ActivatedYou Serene:5 – Reduce Stress & Calm Relaxing Sleep Aid?


Not many people seem to be too concerned about the effects that oxygen has on the cells in our bodies. And that is worrying because mounting scientific evidence shows just how many health risks are associated with oxidative damage done to the cells in our body.

Luckily, makers of health supplements have capitalized on this problem and the market is full of supplements that can help mitigate the damage and even protect against further damage being done to our cells from oxidation within the body.

I find it quite promising that supplement makers are creating and releasing products to solve this problem as it means that there is a market for it and that a handful of people are becoming concerned.

Let’s take a look at one such supplement known as ActivatedYou Serene:5.

Introduction to ActivatedYou Serene:5

ActivatedYou Serene:5 was created and is manufactured by a company known as Akasha Naturals. The supplement has five main active ingredients and the makers claim that these ingredients work in tandem to heal damaged cells in the body brought about from oxidation.

Something I ought to mention real quick that I will go into more detail about later: a huge cause of this oxidative damage is stress. This is one of the main areas that the ActivatedYou Serene:5 goes after. It seeks to reduce feelings of stress so that your body’s intake of oxygen is reduced and your cells do not have to withstand more damage.

That is not all the supplement does, however. On top of relieving stress, the supplement works to make you feel content and tranquil instead of hyperactive and anxious. This in turn leads to your body burning through all of its energy quickly and leaving you feeling tired and prone to a midday crash.

Akasha Naturals says that ActivatedYou Serene:5 can be taken at whatever time of day you want and that the benefits will be felt almost immediately. They also say that it will take up to 4 months for the full benefits of the supplement to be felt.

Now of course, these are some very impressive claims. Is ActivatedYou Serene:5 really as great as the makers claim it to be? Keep reading to find out.

But First, Let’s Talk About Stress:

I am sure everybody reading this knows what stress feels like. The thing about stress is that it varies amongst almost everyone. Some people are extremely stressed out by the simplest things that others often are not even effected by.

This is mostly irrelevant though, as most of us experience stress in one way or another. Moreover, stress is not just an uncomfortable experience – it can be very detrimental to our health as well. Which makes it all the more strange that stress is actually a result of human evolution that helped us get out of dangerous situations (think fight or flight) and thrive as a species.

The Internal Effects of Stress

Now that we know the external effects of stress, it is time to look at what stress does to the insides of our body. And this is the real damage comes in. You see, when we experience stress, our bodies goes a bit haywire.

A whole bunch of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline come pumping through our blood. This causes us to breathe faster and take in much more oxygen. In addition to that, our heart rate goes through the roof, which sends our blood pressure flying up as well. To pile onto that, the increased blood flow skyrockets our blood glucose concentration and sends our immune system into a frenzy as well.

Who would have thought that the uncomfortable experience associated with feeling stressed out would be dwarfed by everything that is happened inside of the body during the experience?

Negative health effects associated with stress…

What can happen if you are experiencing stress all the time? Various mental problems such as severe anxiety and depression can definitely develop as a result. Not to mention that many people will turn to harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs to deal with their stress. And good luck getting a good night’s sleep when you are severely stressed.

As far as the ActivatedYou Serene:5 supplement is concerned though, the biggest negative health effect associated with stress is the oxidative damage done to cells as a result of the increased oxygen intake mentioned earlier.

About Oxidative Damage

Let’s recap. When you are stressed, your body goes through all kinds of reactions that result in an increased heart rate and increased oxygen intake. When your cells are forced to take in more oxygen, this causes the creation of molecules known as free radicals. These are particularly harmful to the body’s cells and cause the oxidative damage that I keep mentioning and that the supplement is meant to mitigate.

Effectiveness of ActivatedYou Serene:5

Now that you understand the health problems that the supplement was made to fight off, let’s take a look at what makes up the supplement to see if it can actually carry out the maker’s extravagant claims.

ActivatedYou Serene:5 contains the following components:


Plenty of studies have shown that this ingredient is beneficial in fighting diseases such as hepatitis and heart failure. In addition to that, one study has indicated that taurine could be effective in normalizing the flow of blood in those suffering from type 1 diabetes.

More studies will be need to be done that corroborate these findings before giving it any merit, though. Another study found that people who took a supplement with taurine as one of its main ingredient felt less burned out than the control group.

Superoxide Dismutase:

After some research, I have been able to find a good amount of proof showing that this component is potent in treating certain disorders such as interstitial cystitis and various types of arthritis.

In addition to this, various studies conducted in France have shown that taking supplements with this ingredient have led to decreased stress and anxiety levels in the participants of those studies. This reduction in stress and anxiety also led to decreased feelings of tiredness in the participants as well.


This component is the least proven one on the list. The only study showing it has any kind of positive health effect is one that shows it has a relaxing effect when taken by animal subjects. There is no proof that it has a similar impact on human subjects, however, it was one of the other components in the taurine supplement that reduced feelings of being burned out.

Siberian Ginseng:

This component has been proven effective in fighting bipolar syndrome, which makes it promising as something that could help treat other mental related problems such as stress and anxiety.

Additionally, Siberian ginseng has been proven effective in treating the symptoms of herpes, diabetes, and can even soothe those suffering from the seasonal cold.


Of all of the components that make up this supplement, ashwagandha appears to be the most beneficial. There is plenty of evidence showing the beneficial properties of this component – including studies that show it has a huge effect on stress and anxiety-related disorders.

To be more specific, the study found that consuming ashwagandha led to a 44 percent reduction in feelings of stress and an over 70 percent reduction in feelings of depression.

Is ActivatedYou Serene:5 Safe?

After carefully examining what is known about all of the components of ActivatedYou Serene:5, I can conclude that it is safe for consumption and will not lead to any harmful side effects. Although, it is worth noting that one component, casozepine, comes from dairy so those with lactose intolerance should be wary.

Even though it is safe for the most part, you should still consult a doctor or a trusted health expert before taking a supplement like this, especially if you are taking other medications.

Price Information

You can purchase the supplement in three different quantities.

  • One 30 count bottle of the supplement will cost you approximately 50 USD.
  • Three 30 count bottles (90 tablets) will cost you approximately 135 USD.
  • Six 30 count bottles (180 tablets) will cost you approximately 255 USD.

No matter which package you choose to buy, the company gives you a 3 month risk-free trial. If you are not satisfied, you can send the product back within that timeframe and get your money back. Although, you will have to pay the shipping and handling costs.

Customer Testimonials

Unfortunately, this supplement is fairly new and there is not a large body of testimonials of those who have purchased and used this supplement. All we have to go on are the ingredients and the science behind them, as well as the claims by the maker for now.

The company behind this supplement, Akasha Naturals, has no rating from the BBB so we can’t derive anything from that either.

Alternatives to ActivatedYou Serene:5

If you are wary about the lack of testimonials and shaky claims from the makers, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. As I said, there appears to be a large market for supplements like this so there are plenty of companies trying to capitalize. It probably will not be too hard to find an alternative with more customer reviews made by a more well-known company.

You can also look for supplements that are based on the most beneficial ingredients of this supplement, such as Siberian ginseng and ashwagandha.

ActivatedYou Serene:5 Verdict

Stress is a very common health issue all over the world. The complexities and difficulties of day-to-day lives have led us to be very stressed out and exhausted. And this is having a very harmful effect on not just our mental health, but our physical health as well.

That said, the ActivatedYou Serene:5 supplement may not be the best way to mitigate those problems, despite the claims by their maker. I am not going to flat out state that you should not buy this product, but you should definitely do some more research on your own and talk to a doctor about other ways to relieve your feelings of stress.

Is it worth your money? Well, that is for you to find out. The risk-free trial allows you to find out without the fear that you might have just wasted your money on an ineffective product.

On top of that, if the supplement does end up helping you, you can write a review so that further people will know that it works. And if it does not help you, you can write a review about that as well.

Anyways, ActivatedYou Serene:5 is safe so you are not risking anything at all. Of course, it is all up to you.

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