Affordable Dentures – Healthy Oral Implants & Tooth Extraction?


Dentures have been around for centuries and have taken on many forms from numerous materials. Technology for teeth replacement and dentures has greatly improved, especially over the past decade. Affordable Dentures claims they have been able to keep up with progress and keep the cost at a reasonable level. They claim to have figured out how to craft their solutions for maximum comfort as well. If dentures are not well made, they can cause sores from too much rubbing and all kinds of discomfort.

Affordable Dentures is a privately owned company that focuses on dentures, tooth extraction, tooth implants, and crowning. This was a deliberate decision to narrow the services in order to be able to make the costs lower. Which also allowed them to become experts in their chosen field. They claim that by having more than 210 practices they are able to buy materials, supplies, and tools at tremendous discounts, which are then passed on to customers.

Additionally, at all locations there are on-site labs that provide custom made denture and tooth replacement fabrication. By dealing with a high volume of similar cases they claim the ability to be highly efficient, and make innovations more rapidly.

When Dr. George Edwards Jr. and Donald Henson founded Affordable Dentures in 1975 they had a vision. They believed that everyone deserved to have a healthy, confident smile. They also understood how many patients could not afford to have both tooth extractions and dentures, but many needed them badly. Therefore, they formulated the business plan for Affordable Dentures and they have been providing services for the underserved population since then.

What Is The Process For Getting Affordable Dentures?

Depending on the issues and particular needs of the patient, the process may be resolved the same day, or could take much longer. At the initial appointment a dentist will examine the condition of the teeth and talk about any present issues. At the very least, there will be a discussion about if the customer is a candidate for the various solutions. In some cases, the first appointment will also include tooth extraction right away.

Some customers may have to wait to move forward for 3-6 months based on bone density, medical conditions, and various other factors. Since there is a lab to create the false teeth and dentures on site, there is a possibility of receiving the teeth replacements the same day as the first appointment.

The different types of tooth loss solutions include:

  • Denture Implants- that snap in
  • Full-Arch Implant Solutions- that screw in
  • Single Tooth Implants
  • Multiple Tooth implants

What Are The Benefits?

Affordable Dentures, really emphasizes the benefits of getting dentures that are implanted into the gums. They claim there are numerous benefits to implant retained dentures such as:

  • They are a long lasting investment
  • Prevents bone loss and shrinkage
  • Maintaines facial structure
  • Functions more like real teeth- can eat any food easily
  • Keeps dentures securely in place- prevents sore spots
  • No need for denture creams or adhesives

All the implants are made with a titanium post which they claim is much safer and a longer lasting solution. With normal dentures, over time the bone loss can make for ill fitting dentures that will have to be altered or replaced. By getting implants Affordable Dentures claims you will not have those issues.

Does Affordable Dentures Offer Price Ranges?

As far as types of dentures, Affordable Dentures offers a variety of options of increasing quality and therefore cost. Since everyone is at a different place economically, the wide range assures everyone can find a product at just the right price for them. The different levels of dentures offered from least to most expensive are:

  • Economy
  • Custom Dentures
  • Premium
  • Ultra
  • Ultimate
  • Implants

What About the Actual Cost?

The cost can vary at different dental offices. When visiting the Affordable Denture website, there is a search engine to find a location in a particular city or state. On average, the cost of a full set of economy dentures was found to be $445. For the ultra dentures the cost was $1,575. To get implants to support the dentures was listed as $1,100 per implant for a full sized implant and $475 per implant for a mini implant. Extractions, depending on conditions, cost a range of $95-170.

There are financing options, however, some offices still require a minimum treatment fee to be paid upfront. Financing is available through CareCredit,a Synchrony Bank Company, but the customer needs to be approved by the financing company first.

Medicaid may be of assistance in helping to cover the cost of the dental work needed. Not all states cover these services, and in fact, some affiliated practices do not accept medicaid. It can easily be found out which offices do accept medicaid by searching on the location page for practices in the desired state that do offer this coverage.

Another possibility for assistance with cost is that many of the dental practices have established third-party care provider relationships with both social service and government organizations. Also, there are some offices that are in similar relations with retirement facilities, nursing homes, hospice, and organizations such as Veterans Affairs that buy services in bulk and therefore get special deals.

Is It Worth The Cost?

Affordable Dentures have been in this line of business for over forty years. They are a well established business who claims to have created the most efficient business model to create constant innovation. They say that their in-house fabrication labs and narrow focus leads to the highest quality solutions for the best value.

Recovery time from extraction and implants can vary widely. But, the difference in the amount and quality of bone mass from getting implants is great according to Affordable Dentures. Loss of bone density can cause the facial structure to change and the skin to sag, which they claim will add years to customers’ appearance. Additionally, the implants create more comfort and ease of eating with dentures according to the website. They believe better dentures can make for a more confident, quality life.

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