Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR – Brown Seaweed Fat Burners?


Based on recent statistics, more than 70% of the American population has reported having an ideal and healthy body weight. Despite these survey results, research shows that more than 55% of American adults are overweight or obese.

Totaling more than 95 million people, severely overweight individuals are at risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. Obesity can also put a strain on mental and emotional well-being, affecting physical health.

Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR is a weight-loss supplement that uses a transdermal delivery system to help people reach their weight loss goals. With an advanced technology, the formulation boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite, and enhances energy. Unlike other fad diets that can cause bodily damage, the Advanced FucoXanthin Patch is non-restrictive.

The supplement is a safe and effective way to achieve weight-loss goals and improve overall quality of life. In one small patch, users are able to naturally curb cravings and burn excess body fat.

About Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR

Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR is created by SmithSorensen. A U.S based supplement company, the corporation manufactures supplements and multivitamins. Using a concentrated formula, the Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR features a time-release, proprietary blend.

By breaking down body fat and enhancing metabolic function, the supplement contains herbal ingredients that control appetite and support weight loss. Convenient and practical, the Advanced FucoXanthin Patch can be applied anywhere on the body.

With the success of nicotine patches, the creators of the Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR decided to incorporate the same delivery method in their weight loss product. Shown to reduce and stop smoking, patches have been used to deliver estrogen and contraceptive ingredients. Using this technique, scientists revealed that there are many advantages to using patches to deliver weight-loss ingredients as well.

Instead of having to remember when to take pills, the Advanced FucoXanthin Patch simply adheres to the skin. Water-proof, the diet patch is usually applied first thing in the morning. Absorbed directly into the skin, the Advanced FucoXanthin Patch can be placed on the stomach, wrist, arm, and other smooth body parts.

Just like a Band-Aid, the transdermal delivery system used with FucoXanthin ensures that the formula goes directly into the bloodstream. As soon as the patch is applied, users are able to feel a reduction in cravings and higher energy levels.

Using cutting-edge technology, the slim design of the Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR is a natural, simple, discreet method. Worn for 24 hours, users must replace the diet patch after the cycle ends. Safely helping individuals lose weight, the Advanced FucoXanthin Patch does not include the use of strict diets, reducing food intake, and eliminating vital food groups.

Ingredients In Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR

Released at a continual pace throughout the day, the three ingredients infused in the Advanced FucoXanthin Patch are known to support weight-loss, decrease appetite, and increase energy and metabolism. Working synergistically, each ingredient, as well as its benefits, is listed below.

Hoodia Gordonii

A popular appetite suppressant, this ingredient is highly effective. Based on recent research, Hoodia Gordonii contains a molecule that is similar to glucose. Stronger and more powerful, the ingredient attempts to trigger a response in the body.

Unlike traditional appetite suppressants that create sensations of “fullness”, Hoodia Gordonii fools the body into believing it has already eaten. Supporting weight-loss goals, this ingredient also jump-starts the metabolism.


A concentrated brown seaweed, this ingredient is derived from marine algae. Facilitating a thermogenic response, this ingredient is an herb that contains microorganisms known to create heat.

To increase metabolic function, FucoXanthin assists in aiding weight-loss by breaking down excess fat. Targeting stored fat, this ingredient boost energy levels. A powerful herb, it does not cause a crash or feelings of jitteriness.


A powerful antioxidant, pomegranate is an essential component of the Advanced FucoXanthin Patch formula. A key ingredient, pomegranate works alongside FucoXanthin and helps improve effectiveness. Containing CLA, the fatty acid combination delivers essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the body.

Purchasing Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR

The Advanced Fucoxanthin Patch CR is available for purchase on the Dr. Leonard’s website ( Each box contains 30 patches, enough for a one month supple, and costs $19.99.

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