.

Nationwide Customers

Nationwide customers do not have access to the 60, 100, or 300 meal flexible plans. Instead, they can only order meals in sets of 10 or 15. After ordering these meals, they’ll immediately be shipped to your door and expected to arrive within 24 to 48 hours. Plans include all of the following:

— Nationwide 10 Meals (Traditional): $144 per week
— Nationwide 10 Meals (Paleo): $144 per week
— Nationwide 10 Meals (Vegetarian): $144 per week
— Nationwide 10 Meals (Athlete): $170 per week
— Nationwide 15 Meals (Traditional): $184 per week
— Nationwide 15 Meals (Paleo): $184 per week
— Nationwide 15 Meals (Vegetarian): $184 per week
— Nationwide 15 Meals (Athlete): $215 per week

On all plans, you’ll need to order a minimum of 10 meals per week. There are no contracts and you can cancel or pause your account at any time.

About Eat Clean, LLC

Eat Clean Daily is made by a company named Eat Clean, LLC. That company is based in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

You can contact Eat Clean, LLC by visiting or by calling 1-815-216-5744.

The company also lists a separate phone number for sales: (800) 305-4758. You can call that number anytime from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm EST.

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