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Adafinil-Rx Review

Adafinil-Rx is a nootropic that claims to act like “Viagra for the brain” by boosting your memory, focus, and cognitive ability. Here’s our Adafinil-Rx review.

What is Adafinil-Rx?

Adafinil-Rx is a nootropic that comes in a package of 30 x 700mg capsules. By taking the pill daily, you can support your cognitive health and enjoy benefits like:

— Intense Focus
— Mental Clarity
— Cognitive Precision

The supplement claims to use a “proven scientific formula” packed with high-quality ingredients. It also claims that all of these ingredients are “all natural”.

Sold online at, Adafinil-Rx claims to do to your brain what Viagra does for your body. It also makes bold claims about it being a “Limitless” pill similar to the ones seen in the Limitless movie and TV show.

Basically, if you want to use 90% of your brain power instead of just 10%, you should use Adafinil-Rx – at least, that’s the claim made by the manufacturer.

How Does Adafinil-Rx Work?

Adafinil-Rx claims to work using an “all-natural formula”. That formula uses a handful of proven nootropic ingredients to achieve the following benefits:

Bacopa Monnieri: Improves speed of visual information processing and memory consolidation.

Alpha GPC: Significantly reduces physical and mental fatigue while also improving wellbeing and test scores.

Huperzine A: Enhances memory and learning performance.

Vinpocetine: Increases focus and concentration.

L-Tyrosine: Promotes mental alertness and reduces stress without a sedative effect.

All of the benefits listed above come directly from the manufacturer of Adafinil-Rx. The manufacturer has not provided a source for any of this information, nor has it linked to any clinical studies for Adafinil-Rx or its ingredients.

In addition to the ingredients listed above, Adafinil-Rx claims to contain a 100% pure phosphatidylcholine complex to boost your memory. Phosphatidylcholine is a bioavailable form of choline, which is a precursor to acetylcholine, which is used by your brain to create and store new memories. You still following me?

In any case, Adafinil-Rx claims to offer powerful cognitive benefits like boosted brain power, enhanced memory recall, higher concentration, and improved cognitive energy levels.

Adafinil-Rx Ingredients

If you like to know the full list of ingredients before you put a supplement in your mouth, then you’ll want to stay far, far away from Adafinil-Rx.

Adafinil-Rx does not list any of its ingredients or dosages. All we know is that there’s a 700mg dose of some powder in each capsule of Adafinil-Rx. That powder may contain Bacopa monnieri, Alpha GPC, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and L-Tyrosine in some type of dose. We don’t know the strength of these ingredients, nor do we know their source.

How to Buy Adafinil-Rx

Adafinil-Rx is available at three different packages:

— 1 Bottle: $69.95 + $19.99 Shipping
— 3 Bottles: $179.91 + $19.99 Shipping
— 3 Bottles (Special Deal): $179.91 + Free shipping (comes with free 7” Android tablet and free keyboard)

The official website for Adafinil-Rx does not feature HTTPS security or encryption of any kind, so it’s really not a good idea to enter your personal information into that form.

Making matters worse is that the manufacturer has arbitrarily added logos that claim the site is “McAfee Secure”, “VeriSign Secured”, “SSL Secured”, and “GoDaddy Verified & Secured”. In reality, the site does not appear to have any encryption technology of any kind – which is worrying for any site that expects you to enter personal information.

There’s also the fact that the manufacturer wants you to pay $19.99 for shipping and handling – which is easily the highest shipping and handling fee I’ve ever seen. There’s no reason that three Adafinil-Rx packages and a small Android tablet should cost $19.99 to ship within the United States. That’s just a cash grab by the manufacturer (or a not so subtle attempt to encourage you to buy the higher-priced 3 bottle option that comes with free shipping).

All purchases come with a 21 day refund policy. You’ll need to call (877) 214-3764 to request your refund (or email [email protected]). After 21 days, all sales are final.

About the Adafinil-Rx Android Tablet Deal

When you buy the three bottle package of Adafinil-Rx, you’ll get an Android tablet and keyboard with your purchase.

That’s an unusual step for a nootropics manufacturer to take. So just how bad is the Android tablet you get with your purchase?

The Android tablet in question is the Smart7 Tablet and Keyboard Case deal. It appears that tablet is sold from China, as all of the results when you search for the tablet online are from Alibaba and similar websites.

One retailer was selling the Smart 7 tablet at a price of around $40 USD.

With Adafinil-Rx, you genuinely get an Android tablet and keyboard with your purchase, but don’t expect that tablet to be very functional or powerful.

If you need to return Adafinil-Rx for a refund, then you’ll also be expected to return the tablet and keyboard.

Who Makes Adafinil-Rx?

Adafinil-Rx is made by a company named RejuvaluxRX. That company can be reached toll-free at 1(877) 214-3764 from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 10pm EST.

You can also contact the company by email at [email protected].

RejuvaluxRX appears to be the same company responsible for other products sold exclusively online, like an anti-aging skin cream that goes by the name RejuvaluxRX.

It appears the company enjoys adding “Rx” onto the ends of its product descriptions to make it seem like the supplements are pharmaceutical grade.

Ultimately, Adafinil-Rx is an unproven and potentially dangerous nootropic smart drug that won’t help you use “90% of your brain power” – but it could leave you with weird side effects thanks to its mysterious list of unknown ingredients.

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