Adore Smart Scale – Artificial Intelligence Body Health Tips System?


Adore Smart Scale is a scale that offers information about many aspects of the user’s physical fitness, like weight, muscle mass, and BMI. The product is funded through Kickstarter right now, giving consumers the opportunity to get a great deal before the release at the end of the year.

What is Adore Smart Scale?

When someone takes on a new workout routine, they want to make sure they see progress. While some people use a measuring tape to watch the inches melt away, most people choose to use a scale.

However, there is plenty of information that consumers cannot get from a scale. Even though the purpose is to weigh the individual to see how much weight is lost, consumers lose fat all the time without the scale changing at all, due to muscle gains. To have a clearer image of their body, consumers may want to lock down the Adore Smart Scale.

Adore is so much more than just a scale. It measures weight, like any other model, but it also measures:

  • BMR
  • Visceral fat
  • Muscle mass
  • BMI
  • Body fat percentage
  • Protein
  • Bone density
  • Body water

This smart system does everything. The best way to overcome the issues that someone faces with their body is the lack of knowledge about it. By having more information about the fat content and the fitness level from this perspective, consumers can have a more realistic view of what needs to be corrected.

Furthermore, this scale could easily help consumers that struggle to lose weight, allowing them to see the muscle being created in place of the fat.

No other personal scale has the same performance as adore. There are some that include one or two extra features, but none of them give a full body composition report the way that Adore does. It is possible to seek out the help of a medical professional, but this scale provides consumers with real time results that they can apply to their workout routine.

How Adore Smart Scale Works

When someone stands on the scale, the sensors on either side activate to essentially paint a picture of the nine different measurements that it scans for. The technological information is unavailable on the website, but AI algorithms are applied to find the details about the user’s body composition.

Using Adore Smart Scale

To get a measurement, consumers step onto the Adore scale in the same way that they would for any other scale. As the information is collected, the user is provided with recommendations from the system, helping the user to see if they need to drink more water, or what kind of workout they should include.

The scale does not just weigh and measure the user; it motivates them and helps them reach their goals with a greater understanding of the shape of their body. These alerts and recommendations are given by the compatible Dynolife app, sending the information to the user’s smartphone.

As the consumer loses weight and follows the recommendation, they receive points and rewards, which are helpful in maintaining motivation. Redeem the rewards in the app’s online shop. The app also connects the user with other people who are using the app for moral support.

Kickstarter Campaign for Adore Smart Scale

The only downside about the Adore Smart Scale is that it is not yet available to consumers. Though its listed price will be $138, the company has the scale listed as part of a Kickstarter campaign to gain funding and to offer special pricing to consumers that pledge. The following pledge amounts are available for rewards:

  • $69 and up, for early-bird pricing of the Adore scale and free access to the Dynolife app.
    • ($79 and up, without early bird pricing.)
  • $125 and up, for His and Hers Adore smart systems with free access to the Dynolife app.
  • $589 and up, for ten systems and free access to the Dynolife app.

These shipments are expected to be sent out in December 2017, which is when consumers will be able to order the products directly. If there is any dissatisfaction, consumers should speak with the customer service team right away to correct the problem.

Contacting the Creators of Adore

Right now, the website for the Adore Smart System is still being updated, so the best resource for information is the Kickstarter page. Luckily, consumers have the option to submit their question publicly, which is helpful for other consumers that may have the same concerns.

Adore Smart Scale Conclusion

Adore Smart Scale is a helpful scale to have around the house or in a gym to give any user a clearer understanding of the state of their body. Even though there are many components that the device measures, the information is analyzing and collected in the Dynolife app, which can be viewed at any time.

By recording progress, consumers can see the impressive impact that the device has on their personal health.

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